What Kind of Fence Is Best for Dogs?

What Kind of Fence Is Best for Dogs?

Every dog parent is well aware of the fact that pups are energetic creatures that are pretty difficult to contain! For this purpose, it is important to get a pet fence that not only fulfils your aesthetic desires and fits your budget but also keeps your canine best friend from getting lost in the outdoors. Read to know more.

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Every dog parent is well aware of the fact that pups are energetic creatures that are pretty difficult to contain! These highly active beings love to reveal their wild, athletic side and are almost always excited to run around the yard. For this purpose, it is important to get a pet fence that not only fulfills your aesthetic desires and fits your budget but also keeps your canine best friend from getting lost in the outdoors. Here is a detailed guide to finding the best pet fence to keep your darling pooch safe and protected:

Type of Dog Fences

Picket Fence

Picket fences are a time-honored option for dog parents that offer excellent visibility along with a wide range of stylish options to choose from. These fences come in various designs and heights. Remember, these pet fences usually only work well for smaller dog breeds.

While chain link fences are a common and long-lasting option, they aren’t very aesthetically pleasing. Since this fence offers full visibility, it is a great choice for pet parents that don’t want their view obscured. This durable fence works for dogs of all sizes.

While these are great advantages when you desire to keep your dog away from external dangers, one drawback to this fence is that the visibility factors works both ways. This type of pet fence can easily expose your precious pooch to predators. IF you own an aggressive breed, then a chain-link dog fence may not be the ideal choice for you.

Overlap or Close-Board Fence

A close-board fence can prove to be just the right solution for dog owners looking for a traditional cedar wood pet fence. While overlap fencing is quite similar to cross-board fencing, the boards of the latter option run vertically instead of horizontally. Overlap and close-board fences both offer maximum privacy as they offer a barrier of approximately 6 feet. Easily-stimulated and sensitive pups do well with these fences!

Invisible Fence

This is an electrical fencing system, in which a wire is buried under your lawn or yard and your dog wears an electric collar that receives signals through the wire. You need to train your pup to respect the warning signal, stop, and turn around when it sees it. When pets fail to do so, they receive a mild shock. This method, however, can be quite traumatizing for your little canine friend.

Snow or Farm Fence

While both these fences are built using a similar concept, different materials are used for their construction. Snow fences are made using plastic or mesh and farm fences are made using simple wire in a mesh. Both fencings come in a rolled-up form and are simply to be attached to metal or wooden posts. While both options are extremely cost-effective, they don’t have much to offer when it comes to style and beauty.

Things to Consider When Buying a Dog Fence

Now that you have learned all about various kinds of dog fences, the next step is to learn how to choose one that fits your and your furry friend’s needs.

Dog Safety In Terms of Their Size

When considering the safety factor in any dog fence, remember that bigger dogs need bigger fences since they can jump higher. A fence with a height of four feet is unlikely to deter large breeds like the Golden Retriever, Labrador, or Husky. A six-foot-high fence is generally ideal for all dog sizes.

Along with the ability to jump higher, big dogs also tend to be stronger and can easily tear through poor-quality materials. Therefore, if you own a larger dog breed, make sure to invest in a fence constructed using high-quality vinyl, wood, or composite materials that can resist chewing and charging better relatively!


Since a dog fence is always a major investment, it is important that you spend your valuable money on a product that is built to last. Make sure that you consider the durability of the fence before finalizing your purchase. This not only means choosing a pet fence that features sturdy connection points but also selecting a product that is constructed using premium-quality materials.


Like every other product, some dog fences are easier to install than others. If you don’t have a friend or family member to help you with the project, it may be best to opt for a product that is extremely easy to assemble. If your mind is set on purchasing a certain dog fence that fulfills all your requirements but is only difficult to install, you can always hire professional help for the purpose!

Property Lines

It is important to know about the property lines around your home when installing a dog fence to avoid any conflict with your neighbors. If your house hasn’t been surveyed recently, it may be best to have professionals identify the property lines.


When buying a dog fence, pick one that suits your sense of style. It is also wise to consider how the design and appearance of the fence will affect the resale value of your house. Also, make sure that you are following all homeowners’ association and local rules and regulations.


Cost is one of the most important factors to consider when you plan to make a big purchase. Set your budget prior to looking for a dog fence so that you don’t end up overspending. Make sure to factor in the maintenance and installation expenses before settling upon a product.


The main purpose of a dog fence is to keep your dog contained and safe at all times. In this regard, different breeds present various challenges. Therefore, there is no single type of dog fence that can work for all pets. Make sure to get a fence that fulfills all your as well as your canine best friend’s needs!


Every pet fence requires a different level of maintenance. While wooden fences might need to be repainted after every few years, chain link fencing may not require any repainting at all. Consider the amount of time and money you are willing to invest in maintaining your dog fence and purchase a product accordingly.

Bottom Line

With a wide array of dog fences available on the market today, purchasing one that fits your lifestyle needs can be a difficult task. Make sure to consider all the types of pet fences mentioned above as well as the factors that you need to take into account before finalizing your purchase! Happy shopping!