Top 12 Best Dog Crates: Complete Review and Buyer’s Guide

Top 12 Best Dog Crates: Complete Review and Buyer’s Guide

The best dog crates are ones where your dog will have plenty of room to hang out and be comfortable. Here are the top 12 best dog crates for your pet.

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Any dog trainer or veterinarian you talk to will recommend getting a dog crate for your puppy. It doesn’t matter what breed, size, or age they are; making sure that you do proper crate training will ultimately be beneficial for them and you. It provides a safe, cozy, and comfy spot for the dog that is just their own while it provides assurance for you that they aren’t getting up to any trouble.

The best dog crates will help keep the puppies safe and help by aiding in the house training process. It provides a comfortable spot for the puppy to get away from the rest of the house. If they need to be kept inside a crate for medical reasons, the training will prove to be useful since they are already trained for it.

The dog crate can prove to be a safe, positive space for the dog if you use them properly. Some people think about crates like they are cages, but that isn’t the case at all. Dogs are inherently den animals, and they think about the crate as their own sanctuary – a safe, comfortable space.

However, there are literally thousands of models when it comes to crates considering different fabrics, materials, sizes, and other features. How to tell what size crates you should be getting for the dog? You need to make sure you don’t get one that is too big; rather, it should be comfortable to sleep in. If it is too big, the puppy can soil it because they might do their business in one corner and sleep in the other.

To help you buy the crate, we have included a buyer’s guide that will help you with sizes and features. We have also narrowed down the best dog crates that you can get based on reviews by dog owners and experts.

Let’s check them out!

1. Best Overall Pick: The Diggs Revol Crate

Price: $245

This dog crate by Diggs Revol has received 5 stars from more than 500 dog owners. Experts have found that the crate is the best overall because it is quite portable and collapsible. You can clean it easily, and dogs find it safe and comfy to sit in.

The crate is available in medium and small sizes. It looks quite stylish with diamond mesh walls that are rust-free and a frame free from toxins. We have found that it is the best among collapsible crates since it can take merely a few seconds to break down. It comes with a removable tray and puppy divider that comes in handy when you are training your puppy. You can use the divider to make it smaller so that the puppy doesn’t soil the crate and remove the divider when they are big enough to take up the entire space.

2. Best for Puppies: Single Door Folding Crate by Life Stages

Price: $40 to $283

With puppies, you really don’t want to start off with a full-sized crate since that can increase the risk of puppies soiling the crate. However, buying a new crate every few months doesn’t seem like a sustainable plan for your pocket either. The Single Door Folding crate by Life Stages comes with a crate divider so that you can increase the crate’s size as your pup grows up. The crate has received 7,000 5-star reviews.

It is made with a wire design that the puppy will not be able to break through. The heavy gauge wire is reliable and has no sharp edges to protect your dog. It starts off at 22 inches for the puppy stage, while the maximum size is 48 inches. The divider panel is made with durable materials to make sure that you can secure the pup in an appropriate manner. The removable tray makes it easier for dog owners to keep up after any accidents. It also has a pan stop so that it stays in place when you want it to.

3. Best Crate for Small Dogs: Single Dog Crate by Carlson

Price: $33.92

Wire crates are the best option, no matter what the size of the dog is. The Single Dog Crate by Carlson has a very nice hue to it instead of the plain old black that most wire crates have. The powder blue look is perfect for keeping inside the house. It has a removable matching powder blue pan that makes it easier for cleaning. The size of the crate is a nice 24 inches, which is perfect for small-sized dogs.

The crate closes securely with a latch hold. It is easy to transport since it folds down into a flat and compact form that makes it perfect for carrying around. The best part is that it has a great price that is perfect for dog owners on a budget.

4. Best Crate for Medium-Sized Dogs: Folding Metal Crate by New World

Price: $38.99

Another reasonably priced crate, the Folding Metal Crate by New World is the best dog crate for medium-sized dogs. It comes in two sizes: 30 and 36 inches. It is also available in one and two-door models; this allows dog owners some flexibility in choosing where to put the crate inside the home.

The design of the crate is quite simple since it has a straightforward wire construction. There is a secure latch in the door and has a pan stop to make sure that the removable tray doesn’t slip out. It is perfect for transport and storage since you can fold it flat. Reviewers of the product have mentioned that it is comfortable for the pups and quite easy when it comes to assembly.

5. Best for Large Dogs: Folding Metal Crate by AmazonBasics

There are over 44,000 reviews for the folding metal crate by AmazonBasics, with most of them being 4 and 5 stars. The simple folding crate comes in two main sizes: 42 and 48 inches. It is the best option for large dog breeds like Pitbulls and Golden Retrievers. It is available in double and single door designs.

The dog crate is designed with durable and sturdy metal that ensures that it will last for a long time. It has multiple latches since large dogs need more security. The plastic pan at the bottom of the crate is pretty easy to clean too. The best part is that it comes with a divider panel, which is great for people who are training their puppies. The good-quality metal is quite thick, which protects your dogs and can easily bear their weight.

6. Best for Extra-Large Dogs: XXL Giant Crate by MidWest Homes for Pets

Price: $194 to $168

Extra-large dogs like Great Danes require sizable dog crates. The XXL Crate by Midwest Homes for Pets measures 45 inches in height and 54 in length. It is made with durable metal that has drop-pin construction to make sure that your dog is secure. It comes in a single and double door model so that you can get crates according to your preferences. The doors have three latches to make sure that the dog cannot escape and go ham on your sofa.

The problem with extra-large dogs is that sometimes the kennels or crates can’t be tall enough. The dog crate is tall enough to give the dog enough room to turn and walk around. You should make sure to look at the pictures for the crate carefully enough because it is definitely a huge crate. Reviewers have also uploaded pictures with their dogs inside them, which can give you a good idea about the size.

7. Best Crate with Covers: Starter Kit by MidWest

Price: $49.59 to $181.99

A lot of dogs prefer their crates to have a cover since it can create a cozy and den-like environment so that they can go to sleep peacefully. The Starter Kit by MidWest has all the accessories that have everything you need to make sure that your dog can feel more at home in their crate. It has a fleece dog bed that is super cozy for them to relax on. The fitted cover keeps the light and sounds out, which makes it easier for your dog to get comfortable. The divider panel helps dog owners through the training process since it doesn’t need the entire crate space when it is just a small pup. It even has two bowls for water and food that attach to the wall inside so that the dog can have their food inside too.

The kit has a high 4.8 stars on average and comes in different sizes too. It has everything you need when you get a new dog. If you buy all these accessories separately, it can cost even more for owners. The starter kit is portable, sturdy, clean, and secure.

8. Best for Heavy-Duty Crates: Dog Crate by Impact Stationery

Price: $499

Some dogs try to chew or escape on the crates, but the Impact Stationery dog crate makes it really hard for dogs to break out during the night. It comes in many different sizes, from 20 inches to 48 inches, so you can find the perfect one for your dog size.

The crate is made with heavy-duty materials such as military-grade aluminum. This ensures that the crate is lightweight but also quite durable. The crate has heavy-duty handles, latches made with stainless steel, and stackable corners. The crates come in bright colors, too, so you can get one according to your personal aesthetic.

9. Best Plastic Crates: Kennel Pet Carrier by PetMate Sky

Price: $59.95

Plastic dog crates are quite important if you are traveling since airline regulations need plastic crates. They are lighter than steel or mesh crates. It has heavy-duty construction even though it is made with plastic. It has proper 360-degree ventilation and is available in six different sizes, from 21 inches to 48 inches. The dog crate has a clip-on extension for water and food bowls. Reviewers can use it for traveling and training inside the home as well.

10. Best Wooden Crates: Single Door Crates by Dog Caves

Price: $500

Wire and plastic crates don’t really look that great inside the home since they have unpleasant colors sometimes. If you really want an aesthetically pleasing crate, then you should go for a handcrafted crate made with sleek wood. The dog crate by The Dog Cave looks really great since it is more like a furniture piece than a dog crate or kennel. This can be quite useful and functional in the home.

There are extra-large, large, and medium sizes that you can choose from according to your dog’s size. The Dog Cave also offers different popular finishes that can match any décor style that you have. The crate is made with pine wood that lasts for a long time and is reliable. Dog owners can also add scratch guards to make sure it doesn’t get too many dents and even add a sliding door that can bring you some extra flair.

The reviewers have also highlighted that the customer service is quite amazing. They are able to accommodate the custom needs quite easily, ensuring a well-made and beautiful crate.

11. Best Soft-Sided Crates: Folding Soft Travel Portable Crate by Amazon Basics

Price: $47.99

If your dog doesn’t have any interest in trying to escape from its crates, you can choose a soft-sided dog crate. The Soft Dog Travel Crate by Amazon Basics has a PVC frame that is reliable and durable. It is covered with polyester fabric that is soft and comfortable to lie on. You can assemble the crate in mere seconds, which makes it quite portable. It has two doors at the top and the front as well as mesh three windows on the sides. It comes in two sizes of 21 to 42 inches in length. Reviewers often use the AmazonBasics crate for traveling, camping, hiking, trips to the vet, and even everyday use.

12. Best Travel Crates: Rolling Travel Dog Crate by SportPet Designs

Price: $94 to $194

If you are planning on traveling with your dog, it can help to have the SportPet Designs Rolling travel dog crates. You need to make sure that the dog crate you are taking on the plane meets the requirements of the International Air Transport Association. This dog crate meets those limits and even includes different features that make it easier during traveling.

The dog crate is made with quite strong materials, which are reliable and durable. The removable wheels on the dog crate make it easier when you are traveling. The two dishes for food and water help to feed the dog inside the crate instead of them having to come out for it.

Buyer’s Guide for Dog Crates

If you are training your puppy for the crate or changing the crate to a new one, it is important to make sure that you are choosing the right crate for the puppy. Dog crates for your pet are a great idea because they are den animals. They love their own personal space where they can go when they want to be alone. It is a spacious and comfortable place that they can call their home. The crate can help the dog feel more at home and feel secure.

Finding the Right Size of Dog Crates for Your Dog

Dog crates come in all sorts of different sizes. It is important to choose the perfect size for dog crates. The crate should be big enough to make sure that the puppy can comfortably stand, turn, lie down, and sit up. However, if the crate is way too large for the puppy, it will definitely result in them soiling it because they might pee in one corner and sleep in the other. And if the crate is too small, they won’t be able to move around in it comfortably, which might result in them being unused.

You need to weigh your dog to find the right size for your dog crate. Secondly, dog owners need to measure the dog. You can read the dimensions of the recommended size for whatever crate you are getting. This will help you choose the perfect sized crate for the dog.

Other considerations that you should take into consideration include:

  • Any specific needs of the dog: Is the breed of puppy you have prone to growing a lot as they get older? Is it a small dog breed?
  • The aesthetic of your home: The crate will become part of the general furniture soon. You should make sure the size of the crate can fit in your home comfortably.
  • The average weather of your location: The crate needs to be comfortable enough for the dog to sleep in or relax in. If it gets too hot or too old in there, it can make your dog agitated.
  • The age of the dog: If you have an old dog, they won’t be growing more any time soon, so you can get the exact size of crate you want. However, puppies are bound to become bigger, so you should consider that when you are buying a crate.

Weighing the Dog

Dog crates come in six common sizes: XXL, XL, L, M, S, XS. Most of the dog crates on the market have recommended weight ranges or limits as well as the dimensions of the dog. You need to weigh the dog to find the right size for your dog crate. If you are getting a puppy, you need to plan according to the average size that the breed often grows to.

If the dog you have is fully grown but is finding the current dog crate a bit cramped, you should definitely upgrade it. A bigger crate will be way more comfortable for the puppy. The extra room will be something they will thank you for.

Measuring the Dog

When you have the recommended size for your dog crate according to its weight, you should definitely compare the measurements of the dog to the ones for the chosen dog crate. The data from the height, length, and weight of the dog will help you ensure that you are choosing the right size for the dog crate.

Let’s start by measuring the length. To find the length of the dog, make sure that they are standing on all four feet. Get the measurement from the tip of the tail all the way to the nose tip. If the tail is quite thick, you should add a few extra inches to the tail measurement so that they have more room to wag their tail they are excited.

To find the overall right length of crate that you should be going for, you should add an extra two inches for small dogs and 4 inches for larger dogs. This is the minimum length that the dog crate needs to be at the very least.

To measure the height of a dog, you need them to sit down. This may take a treat or two but make sure they are sitting straight. You measure from the floor to the topmost tip of your dog’s head. Then, you should add around 2 to 4 extra inches to gauge the minimum height that the crate should be.

If you are planning on adding a pillow or bed for the dog, you need to make sure to include that into the measurement as well. You should measure for the extra inches it takes up length-wise as well as the height of the dog when it is sitting up on the bed.

Comparing Measurements

Now that you have the length or depth and the height of the dog measured, you should use them as the basic reference to pick the perfect crate for your dog. You should keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to dogs. It should fit the recommended range of weight for the dog.

Types of Dog Crates

Now that you have noted down what crate size you need, you need to pick out the perfect material that will suit your dog as well as your home. There are multiple material options that you can choose from: metal, polyester, plastic, and wood.


The wire or metal crates are the best options for small puppies. They allow the use of a crate divider that allows you to make the crate bigger as they grow too. The puppy will also be able to look through the wires or metals to the outside, which will reassure them since they will be able to see you. These crates are quite easy to assemble, which makes them more portable too. They are very easy to clean as well in case your puppy has some accidents during training.

If you live in a warmer climate, it is better for the dog to have a crate that has great airflow and is open. Puppies with thick coats will also do better in open crates. Metal dog crates also have multiple doors that can be quite useful for dog owners.


The plastic crates are definitely the easiest for cleaning. The handle at the top of the crates also makes it the best way to transport your puppy when you are traveling. If your dog tends to be reactive around other dogs or is shy or anxious more often than not, then plastic crates are the best option. They aren’t as open as metal ones and often some privacy to the dog. Plastic crates are the best option for people who want to take their dog on the plane since they meet the requirements set by airlines (do check it once before the trip since it may differ based on the airline).

Polyester or Soft-Sided

Plastic crates can be kind of similar to polyester or soft-sided crates. They offer some level of comfort or privacy for the dog. The size of the crate is usually designed for smaller puppies or breeds, though, so they won’t be great for larger dogs. These crates are quite lightweight and portable, which makes them better for traveling rather than a permanent home. They are also not suitable for dogs that like to chew on things or are prone to breaking out of the crate.


Crates made of wood are a permanent, durable, and strong solution for puppies. They often double as end or side tables or nightstands as well. This is perfect for people who want their dog crate to look stylish and blend in with the furniture.

The Features of the Dog Crates

There are many different features that you should consider when it comes to choosing dog crates. Some crates come with a lot of handy accessories, while others are more portable or outdoor-friendly. Here are some essential features that you should be looking at.


Outdoor-safe crates offer dogs a chance to relax outdoors even when they are in a safe indoor environment. These crates are designed to be durable enough to be able to withstand outdoor elements without getting any damage on them. You may even receive an attached canopy with the crate that will help keep the dog out of the harsh sunlight and dry. This is perfect for people who are going on hikes, camping, or traveling.


The dog crate is a great way to take your furry friend to the vet or on trips. Having a portable dog crate is the best way to keep a pet safe if you are always on the go. The attached handles, collapsible construction, and small sizes are the best way to take care of the dog on a trip. They are mostly suited for smaller dogs or puppies, so you should keep the size in mind.

Single or Double Door

Crates with two doors give you more access to the dog even when they are sleeping. It also allows the dog to come and go as they please, even if they accidentally close one door. You can also place the crate anywhere you like without worrying about blocking one door.


Small dogs who like to chew, strong dogs, and large dogs should have a heavy-duty crate. This will make sure that the dog isn’t chewing, bending the wires, or escaping from the crate. The sturdy materials used for the crate will offer the owners peace knowing that their dog is secure.


Making sure that the dog crate has a divider is a must when it comes to puppies. The divider allows you to block off some of the space in the crate so that it isn’t too big for the dog.

Cozy Accessories

There are plenty of accessories that you should consider if too, such as covers, removable trays, toys, and food and water bowls. All of these handy accessories can make your dog even more at home.


The best dog crates for your pet are ones that keep them safe, secure, and comfortable. They should be the right size and model to make sure that they suit the needs of the dog. Making the right decision when it comes to the dog crate is important because it will dictate how at home they feel inside the crate.