Pet Control HQ Dog Wireless Pet Containment System | All You Need To Know

Pet Control HQ Dog Wireless Pet Containment System | All You Need To Know

The Pet Control HQ Dog Containment System is an easy-to-use wireless perimeter shock collar kit designed to keep your canine safe from running into any trouble. Read further to learn more about it.

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Every dog loves playing outdoor. This can be a major concern as dog parents as you want to keep your furry little friend safe and prevent it from wandering off. If you are searching for the best wireless pet containment system to keep your dog within safe boundaries without limiting their play area, the Pet Control HQ Dog Containment System is a great choice!

The Pet Control HQ Dog Containment System is one of the best dog containment systems amongst dog parents. Some of the reasons why it’s so popular is that it’s waterproof, lightweight, highly portable, easy to install, safe to use, durable, and affordable. This pet containment shock collar kit is one of the most convenient ways to keep your pet safe and out of trouble.

Key Features of the Pet Control HQ Dog Containment System

  • A wireless pet containment system
  • 492 feet of a 20-gauge dog fence wire that can be installed aboveground or underground with any proximity
  • Wireless dog training collar with remote control
  • Lightweight and waterproof dog collar that responds when your dog approach the boundary wire
  • 50 training flags to establish boundaries for your dog
  • Wall-mounted transmitter
  • Rechargeable remote control
Pet Control HQ Wireless Remote Training Pet Containment System
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof collar
  • Underground or above ground fence wire
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How The Pet Control HQ Dog Containment System Works

The Pet Control HQ is designed to protect your pups from wandering off, jumping, escaping, digging, and incessantly barking. This dog containment system offers custom coverage with 492 feet of a 20-gauge dog fence wire. This fence can be installed above or below the ground in any proximity that feasible for you. 

This dog containment system is accompanied by a wireless 3-level dog training collar with a waterproof remote control. The collar along with the wired dog electric fence gives pet parents the ideal perimeter to train multiple dogs. You can put on the wireless collar for your dog and leave it in the backyard to play. Every time your pup gets closer to the fence the collar will shock them in the safest way possible, but enough to train them well.  However, this applies for extreme behavior control. If your pet is exhibiting bad behaviors such as excessive barking or digging, you can put the collar on vibration mode, using the remote control. 

Pet Control HQ Review

The electric stimulation of the Pet Control HQ won’t cause any harm to your pet. This product has three levels of automatic progressive correction to accommodate all dogs. The Pet Control HQ is accompanied by a remote control that can be used to change the modes of the collar.

The most basic option of the remote is the vibration mode that makes the shock collar vibrate to stop your pup’s bad behavior such as excessive barking, playful biting or digging. The most extreme level of this collar is shock, which is meant for stubborn dogs. However, you can assure that even at the highest setting, this product is completely safe to use. 

The shock collar is tailored to ensure your pet’s comfort at all times. Not only is it waterproof with a long-lasing battery, but it is also good for rugged use. The Pet Control HQ comes with 50 boundary training flags that can be set up around the perimeter to train your pup effortlessly. 

The Pet Control HQ is accompanied by a wired fence that can be installed under or over ground that helps cover complicated spaces and offers custom coverage with boundaries.



Easy to set up


Easy to use


Custom coverage wireless fence


Safe for all dogs


Comfortable waterproof and durable collar offers


Great way to keep your canine secure



Collar may be a little inconsistent with weather changes


May take some time for your dog to get used to it

End Note

The Pet Control HQ is a great dog containment system that will keep your canine safe and protected at all times. While the fence does offer a wide coverage perimeter, sometimes the collar doesn’t receive a signal from the wire unless the collar on the dog’s throat is pointing straight down. However, this isn’t much of a problem, given all the other ways in which this product allows you to keep your pet safe. All in all, the Pet Control HQ offers great utility at a reasonable price.

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Pet Control HQ Dog Wireless Containment System Review

Not a morning person? A dog fence can save your day. The Pet Control HQ Dog Containment System is a user-friendly wireless dog fence designed to keep your pet safe without the hassle of the wires. Take a look at our review here.

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