Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence – Review

Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence – Review

In order to provide your dog with the entertainment it craves, along with ensuring its safety, you can opt for a high-quality invisible dog fence such as the Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence. Here is a detailed review to help you decide if this pet fence is right for you and your fur friend!

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Like every other pet, dogs like their freedom too. They love to play in an open yard. However, the thought of losing your pet may keep you from allowing your pup that freedom. In order to provide your dog with the entertainment it craves for along with ensuring its safety, you can opt for a high-quality invisible dog fence such as the Sit Boo-Boo Electric Fence Advance.

This product enables you to keep your canine friend safe in the yard without actually enclosing it in a physical barrier. The Sit Boo-Boo Electric Fence Advance is a high-quality dog training and containment system that comes with advanced features. With seven different correction settings and built-in surge protection, your pet will be on the right path in no time.

This system can cover up to 4.5 acres of land, offering ample space for your pet to roam around freely. Since this unit comes with a rechargeable collar and transmitter, it means that you don’t need to constantly spend on purchasing batteries. If you are still confused about whether the Sit Boo-Boo Electric Fence Advance is right for your pets’ specific needs or not, here is a detailed review to help you make an informed decision!

1. How It Works

The Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Fence teaches dogs to remain within specific boundaries by utilizing a wireless electrical fence. It works by producing a radio signal that initiates from the transmitter through the wire that is configured according to your personal area layout needs. Once the wire is buried, users are required to temporarily place white flags around the containment area that are used as visual aids in training pets.

When the pet reaches the warning zone, the receiver caller releases a warning alert to catch the attention of the pet. If the pet animal continuous to cross the boundary, a safe static correction and vibration are delivered to alert it to return to the specified pet area. This practice not only trains dogs with appropriate behavior but also protects them from external dangers.

This fence enables pet parents with more than one dog to connect multiple collars to the transmitter, helping them save time and money. The receiver collar comes with vibrate and shock options, allowing pet owners to select a mode of their choice. Since the collar included in the package is rechargeable, there is no need to stock up on expensive batteries.

Setup Checklist


Installing the transmitter: The area that you select should be dry and at a distance of at least 3 feet from any metallic objects or appliances.


Layout boundary wire: Pet owners are recommended to design an area layout that is suitable for their specific yards.


Preparing receiver collar: Start with selecting prong length. Next, charge the receiver collar. Finally, set single mode.


Connecting wire to the transmitter: Strip the two ends of the wire and insert them into the terminals on the transmitter.


Setting boundary test and width: Rotate the knob of the Boundary Width Control Switch and adjust the warning zone to provide your pet with the widest possible zone.


Testing the receiver collar: Before you put the receiver collar on your dog, follow all testing instructions. Do not bury the boundary wire until everything is functioning properly.


Burying boundary wire: A trench depth of 1-2 inches is recommended for longevity and protection of the system.


Placing boundary flags: When placing the flags, remember that they will act as visual reminders for your pet to remain in a certain area.


Fitting the receiver collar: Make sure that the collar is a snug fit and allows you to insert one finger underneath it.


Training: It is recommended to use an enclosed training guide to teach your pet about containment areas and create a positive experience.

2. Safety – Is the Sit Boo-Boo Electric Fence Advance Safe to Use on Dogs?

The Sit Boo-Boo Electric Fence Advance is an extremely secure system that enables pet owners to ensure their pet’s safety. The fully-customizable product can be utilized according to varying ground capacities. The portable size of this fence makes it easy for users to disassemble it and move it around.

When you purchase this item, you will receive one waterproof and rechargeable receiver collar included in the package. Since this fence system is waterproof, your pet will be safe swimming, splashing, and dashing with the collar on!

If you notice your pet’s skin becoming irritated, discontinue use for a few days. If their condition persists for longer than forty-eight hours, it’s best to visit a veterinarian right away. Once your pet’s skin returns to its normal condition, replace the collar and closely monitor your pet’s health.

While this hidden dog fence does prevent your pup from leaving your yard, it doesn’t prevent external predators from entering inside. Wild animals and stray dogs that can access your yard may interact with your pet animal in an aggressive manner.

Remember that the tolerance level to static correction can vary from pet to pet. Therefore it is essential that you reinforce training with your fur child on a regular basis to keep it safe and healthy in the long run. If you believe that your dog may harm itself or pose a danger to others if not confined, it is advised not to rely solely on the dog fence system to keep your pet within desired boundaries. Always consult a professional before using any fence system for your pet.

The manufacturer of this product recommends not to use this system on dogs weighing less than 10 lbs under 6 months old. Moreover, it is important that you consult a veterinarian before using this system on pregnant dogs.

3. Key Features of the Sit Boo-Boo Electric Fence Advance

3.1. Extra Wide Coverage

The Sit Boo-Boo Electric Fence Advance comes with 500 feet of commercial-grade AWG copper wire. This allows pet owners to contain approximately 1/3rd of an acre.

3.2. Triple Correction – 3 Advanced Modes

This product offers 3 different layers of correction; vibration, tone, and static correction to accommodate dogs of varying behaviors and sizes.

3.3. Rechargeable, High-Quality Batteries

The collar that comes with this pet fence carries a lithium polymer battery that is rechargeable. This more advanced battery version is of high-grade, lasts longer, and offers improved performance.

3.4. Lightning Resistant

When it comes to pet fences, 90% of power surge problems occur due to wire buried in the ground. However, with the Sit Boo-Boo Electric Fence Advance’s built-in surge protection, your system remains protected from damage caused due to lightning.

3.5.  Waterproof System

This system works in below zero and freezing temperatures since it is 100% waterproof. The collars have an IVP7 waterproof rating.

3.6. Maximum Safety

Since the electric charge is of extremely low intensity, it is enough to grab your pet’s attention and stop its movement, but it doesn’t hurt or cause any damage, ensuring maximum safety of your fur friend at all times.

3.7.  Maximum Protection

Most power surge issues are caused by copper wire buried in the ground. With the built-in surge protection feature of this product, your system remains protected from any damage due to storms or lightning.

3.8. Customizable

The boundaries of this system can be customized according to individual needs. You can tailor the fence in terms of the space you have and according to your pet’s specific needs.

3.9.  High-Quality Battery

The collar comes with a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery that is more advanced and offers high-performance. This means quicker charge times, and long-lasting and improved performance.



Comes with a detailed manual that enables pet owners to easily install it. The ease of installation of this product is ranked over 4 stars by users


The gentle 5-level corrections and radio wave frequencies are safe for pets


According to online reviewers, this company offers excellent customer service


The entire system is extremely compact and light, allowing pet owners to carry it during travel


This unit can cover a large area and keep your pup from trespassing on your neighbors’ lawns


Enforces good behavioral habits in dogs


Maximum comfort


Good value for money


Since this product is water-resistant, it functions properly in moist environments


Long-lasting battery life



The remote is only available after an order upgrade


Burying wire comes with a lot of hassle and requires extensive planning

4. End Note

If you are the proud parent of a doggy, you must understand how difficult it can be to keep it from happily running around your yard. That is where the reliable and reasonably priced Sit Boo-Boo Electric Fence Advance comes in. It enables you to restrict your pet from overstepping their bounds and keep them safe at all times. Since this containment system is invisible, it allows your pup to run around within the pre-defined boundaries without tying them to a leash.

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