How to Install Underground Dog Fence?

How to Install Underground Dog Fence?

It is common for dogs to dig through or jump over traditional fences. A conventional dog fence is also very pricey. Thankfully, there's an underground dog fence that makes pet safety much easier! Learn how to set up an underground dog fence.

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Traditional fences can be pretty expensive, and dogs often find ways around them, too, such as digging themselves out or jumping over them. They can also be quite expensive since materials and labor costs are quite high. Dog owners will benefit from learning how to install an underground fence.

Here is an easy guide that you can follow to install an underground dog fence in your yard. 

1. Planning the Underground Dog Fence 

First things first, you have to figure out where the underground fence will be going exactly. Here are four tips for doing that:

  1. Marking off the contained area around a yard with specific boundaries is essential. You will be able to determine how much wiring you need for installation easier this way. 
  2. Use identifying markers like flags for the outdoor garden. You can use these markers to mark the spot where the underground wires will be laid. 
  3. Make sure to take accurate measurements of the length and width of the containment sections in the garden. 
  4. Use a long tape measure and write down the measurements. 

2. How to Install the Underground Dog Fence?

You need to make sure you get the most suitable wire lengths for your underground fence. This is because the entire containment area around the house needs to be covered in a fully connected zone. After you have measured the area, getting the right wire lengths will be more manageable. This will also keep your installation cost-effective. 

Ensure you have the entire kit needed for proper installation, including shock collars, wiring, and transmitters. Some kits come with wires ranging from 25 to 500 acres so that you can order them accordingly. You should look at the instructions for the kit before installation so that you can have the right kind of settings that are good for your dog.

During installation, one thing to keep in mind is the storage area for the transmitter that should be safeguarded indoors. Grounding the transmitter is also crucial or else it can lead to issues too. Do not store them near appliances since that can mess up the signal. 

Here are some easy steps to follow if you want to learn how to install underground dog fences:

  1. Put the wire next to the markers you set up before. 
  2. Attach the wire to the transmitter and check on the system and collar to make sure it is working fine. 
  3. Dig the ditch anywhere from 3-12 inches deep with the shovel or gardening trowel right next to the flags. 
  4. Insert the wire into the ditch. 
  5. Conceal it with soil
  6. Check again whether the system is working appropriately

There! Now that you know how to install an underground dog fence, you can keep your dog safe in your garden!