Puppuccino | Starbucks Secret Menu Drink for Dogs

Puppuccino | Starbucks Secret Menu Drink for Dogs

Starbucks has a secret menu drink called the ‘Puppuccino,’ and it’s a real treat for dogs. Here’s everything you need to know about the puppuccino before you give one to your furry friend.

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Starbucks is almost every person’s go-to coffee shop, whether it’s for their morning dose of caffeine on the way to work or a mini coffee break during their evening shopping spree.

From the looks of it, however, this universally-loved coffee place is going to become your furry friend’s favorite, too! So, the next time you make a quick run to Starbucks, you might want to bring along your four-legged companion as well!

As it turns out, Starbucks has a secret menu drink called the ‘Puppuccino’ and it’s a real treat for dogs. You might have come across a few videos that surfaced on the internet where cute little dogs were seen lapping away from a Starbucks cup, and you were probably wondering what it was, right?

It was none other than Puppuccino – a Starbucks secret menu drink for dogs!

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What Is A Puppuccino?

What Is A Puppuccino?

Often mistakenly referred to as a Puppachino by some peoplethe Starbucks Puppuccino is a treat for dogs that includes delicious, rich whipped cream, which usually comes in a small espresso-sized paper cup. At some outlets, it’s also served in sample-sized cold beverage cups.

It’s just plain whipped cream without any coffee, tea or any other ingredient that might be harmful to your little pup.

The Puppuccino contains the following ingredients:

  • Cream
  • Milk
  • Mono and Diglycerides – stabilizing fats that prevent separation and provide a consistent texture.
  • Carrageenan – to ensure that the liquid remains mixed.

Are Puppuccinos Safe?

The Starbucks Puppuccino is absolutely safe for your furry friend, but that doesn’t mean you should be treating them to this secret menu drink every single day.

Taking your dog out on a ride and treating it to a cup of whipped cream once in few weeks sounds about right!

However, if your furry buddy is lactose intolerant, sensitive to dairy or gets diarrhea and vomiting after consuming a milk-based product, it’s best to avoid giving them a puppuccino.

At the same time, though, you can double-check with your vet and seek professional medical advice from them as to whether it’s okay to give your dog a puppuccino or not.

How To Get A Puppuccino?

While this is one of Starbucks’ secret menu drink items, interestingly, it’s not an official menu item!

So, you order a Puppuccino at your nearest Starbucks outlet, it’s possible that the barista behind the counter has no idea what you are talking about!

How To Get A Puppuccino?

However, that’s nothing to worry about; simply ask for a cup full of whipped cream, and you can tell them that it’s not for you, but is actually for your dog.

In other cases, though, all you need to do is tell the barista that your furry companion will be joining you for a coffee date, and they will immediately understand you are looking for a Puppuccino!

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How Much Does A Puppuccino Cost?

Starbucks has proclaimed their newly found love for dogs and it absolutely loves furry creatures, which is why these Puppuccinos are a freebie item at most Starbucks outlets.

However, that certainly doesn’t mean that you should be treating your dog to a free item every single time.

How Much Does A Puppuccino Cost?

Perhaps, it would be a good idea to tip your server or pay for that cup of whipped cream every once in a while, right?

Your dog will probably agree with that and will like the idea!

Is Starbucks Dog-Friendly?

While Starbucks generally loves dogs, the rules vary from one location to the other.

Most outdoor outlets welcome dogs with open arms and also allow your furry buddy to rest on the outside patios. However, the outlets that are located inside malls or grocery stores without patios obviously don’t allow dogs inside. But that doesn’t mean you can’t grab a takeaway Puppuccino for your dog to enjoy at home!

Why Get A Puppuccino?

Is there anything cuter than an adorable little pup with its mouth and nose buried inside a Starbucks espresso cup, only to be covered with a layer of whipped cream a few seconds later?

Probably not!

As evident on Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms, most dogs seem to have fallen in love with this delicious sweet treat as you can see them slurping away their Puppuccinos.

Since this item isn’t officially a part of the Starbucks menu, you can’t order one online through their delivery application and have to go instore to get one.  But isn’t that great?

It presents the perfect opportunity for you and your furry friend to go out, get some exercise, stop at a Starbucks outlet and enjoy your drinks. As you sip away your Latte or Cappuccino, you will notice your dog thoroughly enjoying its cup of Puppuccino. The next thing you know, your dog will likely have gone viral on the internet, thanks to its overloaded cuteness and video or picture-worthy cream-slurping act!

Can My Dog Enjoy A Puppuccino?

As a dog-owner, you are likely to find yourself wondering whether your pet will enjoy its first-ever puppuccino. Well, it’s natural to be hesitant about introducing something new to your pet, especially if they have digestions issues or tummy troubles.

If the picture and videos on the internet of dogs yanking at puppuccino cups with their noses covered in cream aren’t enough to tempt you, we suggest you start slow.

The best way to determine if a cup of whipped cream is okay for your dog is to give them very small amounts of whipped cream and see how they take it. Once you know for sure that the cream isn’t doing anything funny to their tummy and that your dog enjoys the treat, it is completely okay to let them loose on the whole cup!

But make sure you don’t treat pet to a puppuccino more than once in a few weeks or months. After all, moderation is key here, and you don’t want your furry friend to fall sick!

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