Are Puppuccinos for Cats? Starbucks Guide for Pets

Are Puppuccinos for Cats? Starbucks Guide for Pets

Pet-friendly cafes like Starbucks are always developing new ways to attract pet owners. Puppuccinos are their latest concoction but are puppuccinos for cats too? Learn more now.

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It can be even more fun to go on a coffee run when you are with your pet. Starbucks is constantly trying to become more pet-friendly, which is why they introduced the puppucino. When you head on over to Starbucks now, you can get a small treat for your puppy to enjoy from the secret menu they have.

Are Puppuccinos for Cats?

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We absolutely love that they are being thoughtful when it comes to dog owners since Starbucks created this item especially for dogs – Starbucks Puppuccino. When visiting somewhere new or going on a road trip, you can always get a treat for your dog. It is a great surprise for dogs. However, there isn’t a special cat drink at Starbucks that you can get. Are puppuccinos for cats, too? Let’s learn more about the drink in this article!

What Is a Puppuccino?

Make sure you order a treat for your cat the next time you go back to the Starbucks drive-through window! On the Starbucks hidden menu, there are literally hundreds of beverages, but only one is cat-friendly. The Puppuccino, Starbucks’ most popular hidden menu item, definitely caters to our animal companions.

The Puppuccino is a fairly simple drink that baristas all around the world like. It’s simply a little cup of Starbucks whipped cream designed particularly for your cat. There’s no tea, coffee, or caffeine in this cup; it’s simply plain whipped cream.

Puppuccinos seem to be a hit with cat, as seen by the scores of videos and pictures showing felines eating them in seconds. Visit our article to learn more about what Puppuccinos are?

Going to Starbucks with Your Cat

 Heading over to Starbucks can be hard with your cat if you don’t have someone to take care of the cat while you are away. However, there are many Starbucks that have developed a drive-thru where you can easily pick up the order you want. You can then hang out on the patio with your cat and drink.

Another route you can take is ordering online. The Starbucks app is pretty easy to use, and you will be able to pay for your drinks online too. Ordering it beforehand and going to your nearest Starbucks to pick it can also be an easy way to get your drink. The cat should be okay inside the carrier out on your patio.

Can Cats Have Pup Cups?

Your cat may actually love having a puppuccino as a treat when you are at Starbucks. Some cats really love fresh whipped cream as a treat. However, you should be careful how much you give to your cats. Adult cats are known to have lactose intolerance, and the dairy in the puppuccino may not be good for them. Dogs can have dairy way more than cats can, so they can still have it as a regular treat.

Can Cats Have Pup Cups From Starbucks?

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There are also a lot of calories in the puppucino since it is made entirely of whipped cream. The whipped cream can also melt after a while. If your cat sticks its face into the cream, it can often result in a big mess on her fur and whiskers. Do have some wipes on hand if you are planning on offering your cat a puppuccino as a treat.

In any case, your cat may not really like having a go at the puppuccino. There are plenty of other treats that you can take along your trip for a coffee run. We recommend getting some freeze-dried chicken for your cat instead of buying a puppuccino. It may like the meat more than the dairy treat, and you can use it as positive reinforcement to set them at ease in public.

Can Cats Have Puppuccinos?

Yes, cats can have puppuccinos. However, Puppuccinos contain whipped cream, and cat owners should be aware that cats should avoid dairy due to lactose intolerance. A few spoons of whipped cream every week should be okay for cats, but more than that can make their stomachs upset.

What Is a Puppuccino Made with?

What Is a Puppuccino Made with?

The main ingredient in a Starbucks Puppuccino is whipped cream. It includes a mixture of milk, cream, diglycerides, mono, and carrageenan. Some of these words may sound a little scary, so let’s break down some of the ingredients in the whipped cream. The diglycerides and mono are intended to prevent the cream from separating and to keep the texture of it just right. The carrageenan is a useful ingredient to ensure the creams stay mixed.

Can Cats Have Puppuccino from Starbucks?

The answer is yes, cats can have Puppucinos from Starbucks. In addition, many Starbucks locations have established a drive-thru in which you might quickly pick up your order.

Can Cats Have Puppuccinos from Starbucks?

Can You Order Puppuccinos Through the Starbucks App?

Since Puppuccinos aren’t on the real menu of Starbucks and only on the secret menu, you won’t be able to order them through the Starbucks mobile app. You need to order it in person or through their drive-through instead since you can’t do it through the app.

How Much Is a Puppuccino?

It’s a freebie to have a Puppuccino! Starbucks loves animals as much as we do, but a little extra tip on top of the drink order for their compassion wouldn’t hurt. We believe the cat would agree. Also, as long as all parties agree to it, head scritches by the windows are never a terrible thing.

What Other Locations Sell Pet-Friendly Drinks?

 There are many places with similar items that you can get if you don’t have a Starbucks near you. There are puppy lattes available at Dunkin’ Donuts that are also whipped cream inside a cup. Shake Shack also has a Poochini that is a dessert made with vanilla custard and pet biscuits. The Bag O’ Bones has pet biscuits produced by the Bocce’s Bakery in New York. Dairy Queen also has Pup Cups, which is basically a cup of sweet vanilla ice cream with a pet treat in the middle.

Are Pets Allowed Inside Starbucks?

The Starbucks café usually has a patio in the United States where pets can hang out easily. They don’t need to go in the store since the patio is comfortable enough for pets. Since Starbucks also serves food, there are some health regulations that the café has to adhere to. This means that pets aren’t allowed inside the café at all, making it a no-pet zone.

It may get cold out on the patio for some pets, so make sure not to go to Starbucks with your pet in the winters or leave them outside for too long.

Socializing at Starbucks with a Cat

The best part about taking your cat to Starbucks isn’t just a treat; it is also a great place for your cat to socialize. This social opportunity can teach your cat a lot. It will be able to socialize with lots of people there as people come and go saying hi to her. People often love to pet cats, so your cat will be able to get used to interactions with strangers too.

How to Make a Puppuccino?

Here’s our healthier version of the Puppuccino recipe. You only need two ingredients to make a Puppuccino: 4 ounces of whipped cream and milk! Just get an empty cup (Starbucks for added accuracy, but any will do) and fill a quarter of the cup with milk and some whipped cream. For sweetness, instead of sugar, you can substitute with your cat’s sweet treat. Offer it to your happy cat and watch them lap it up with excitement. It is sure to brighten up your day.

How to Make a Puppuccino?

In Conclusion

Cats are great company all the time, but there aren’t too many locations that are entirely friendly for cats to begin with. Puppuccinos gained a lot of popularity among dog owners since it was one of the first mass-level pet-friendly drinks. While cats can have a lick or two of the drink, all that dairy may not be that good for your pet. So, make sure not to make it a habit to get a puppuccino for your cat too regularly.