Which Cats Are the Friendliest?

Which Cats Are the Friendliest?

Wondering which cats are the friendliest? Well, read this blog post to discover the best friendly cat breeds out there!

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If you are looking for a family or kid’s friendly pet, you might be asking yourself – which cats are the friendliest? The good thing is you won’t have to search hard or travel afar to find the most loving and sweet-natured cats for yourself, your kids, or your family.

For your ease and convenience, we list down the X friendliest cat breeds out there. Have a look!

1. Ragdoll

When it comes to describing the personality of the Ragdoll, the first word that pops up in our minds is “friendly.” The Ragdoll is a calm, gentle breed that is affectionate without being too demanding. They possess dog-like devotion to their owners.

Ragdolls are also quite attractive in terms of their looks. They have a fuzzy white coat and deep blue eyes. The cat is soft and sweet and makes for a cuddly companion to its owner. The best part is ragdolls happen to be one of the quietest cat breeds today.

2. Maine Coon

One of the oldest breeds in North America, the Maine Coon is often known as “soft and tender giants.” Even though the cat breed is large, it’s kind and sweet by nature. The Maine Coon is a fluffy, big-eyed cat that likes to play around and be with their owner most of the time.

The warm, cozy cat likes to take care of themselves, making them a perfect option for busy, low-maintenance pet owners. The Maine Coon is a lot like dogs in the sense that it is supremely loyal to its owner. They remain faithful to them for life!

3. Sphynx

The Sphynx may not come across as a friendly cat (because of its unusual appearance), but it’s one of the friendliest pets, nevertheless. There’s no doubt that the hairless domestic cat loves human attention as well as affection. It also likes to enjoy a daily dose of good play with those it’s close to.

The long and broad animal is purebred, which is why it’s so rare and expensive. The demand for sphynx cats remains to be quite high – another reason why the cat comes with a high price tag!

4. Birman

When choosing which cats are the friendliest, Birman often tops the list!

Also known as the “Sacred Cat of Burma,” Birman is a domesticated animal characterized by a long silky coat, beautiful blue eyes, and pure white feet. Even though the feline animal is large and stocky, it’s calm and gentle nonetheless.

Berman also has a soft, soothing voice, which is rarely heard because the sweet-natured pet is not too talkative.  The cat breed likes to spend time in the company of their owner. They are smart and friendly, curious and sociable, but not nosy and annoying.

5. Abyssinian

The Abyssinian is one of the oldest pets in the world. It’s also different from other family pets in the sense that it won’t jump at you or sit in your lap immediately. But at the end of the day, the cat breed is quite loving and caring and has its own way of expressing love. The cat is social and playful and retains this quality even when it grows up.

The active pet is medium in size with a fawn, cinnamon, red, or ruddy colored body. It has large almond-shaped eyes in a green or gold color.

6. Persian

Persian cats are not only sociable and friendly, but they are utterly cute and cuddly. They have a soft cotton-like coat with a round face and adorably colored eyes.

Persian cats love to snuggle up with their owner and like to relax around. The cat is known to be quiet and sweet. Owing to its calm, laid-back personality, the cat is easy to live with. Besides that, Persian cats like to socialize and seek attention from their favorite humans.

7. Burmese

The Burmese is (hands-down) the friendliest cat breed ever. Originated in Burma, Burmese cats are an overall compact cat with everything round in shape – the face, ears, chin, eyes, and even the feet are round. The cat breed has solid looks and possesses great strength. It’s energetic and powerful. The coat of the Burmese tends to be short and glossy, ranging from cream to lilac to red.

The cat breed is a happy and friendly one. It pines on attention from their owner, and hence, can be quite demanding. The cat loves to be picked up and cuddled to no end.

8. Moggy

Previously known as the “Moggy Catcher,” a Moggy cat comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. No matter the appearance, all moggy cats are friendly and talkative – however, some may be shy and timid.

A moggy cat features both short and long hair. It has deep blue eyes that can be sometimes yellow, gold, green, or some odd-looking color. Moggy cats are often seen as equivalent to a mongrel dog because of the fact that both of them are healthy, friendly, and low maintenance.

Now, we hope you can better answer, “which cats are the friendliest?” Choosing the ideal one for yourself among these pet animals can also be challenging for some people. In that case, we strongly recommend to learn about the temperament and personality of each cat breed in detail and choose the one that suits your nature and lifestyle. All in all, this much is safe to say that all the cat breeds discussed here are loyal, lovely, and friendly – of course!