What Is the Best Age to Train Dogs on Invisible Fences?

What Is the Best Age to Train Dogs on Invisible Fences?

If you are wondering what age to train dogs on invisible fences, you have come to the right place. Find out the answer right now.

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We all know how puppies have the best kind of mischievous energy; they are born to get into the most ridiculous situations. To let them release their energy, pet owners often let them out into the yard to run around. However, this presents even more opportunities to them to get into some solid trouble. One way to make sure they don’t run away and get lost is to use invisible fences for the yard. When properly arranged and trained, it can be an effective way to keep them safe.

So, what age to train dogs on invisible fences? Training your dog for invisible fences can start from 8 weeks but can be more effective when they are a little older.

How Do Underground Fences Work?

Underground or invisible fences are buried around 3-4 inches into the ground in a marked perimeter of wires. This emits low-strength radio signals, which give an alert to the electronic collar if the dog starts to get too close to the perimeter you have set. This can make sure that the puppy doesn’t go wandering where the dog shouldn’t be going. If the dog continues to approach the line, the collar can emit warning tones to help steer him away. If he still continues forward across the line, the collar delivers a small static shock to make sure that he stops in his tracks and returns.

Training at 8 Weeks

Indivisible fence manufacturers recommend that the minimum age to start training the dog for the fence is at 8 weeks. At this stage, the puppy has moved past the small baby stage and is able to handle intensive training.  

However, you should still be aware that it may still be too young. This stage is also when they feel their primal ‘fear stage.’ Basically, the puppy could be so scared to receive shock correction that he can simply refuse to even go outside into the yard at all. The puppy can also develop some symptoms of starting to act out if you take them outside. If you notice that he is getting skittish, you should pull back training the puppy.

Training at 4-6 Months

At this age, the puppy is starting to mature emotionally. He is now heading into a stage where he isn’t scared of everything and can handle formal training such as obedience instructions. Once he is starting to learn commands like down, stay, and sit, he can start responding well to invisible training as well. Don’t rush it and take your time.

Puppy Readiness

All puppies have different personalities, so each of them will mature and develop at their own pace. Even two puppies from the same litter can show readiness for the invisible fence at different times. Some breeds or pups tend to be naturally more nervous, so they may need more time to get comfortable with the training program and learn. Make sure not to force the puppy to get into training since it can make them even more scared.

We hope now you know at what age to train dogs on invisible fences.