10 Cute Cat Breeds That Will Melt Your Heart (With Pictures)

10 Cute Cat Breeds That Will Melt Your Heart (With Pictures)

When it comes to cat breeds, there are a ton of unique ones out there. Each has different features, colors and a different personality! To make it easier for you, we made a guide on top 10 cute cat breeds!

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When it comes to cat breeds, there are a ton of unique ones out there. Each has different features, colors and a different personality! Some may be large while others are much smaller. Some are friendly while others may like to be on their own. If you are looking to adopt one, there are a lot of factors that you need to think about. Let’s face it, we all want one that’s cute at the end of the day. So to make it easier for you, we made a guide on the top 10 cute cat breeds!

1. Ragdoll Cat Breed

Ragdoll cat breed

Compared to other cat breeds, this one is rather young. It is slender and sleek and has a loving personality. This breed is known to be friendly to humans and also to dogs. It is loyal to its owners and greets them nicely when they come home. This breed is one of the largest domestic cat breeds out there so its size can be intimidating. The female usually weighs about 10 to 15 pounds while the male weighs about 15 to 20. However, don’t judge by looks because they are one of the most docile creatures.  Another great thing about this breed is that it is easy to train and teach; all you have to do is praise it and give it some food. Their lifespan is about 12 to 17 years.

2. Scottish Fold Cat Breed

Scottish fold cat breed

Scottish folds make the perfect companions. They are a calm breed and great to have around as they love the company of other people. In addition to that, they are playful so you can count on them to play with your kids or other pets. It’s safe to say that they easily adapt to different environments, both calm and noisy.

This breed is especially known for its small folded ears. They usually weigh about 6 to 13 pounds and their average lifespan is from 11 to 14 years.

3. Munchkin Cat Breed

Munchkin cat breed

You can only imagine how cute this one is going by its name. Even though they look like your average house cat they have a unique feature that makes them all the more special. That is their short legs for which they are so famous for.

This breed is quite an active one; it is fast and playful. They, too, are friendly and love to play with other people, children and pets. Their lifespan is till 13 years or even more and they usually weigh about 5 to 9 pounds.

4. Persian Cat Breed

Persian cat breed

One of the cutest cat breeds out there, this one will steal your heart. Just as the name suggests, this breed originated from Persia. This breed is completely calm and super gentle. They don’t need much attention, just basic care. These cats love to be in a calm environment and aren’t particularly friendly, although you can train them to be. They weigh about 7 to 12 pounds and their lifespan is from 10 to 15 years.

5. Balinese Cat Breed

Balinese cat breed

This too is one of the cutest cat breeds out there. It is similar to the Siamese as it shares a similar body type, color and eyes. The Balinese is known for its silky, flowing coat. That being said, grooming them isn’t very difficult. They also have a big heart and are excellent to have around.

6. Siberian Cat Breed

Siberian cat breed

As you can tell by their name, this breed originated from Siberia. They have long and thick fur and are absolutely beautiful. This breed thrives in cold environments and they absolutely love people. They also love their owners and are especially caring if the owner gets sick. Although they are calm and gentle, they are also active and playful. These cats usually weigh about 8 to 17 pounds and their lifespan is 11 to 15 years.

7. Maine Coon Cat Breed

Maine Coon cat breed

Another large cat breed, this is one of the cutest ones out there. They are quite giant and have a fluffy mane and tail, which makes them all the more adorable. Maine coons are friendly by nature and they get along with people and animals including dogs. This cat breed is an especially smart one and it is also excellent for catching mice. They weigh about 9 to 18 pounds but sometimes they can even weigh more than 20. Their average lifespan is 9 to 15 years.

8. British Shorthair Cat Breed

British Shorthair cat breed

The British shorthair is an easygoing, calm and quiet cat. These cats are generally medium to large and the male can weigh up to 17 pounds. They come in different colors and patterns. This breed is known for its dense coats. They are full of energy and will get along well with your family members and other animals and pets. As you can guess by their name, they are originally from England.

9. Bengal Cat Breed

Bengal cat breed

Though these cats can be super high maintenance, they are super cute! Bengals are always on the go, they enjoy climbing things and playing around. Its rich colors make it all the more intriguing, its vivid spots add to its cuteness. This breed is active and will get along great with other animals. They make an excellent family pet so don’t hesitate!

10. LaPerm Cat Breed

Laperm cat breed

This cat breed is one of a kind thanks to its distinctive curly coat. However, you don’t have to worry because its coat surprisingly doesn’t shed that much. Every once in a while, they may go through periods of heavy shedding but after that their coat grows back much better than before. This breed comes in a variety of colors and patterns, some of them are even born hairless! Its curls are both loose and tight; the tight curls usually show up under their belly, at the base of their ears or under the throat.

Each of these top 10 cute cat breeds is unique and has its own charm. Not only are they absolutely adorable but they also make great pets. Pick one that resonates the most with you and go for it!