The Most High Maintenance Dog Breeds of All Time

The Most High Maintenance Dog Breeds of All Time

Well, let’s go over some of the most high maintenance dog breeds to help you make your dog adoption decision wisely.

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Adopting a dog is one of the most rewarding experiences you can ever have. Dogs don’t remain pets but they become a vital part of the family. However, offering a dog your home comes with responsibility and hard work. So, adopting a dog isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly.

Before bringing a canine home, it’s imperative that you ask yourself whether you have the appropriate home arrangements and lifestyle to offer this specific dog breed a good quality life. Let’s face it, as loyal and as protective dogs generally are,  not all dog breeds are the same. While some breeds have very few needs, others are quite high-maintenance. For instance, a dog belonging to a working breed will require lots of exercise and physical activity. Do you have enough time to provide your dog with that?

Well, let’s go over some of the most high maintenance dog breeds to help you make your dog adoption decision wisely.

Belgian Malinois

With a muscular body and a short dual-colored coat, the Belgian Malinois is typically employed to help with police work, obedience training, and search and rescue tasks. This dog breed is popular for its intelligence, intensity, and incredibly strong working drive. The problem is that since the Belgian Malinois is one of the most active breeds, lack of opportunities for them to use their drive can lead to a lot of stress and boredom.

Tackling a stressed or bored Belgian Malinois isn’t the easiest task. Even taking them out for a long hike or walk on a daily basis isn’t enough to tire them out. This dog breed needs to have a special job to do at all times. The best part is that they are highly trainable. So, when given the opportunity, they will succeed beyond their expected potential.

Hungarian Puli

A Hungarian Puli easily stands out in the crowd due to its rather distinctive look. With a unique-colored double coat, the fur of this breed forms strands that resemble dreadlocks. As beautiful as their coat may appear, it’s what makes them one of the most high maintenance dog breeds. Their coat requires a lot of upkeep and effort in order to remain in a healthy condition. So, unless you’re ready to spend a lot of your time towards maintaining and separating its cords, this might not be the dog for you.

Bathing a Hungarian Puli is also quite the task. This is because every individual cord of hair on their body needs to be completely dried after a bath to prevent mildew. You can also choose to keep your Puli’s coat fluffy instead of corded. The only problem is that their hair forms cords naturally, which is why you will need to thoroughly brush its coat on a regular basis.


Greyhounds generally make great family pets. With their long legs and athletic and thin bodies, these dogs can reach speeds of up to 45mph. Greyhounds are generally known for their laid-back and lazy nature, which is why you will often find them lounging on the bed or couch. Moreover, their super-loving and easy-going nature ensure that it will become a part of your family within no time.

One thing you will need to be well-aware of when adopting a greyhound is their insanely strong in-built prey drive. If you take your greyhound for a walk, it may get wild when chasing any wildlife, including cats and birds. Also, your greyhound probably won’t be able to live alongside any other pet in the house. So, if you intend to get more pets in the future, a greyhound won’t be the best option for you.

Border Collie

Border collies are quite the popular breed known for their expertise at herding. These medium-sized pooches are pretty adorable, but their herding instincts and drive can cause them to become quite the opposite. You will often find a border collie chasing after cars, bikes, children, and anything else it might perceive as a threat.

A lack of proper opportunities for them to channel their herding and chasing instincts can end up forming an unhealthy obsession for them. If you are prepared to put in efforts to train your collie, they are one of the smartest dog breeds that can very well be trained to do a variety of things.

Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are known for their gorgeous beauty and uncanny resemblance to wolves. These medium-sized dogs are a high-endurance and high-intensity breed that has an immense amount of stamina. Huskies have a natural instinct to roam around, which is why they can be quite unreliable when it comes to taking them off-leash. However, this shouldn’t discourage you much.

Putting a lot of effort into recall training can be great for your Husky. So much so, that you will also be able to give it off-leash time in the right environment. Moreover, if you plan to adopt a husky, you will need to have a high and secure fence to keep it from running away or escaping.


Akita is a Japanese dog breed that is renowned for its bravery, unwavering loyalty, and protective nature. As interesting as this dog breed is, it can become quite aloof, even intolerant when around strangers or other dogs. Providing your canine with early and appropriate socialization and training can help it enjoy the company of others. However, they’re still often suited to being the only dog in the household.


Bulldogs are an incredibly famous dog breed. With their characterful appearance, they’re very well-known for being playful and laid back creatures. There has been a major transformation in the appearance of bulldogs over the years. They now have a more squat appearance, a flatter face, and more wrinkles. This selective breeding process has plagued this dog breed with various health problems.

Bulldogs are known to have joint problems, respiratory problems, and eye disorders. So, if you do plan on adopting a bulldog, you will have to search for a reputable breeder that will check the health of your potential bull’s prospective parents. However, most of the time, despite going to a good breeder, you can’t prevent your bulldog’s potential health problems.

Well, dogs truly are man’s best friend, aren’t they? You have options to choose from when adopting a dog. There are many easy-to-handle dogs that are meant for domestication, or you can always choose one of the high maintenance dog breeds if you’re willing to put in more effort!