Strange Cat Behavior: Reasons Behind These Quirky Tactics

Strange Cat Behavior: Reasons Behind These Quirky Tactics

Are you ever curious as to why cats offer you their butts? This guide will answer that question while also giving insight into other curious cat behaviors. Cat behavior can be tough to decipher at times, but understanding it can be fun!

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You may wonder why cats act the way they do. Cats truly display some unique and interesting behaviors that are both adorable and confusing for human beings. To provide you with some enlightenment, this cat article compiles some of the things they do and the reasons behind these quirky antics. 

Cat Behaviors and Some Explanations

  • They Love to Roll Their Backs

Cats sometimes roll on the ground, expose their stomachs, and probably do some rubbing and scratching. These acts are typical cat behaviors performed to spread their scent. Cat’s scent glands are usually found in its flank, cheeks, and paws. This is a cat’s way to mark its territory. 

It can also indicate that they are currently relaxed, comfortable, and feel no threat at all. Most of the time, a cat may occasionally roll to get your attention.

  • They Offer You Their Butt

There are also times when a cat would just stay beside your legs, raise its tail, and offer its butt. When they do this, feel honored. A raised tail is their means that they are feeling secure at the moment. 

The way they present their butt is kinda telling you to take a sniff, which indicates their love language. It is like what friends feel when they give a hug or kiss to another friend. Do not worry because you do not have to sniff their butt, but a scratch or a little petting can make them truly happy. 

  • They Start to Cover Their Poop and Pee

Aren’t they interesting when they suddenly cover their poop or pee once they are done? This act has long been part of cat’s history, and it is all about territories again. Those who do not mind and even show off their poop often want to inform other cats that the place is their territory. 

Meanwhile, the smaller, weaker, and more submissive cats try to cover their feces and urine to make sure they remain low-key and do not make dominant cats feel challenged. 

Domestic cats are also more trained to do this than wild cats as they watch and learn their mothers do the same. 

  • They Hide Their Food

There are instances wherein, after a few bites, a cat would suddenly cover its food bowl or take its meat somewhere else. It is another instinctive behavior of protection. It may mean that they feel their food is threatened and that they need to do what they can to protect it. 

Sometimes, they may try to cover it with anything they can see, such as shredded paper. There are times when they would continue to scratch their food bowl after eating as an attempt to clean up the remaining scent, and other times, they might simply take food from each other.

  • They Slowly Blink Their Eyes at You

Have you ever had a staring session with your cat, and it slowly blinks at you? That is actually a compliment. It shows that they are truly comfortable with you at the moment and a signal that they trust you. That slow movement of the eyes may look like they are falling asleep, but it is also an indication that they never see you as a threat. 


Those are just some of the many of cat’s cute and unique behaviors. Knowing some of these would help you understand your pet even more. That way, you would not misinterpret them and perhaps find other means to also communicate. Understanding their behaviors can also help you train them better, so you can both become happy without compromising any natural behaviors in the process. 
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