PrettyLitter Review – All You Need For Your Cat

PrettyLitter Review – All You Need For Your Cat

This cat health subscription litter service is all you need for your cat. It is especially ideal for all those working cat parents who don’t have time to constantly keep a check on their cat’s health!

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When it comes to cat litter, indeed, there are many different options available. However, not all those options are feasible. The ideal cat litter should be easy to handle, light, hassle-free, and technologically advanced. It is also popularly referred to as “the world’s smartest cat litter.” Finally, we may have the perfect solution for you!

PrettyLitter Review - All You Need For Your Cat

PrettyLitter is all of those and so much more. With this cat health subscription litter service, you’ll have everything you need. It is especially ideal for all those working cat parents who don’t have time to constantly keep a check on their cat’s health because this cat litterbox does it all for you! God forbid your little furry one has an illness; thanks to this litterbox, you will know all about it and can do something before it’s too late!

Not only does it have everything you’re looking for, but it is also ideal for putting in your home. It prevents odor and even gives an aesthetic feel to the place, thanks to its changing crystal colors. In addition, it is a lightweight litter that is hassle-free and quite revolutionary! To add to that, it is also super reasonable, so you don’t have to worry about spending an arm and a leg on it. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this fantastic cat litterbox.

1. Why  should you use it?

1.1 No bad smell

Thanks to its advanced odor control, using PrettyLitter will ensure that there’s no litter box smell. This is because it instantly traps odor and then removes the moisture, preventing you from smelling your cat’s litter. In addition, its super-absorbent silica gel litter removes the foul smell by trapping its urine inside it and drying out the waste before you scoop it out. As a result, you no longer have to worry about the foul smell taking over your house the way it usually would in other litterboxes.

1.2 Saves money

PrettyLitter will save you money in the long run as you won’t have to pay those vet bills in the long run. This is because it detects early on if something is wrong with your cat so you can deal with it immediately.

In addition to that, if compared to other brand competitors, PrettyLitter will cost you a lot less per month on average, saving you money. There are different rates on which you can subscribe, depending on the number of cats that you have, etc., so take your pick.

1.3 Clean and safe

PrettyLitter is a clean and safe option for you to use in your home. Since health is their number one priority, it is made from natural ingredients that are completely safe to use. It is made from clean and effective minerals that are completely pet and family safe. In fact, PrettyLitter was developed by a team of scientists and veterinarians designed particularly for cats and to be family-friendly. It is manufactured in one of the world’s biggest and most trusted kitty litter plants which source its own silica microgels using carefully chosen mineral sources.

The natural materials that it is made from are a hundred per cent safe for cats even if they end up breathing or ingesting it. To add to that, it is 99.9% dust-free, which is especially great if you or your cat have asthma or other similar conditions. It is made keeping your cat’s health and safety in mind, so there’s not much you have to worry about when your cat is using it.

1.4 International Shipping

Another significant advantage of PrettyLitter is that it is available for shipping to most countries. This doesn’t restrict you from ordering it so you can check if it delivers to your country. It also usually delivers within 3-5 working days so that’s an added advantage.

1.5 Monitors your cat’s health

This is probably the biggest reason why people buy PrettyLitter. Unlike most competitive brands, PrettyLitter goes a step further and monitors your cat’s health, detecting if something is wrong. This makes your life a whole lot easier as you don’t have to monitor it yourself constantly. It is made using super-absorbent silica gel and health indicating formula that will keep a check on your cat’s urine levels of acidity and alkalinity that is not within the average range. In addition to that, they will also keep a lookout for the presence of blood.

It will detect early signs of illness in your cat through the changing color of its crystals. Therefore, it will keep a check on your cats health at all times, giving you peace of mind and the chance to do something about it early on before it becomes something serious. It can even end up saving your cat’s life!

1.6 Long Lasting

You can rest assured that PrettyLitter is going to last you a while. Every bag is supposed to last you a whole month for an average-sized cat litterbox. Make sure to put it correctly to ensure its full use and depth. After that, you just have to subscribe once a month, and you’re sorted!

2. How is PrettyLitter different from other cat litters?

Indeed, you’re wondering how it differs from other cat litters and what all the fuss is about. PrettyLitter is made using super-absorbent silica gel; this is much more absorbent than other types of litter. This basically means that you need less litter to accomplish the same task.

It is easy to deal with and hassle-free. The fact that it is non-clumping means that there’s only less of a mess for you to clean later on. You’ll scoop less litter, use lighter garbage bags, and you’ll have to purchase it fewer times since it lasts longer than others.

PrettyLitter absorbs urine and odor, so you only have to do the bare minimum every month. In other words, it does all the work for you, and you don’t have to change it, scoop it out, etc., constantly.

3. How do I Use PrettyLitter?

PrettyLitter is pretty easy to use! All you need to do is pour the bag into the litter box (make sure it’s clean and use it to the maximum depth). You should remove the feces every day. Because it will have dried up, it shouldn’t be too difficult. Scoop it out and take out the remaining litter granules. Mix the litter properly daily to prevent your cat from urinating in the same spots of the litterbox every day.

After using it for about a month, empty what’s inside the litter box into a trash bag. You’ll know yourself when to do so because it’ll be completely saturated. Make sure to clean it properly before putting in the new litter. Please keep a lookout for the colors of the crystals in your PrettyLitter box, as they indicate your cat’s health.

4. How it works in monitoring your cat’s health

The next question you’re probably asking yourself is how it works in monitoring your cat’s health. As mentioned earlier in this article, one of the most significant advantages of PrettyLitter is that it watches whether something is wrong in your cat before you even notice symptoms yourself. It reacts to various levels of acidity or alkalinity in your cat’s urine by changing the colors of the crystals. Different colors indicate different things. Here are some of them.

4.1 Dark Green/Blue

Your cat’s urine is highly alkaline, which may indicate a feline urinary tract infection caused by specific bacteria species. It could also mean an increased risk of struvite stone formation in the bladder.

4.2 Red

The urine is red if there is blood in it. In such cases, bladder stones, inflammatory conditions, bladder cancer, urinary tract infections, etc., may be to blame. However, you may want to keep monitoring it, and if the red color persists, you should probably take your cat to the vet and get it checked out in time.

4.3 Yellow/Orange

The presence of yellow to orange crystals in your cat’s urine indicates acidity. Various things could cause these symptoms, including a UTI, metabolic acidosis, kidney disease, calcium oxalate crystal formation, etc.

5. Final Thoughts

The information you have just gained about this excellent litter service is invaluable. Think of it as a two-in-one product; not only is it a litterbox, it’s also a perfect way to monitor your cat’s health. You won’t need to keep an eye on symptoms. All you’ll need to do is check the color of the crystals in the litterbox to keep an eye on your cat’s health. The cat health subscription will make life much easier for you, so get yours now at the most affordable price!