Review of Petrodex Dental Kit for Cats

Review of Petrodex Dental Kit for Cats

Your cat’s dental care affects its overall health and well-being. The Petrodex Dental Kit for Cats is a great toothpaste that can help resolve your cat’s dental problems.

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Building and maintaining a good dental routine for your feline from an early age is an integral part of their overall health, happiness, and well-being. Not only does an excellent dental practice effectively fight off oral diseases and prevent gum diseases, such as gingivitis, but it also keeps your cat’s breath smelling minty fresh.

1. Cat Dental Care

Wild cats typically clean their teeth by chewing grass. However, when it comes to domesticated cats, the cleaning options are quite limited. Since your feline isn’t able to verbally communicate that they want to clean their teeth, you will have to develop certain preventative oral health care measures to ensure their health and well-being. 

2. Importance of Cat Dental Care

Teeth and gum problems are quite common in cats, especially because felines tend to experience the accumulation of plaque, bacteria, and gums on the outside of their teeth due to the food they eat. Over a period of time, this coating on their teeth begins to toughen up and form tartar. 

Tartar is one of the biggest dental concerns that cats and humans have. Since they are made of bacteria build up, they end up irritating your cat’s gums, eventually leading to gingivitis or tooth loss. In many cases, tartar buildup can become so extreme that it is almost irreversible. In such cases, cats often need to get their teeth removed in order to get rid of the pain. 

Tartar also often results in pain and inflammation in a cat’s mouth, making it hard for them to eat or drink. Since your cat may leave eating and drinking, this causes them to lose weight or become underweight. In some extreme cases, the bacteria end up entering their bloodstream, causing severe damage to their kidneys and other vital organs. 

This destruction caused to a cat’s gums, teeth, and other oral structures is known as ‘periodontal disease,’ the most common oral disease the impacts adult cats and dogs. Fortunately, periodontal or gum disease is preventable. However, cat parents need to pay more attention to their cat’s oral health by brushing its teeth daily and giving it a teeth-friendly diet. 

With so many cat toothpaste available on the market, choosing the right one for your cat can be a challenge. However, one such toothpaste that has it is all is the Petrodex Dental Kit for Cats with Malt Flavor.

3. Review of Petrodex Dental Kit for Cats

A good cat toothpaste contains all the important ingredients to make your cat’s gums and teeth strong and healthy. Unfortunately, when searching for toothpaste, the market often feels oversaturated, making it challenging to choose the correct formula that suits your pet’s needs. 

Luckily, the Petrodex Dental Kit for Cats is one of the best toothpaste for your cat. 

how to brush your cat's teeth

The Petrodex Kit is an ideal choice for your kitty if you’re searching for a complete dental package. Not only does the Petrodex Dental Kit feature toothpaste, but it also includes a toothbrush and a finger toothbrush. 

This kit features two toothbrushes because the first toothbrush is for adult cats, while the small finger brush is ideal for kittens. Also, the toothpaste comes in a malt flavor, so cats generally don’t have a problem with it. Most cats love the taste. 

The Petrodex Dental Kit is a fantastic choice for cats as it contains a handful of ingredients that work effectively at reducing plaque and tartar buildup, which is important to maintain their dental health in good shape. Plaque and tartar buildups are threatening to your cat’s health as they can result in periodontal disease. 

While mild cases of periodontal disease can be handled easily by your cat’s vet, the more extreme cases may call for a tooth extraction. Also, in some extreme cases of periodontal disease, the bacteria may enter your cat’s bloodstream, causing severe damage to their vital organs. Brushing your cat’s teeth regularly with the Petrodex Dental Kit can significantly reduce the chances of periodontal disease by preventing plaque and tartar buildup. 

The Petrodex toothpaste is also free of foaming agents, which makes it completely safe for your cat to swallow. This toothpaste is also quite easy to use as you don’t need to bother rinsing your cat’s mouth after using it. 

3.1 The Primary Ingredient of the Petrodex Dental Kit

The primary ingredient of the Petrodex dental toothpaste is a hydrogen peroxide-producing enzyme. This toothpaste formula is perfect for reducing tartar and plaque buildup, two of the main dental concerns that cat owners have. Much research has been conducted on toothpaste containing enzymes, most of which has shown extremely positive results especially in terms of eliminating plaque and tartar. 

3.2 Petrodex Dental Kit: How Safe is it?

The Petrodex Dental Kit is extremely safe to use. This toothpaste helps remove plaque and other debris. The ultra-soft bristles of the toothbrush allow for gentle application. The finger toothbrush also helps remove plaque and debris in kittens while gently massaging their gums. 

The Petrodex Toothpaste is formulated specifically for cats. It contains a hydrogen peroxide-producing formula that helps reduce plaque and tartar. Also, the reason this toothpaste is extremely safe is that it is a no-foaming toothpaste. So, even if your cat ingests it there won’t be any problems. Moreover, you don’t need to rinse after using this toothpaste. 

3.3. Pros and Cons of the Petrodex Dental Kit



Hydrogen peroxide-producing enzymatic toothpaste formula reduces tartar and plaque buildup.


Freshens your cat’s breath.


It contains no foaming agents, and swallowing it won’t harm your cat.


Highly recommended by vets.


The toothbrush comes with ultra-soft bristles.


Finger toothbrush removes plaque while massaging the gums.



Some cats might dislike the flavor.


Some cats don’t prefer the smell.


The texture of the toothpaste is a little sticky.

Petrodex Dental Kit is a highly versatile dental product for cats that offers a range of benefits. Besides getting rid of tartar and plaque in your cat’s mouth, it can also eliminate bad breath.  

Petrodex toothpaste comes in a malt flavor that most cats enjoy. The set includes a toothbrush and fingerbrush that are great for cats and kittens. Additionally, this product is very meticulously designed to ensure your cat’s safety. The product’s benefits can be seen after only the first few uses, however, regular use is necessary to ensure that your pet’s health is in good shape.