6 Mistakes Cat Owners Make

6 Mistakes Cat Owners Make

Since cats have been domesticated for over 5,000 years, cat owners tend to think they know everything there is to know about their pets – but that’s not the case! You may find yourself making a few of these common mistakes cat owners make without even realizing it! Learn how to make sure you don’t fall into these traps – and that your kitty gets the best care possible.

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Cats are one of the most popular household pets throughout the world. According to a survey, almost 42.7 million households in the U.S. own at least one cat. Despite this, it is quite surprising that not many people are fully aware of how to care for a cat properly.

Cat owners make many mistakes, especially those who are relatively new to the job. Bringing home this furry little four-legged creature is a huge deal. Although felines have earned a reputation for being more independent than many other animals, they still require quite a lot of time, effort, money, and care.

In this article, we list six mistakes you might make as a cat owner.

Mistake #1: Getting a Cat Declawed

It isn’t okay to get a cat declawed. In fact, there are laws in many countries against the declawing of cats. Most people aren’t aware of what declawing really is, so they don’t see any harm in it.

Not only does declawing involve the removal of the claw itself, but it also entails the removal of the entire bone that the claw is attached to. This procedure can be compared to having the first joint of each finger of the human hand removed. Can you imagine how painful that would be?

So, no! Declawing your cat is a very inhumane act unless there’s a valid medical reason.

Mistake #2: Not Neutering or Spaying a Cat

Everyone responsible cat parent knows how important it is to have their cat spayed or neutered. There are more than enough cats in the world suffering in rescue centers waiting to be adopted. It isn’t the best or most responsible idea to deprive a shelter cat of the possibility of being adopted by breeding more cats.

Also, in most cases, the spaying and neutering of cats only positively impact their overall health. First of all, spaying reduces the danger of mammary tumors in female cats, while neutering reduces the chances of testicular tumors in males.

Secondly, non-neutered male cats are generally very prone to aggression or are desperate to escape from home. Non-spayed female cats, on the other hand, attract male cats in the neighborhood through their seasonal yowling. In some cases, female cats in heat may also attempt to escape.

Finally, if your cat reproduces, you’ll have to bear the additional worry of finding a good home for the kittens.

Mistake #3: Feeding the Wrong Type of Food

Every feline requires a healthy, well-balanced diet to remain healthy and happy. The ideal way to achieve this is to pay attention to the kind of food you’re feeding your feline. If you’re giving your kitty dog food or tinned food, then think again! It’s imperative that your cat receive food that is prepared specifically for them.

Cats aren’t meant to have vegetarian diets, so just feeding your cat veggies is entirely off the table. Focus on providing your feline with lots of meat (as they need protein) with little fillers, such as grains. Although there are many cat food options for kitties of all ages and sizes, if you still choose to feed them homemade food, make sure you know what vitamins and minerals to add.

Mistake #4: Giving a Dry Food-Only Diet

Cats aren’t known for guzzling water. Therefore, it is essential that they receive as much moisture as they can via their diet. Keeping your cat on a dry food-only diet won’t work! Instead, you should focus on providing them with wet food variety.

It is alright to give your feline a small bowl of dry food from time to time, but remember how dense in calories this really is. Dry food is more of a snack than a meal; it can’t possibly satisfy your cat’s hunger. So, simply stick to giving your cat wet food and squeeze in some dry food snacks.

Mistake #5: Neglecting a Cat’s Dental Care

Dental disease in cats is one of the most common reasons behind frequent and pretty costly vet visits. A cat’s teeth come in contact with tons of bacteria on a daily basis. Like with human teeth, this bacteria forms plaque due to lack of dental care, leading to periodontal disease and immense pain.

Periodontal or gum disease may lead to loose teeth and inflamed gums, for which your cat may require expensive tooth extractions. Also, dental disease doesn’t only remain confined to the mouth; it can spread and cause various other health problems in your feline.

You can avoid all this hassle and spare your cat the pain by regularly brushing your cat’s teeth with a special cat toothpaste and brush.

Mistake #6: Not Cleaning the Litter Box Enough

Litter trays can become very dirty very quickly. Most cat owners are extremely lazy when it comes to clearing out their cat’s litter tray. Well, the best practice is to clean a litter tray right after your cat has used it.

Cats aren’t fond of using dirty litter boxes, and could end up creating a mess all over your home by treading around with their dirty paws. If you can’t keep cleaning your cat’s litter box after every time they use it, you can, at the very least, clean the box in the morning and evening and wash it before adding new litter.

Also, if you have more than one cat, make sure to provide a separate litter tray to each one of them. 

The Bottom Line

Caring for pets isn’t easy; anybody can make mistakes. Whether you’ve had a cat for a long time or are planning to adopt a new one, there are a few things you need to be mindful of to give your feline a healthy and happy life. We hope you learn from the cat owner mistakes listed above and learn to avoid them in the future!