Korean Names for Dogs

Korean Names for Dogs

Whether you have a thing for Korean culture, you have Korean heritage, or you’ve recently brought home a Korean Jindo, we have just the right and the best Korean names for dogs that are simply unique and totally out-of-the-box.

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From sweeping landscapes to great music to unique culture to amazing history, Korea has so many wonderful things to offer! Among all of this, it also brings you some of the most attractive and distinctive names for dogs!

The Korean language is simply beautiful and has such a wide variety of Korean names for dogs.

So, whether you have a thing for Korean culture, you have Korean heritage, or you’ve recently brought home a Korean Jindo, we have just the right and the best Korean names for dogs that are simply unique and totally out-of-the-box.

Male Korean Dog Names

Whether you have a male Korean dog or a male dog from any other breed, the following Korean names for dogs are some of the best options for your pet.

  • Baek – brother

Your dog is a part of your family and is like your child, which makes this name ideal for your furry buddy.

  • Bon-Hwa – glorious

Dogs are magnificent creatures, and there’s nothing to not love about them, which is why this name is one of the best Korean names for dogs.

  • Geon – strength

Most dogs display impressive levels of strength and bravery, which makes Geon such a befitting name for them.

  • Yu-Jin – valuable or precious

Dogs are such precious animals given how loving, loyal, playful, and kind they are, so there’s no surprise as to why Yu-Jin is such a great name for your pet dog.

  • Dal – moon

If your dog has fluffy white hair and it looks like the moon from afar, Dal is just the right name for it!

  • Su-Won – protect or defend

Your dog is like your savior, and the name Su-Won perfectly encapsulates that particular quality of your canine companion.

  • Min-Jun – talented

Dogs generally possess great talent and are super clever, too, so you can name your male dog Min-Jun to represent all those unique qualities.

  • U-Yeong – honor or glory

Dogs are a lot of amazing things, two of which are honorable and glorious! The name U-Yeong means exactly that and is a great option for your dog.

Female Korean Dog Names

If you happen to have a female dog, you will absolutely love these female Korean dog names.

  • Areum – beauty

If your girl pup is the most beautiful creature you’ve ever seen in your life, you should definitely name her Areum.

  • Ae-Cha – loving daughter

Female dogs, like female human beings, possess similar characteristics of love, warmth, and kindness. If you consider your female pet as your loving daughter, you might want to name her Ae-Cha.

  • Gaeul – autumn, fall

This name is more weather-inspired and is perfect for those dogs with hair that resembles the colors of the fall season.

  • Hye – intelligent and bright

Short and sweet, Hye is a great name for your canine companion because, after all, dogs are truly bright and intelligent little creatures.

  • Min – clever or smart

If you are a dog owner, you probably agree with the fact that female dogs are super clever and smart. So, how about naming your furry friend Min, one of the shortest and most attractive Korean names for dogs?

  • So-Hui – splendid

Among many other things, dogs are marvelous creatures, and this particular attribute comes to them naturally, which makes So-Hui an excellent name for your canine friend.

  • Seok-Yeong – flower

Female dogs are as precious and beautiful as flowers, and this is why the name Seok-Yeong is just so apt for female dogs.

  • Hana – one

This is another super short and catchy name for dogs and could be taken to mean that your dog is ‘the one’ for you.

Unisex Korean Dog Names

Just like in any other language, Korean also brings you unisex names that you can use for both male and female dogs.

  • Haneul – heaven or sky

This name has quite an exalted meaning and makes such a pretty name for a dog, both male and female.

  • Chun – spring

Depicting the spring season, this name could be taken to mean that your dog is like spring in your life – full of color and beauty!

  • Myung – brightness

A lot of pet owners and pet parents say that their pets fill their lives with color and brightness. If you feel the same about your pet dog, Myung is what you should name him or her!

  • Yong – brave

Male or female, all dogs display a certain degree of bravado and courage, making the name Yong perfectly apt for your furry friend.

  • Maeum – heart

If your dog has stolen a piece of your heart or that it holds a special place in your heart, the name Maeum perfectly captures that sentiment and is just the right name for your pet.

  • Hwan – happiness

This is probably one of the most common Korean names for dogs which means happiness and signifies the fact that dogs are their owners’ ultimate source of happiness and joy.

  • Jin – jewel

Dogs are like jewels – rare, precious, and bright. If you think the same about your little furry friend, you should definitely name him or her Jin.

  • Dae – greatness

All dogs possess a unique kind of greatness in terms of how loyal, kind and trustworthy they are, which makes the name Dae just the right fit for your furry friend.

Have You Picked A Favorite Yet?

The Korean language has so many incredible names for dogs to offer to you, so it all comes down to which one you like the most! The above-mentioned Korean names for dogs are some of the most unique and beautiful ones, so pick the one that best suits your furry friend’s personality. You can also do a trial run in order to determine which name your dog best responds to.

In a nutshell, every Korean dog name is attractive in its own ways and has a little something extra to offer in terms of their meaning.