5 Kid-Friendly Dog Breeds That You Can Get as Pets

5 Kid-Friendly Dog Breeds That You Can Get as Pets

Dogs are lovable companions to both adults and kids. However, not all dog breeds are suitable with kids because of their size or temperament. If you want to get a dog as your pet, look into getting one of these five kid-friendly dog breeds that you can get as pets for your family.

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Dogs are naturally playful and active, which might make them seem too aggressive to some. It all depends on several factors, like how they are raised. If you plan to get a dog for the family and have kids at home, it would be wise to get dogs that your kids would have an easy time with. The dogs best for kids are those that are playful, easy to train, and highly affectionate. 

Fortunately, this dog article will list down the top kid-friendly dog breeds for kids. Choose the one that suits your child’s preference:

1. Beagle

beagle Dog running away
Beagle dog runs through green meadow.

If you think your kid would love to play fetch with their dog, the beagle would be a perfect match for them. The beagle is an active dog companion. It is fun-loving, and would indeed enjoy doing anything interactive. It has a strong sense of smell and amazing stamina since it was bred as a hunting dog. 

They are brave, intelligent, and highly social dogs with an overall gentle temperament. If you are after a sweet dog for the kid, you will not regret getting the beagle. More importantly, they can also go well with cats and other animals. 

2. Boxer

Boxer Dog Breed

For a low-maintenance dog that loves to play with kids and go out, boxer dogs would be excellent for the job. They have short hair, so there is no need to trim them. They are bright, loyal, energetic, and fearless. Just like the beagle, boxers love to be in action. They need companionship and lots of exercise. Just make sure that your kids are old enough to play with a boxer dog if you plan to get one. 

3. Golden Retriever

golden Retriever dog sitting on white background

One of the top-of-mind family dogs is the golden retriever, and it is entirely understandable because of how kind and reliable they are. Golden retrievers are sweet and calm, and they are highly social as well. If you are looking for a devoted, outgoing, and playful dog, they would be a good choice. They are easy to train and love their humans unconditionally. However, they do shed a fair amount, so keep that in mind.

4. Labrador Retriever

two blackish brown Labrador Retrievers dog breeds

Another sweet dog on the list is the labrador retriever. A friendly dog to both humans and animals, this dog breed is intelligent and easy to train. They love to run, play, and can also swim around. The labrador retriever would make an excellent family dog, but make sure you give them adequate exercise. 

If you love staying at home most of the time, better not get this dog breed as they are outgoing and fun-loving dogs who love the outdoors. Like the golden retriever, they also shed.

 5. Newfoundland

Newfoundland dog breed

Want a dog that is like a huge, loveable teddy bear? The Newfoundland is what you are looking for. This breed of dog loves children. They are sweet, friendly, and loving. One big difference among other breeds in this list is their calm and relaxed temperament. Even if they are docile in nature, they still have a protective personality. 

Because of their size, expect a lot of shedding to happen. They are also the dog breed that drools quite a bit. 


Your kids would not regret getting a dog. Dogs are lovable companions. No matter how moody your kids get, they would find the security, support, and loyalty that dogs give their owners. Furthermore, having a pet in the household increases bonding in the family. Go out for walks together, have fun, and run around with these kid-friendly dogs. 

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