How to Train a Dog on an Electric Fence

How to Train a Dog on an Electric Fence

An electric fence is the best option to let your dog play freely outdoors while ensuring its safety. Learn more how to train a dog on an electric fence.

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Which dog parent doesn’t want their pup to enjoy the outdoors freely? However, the potential dangers of leaving a pooch out in the yard alone may encourage many pet owners to keep their dogs inside. Luckily, electric fences are here to the rescue!

An electric fence allows your dog to enjoy their time outdoors while giving you the peace of mind that your pet is absolutely safe. That being said, training your dog to understand its new electronic fence is a key step in the installation process.

This guide will take you through the key steps of training a dog on an electric fence. 

How to Train a Dog on an Electric Fence

Training Day 1

The first day of training should consist of 3 10-15 minutes training sessions. The objective of the first training session is to teach your dog about the boundary flags and the warning beep of the receiver collar that defines their containment area.

Make sure to set their collar on a beep or tone-only mode. Walk your pet on a leash within the containment area while praising and talking to them. Make sure to keep them happy while moving towards the boundary flags.

Training Day 2 – 4

Conduct 3 10-15 minutes training sessions every day. The goal of this phase is to train your pup to remain within the containment zone. Set the collar to a low static correction level. Perform the same steps as day 1 by walking your dog on a leash towards the boundary flags, ensuring they are happy.

Training Day 5 – 8 

During the 3 10 to 15-minute sessions, train your dog to stay within the containment area while presenting them with distractions beyond the safe zone. The static correction level on the receiver collar must be set on level 2 or higher.

Create distractions to tempt your pet to enter the boundary zone without coercing them out of the safe zone. Make sure to keep them under full control of a leash. If your pup doesn’t move towards the distraction, praise them and offer a treat.

Days 9 – 14

The training sessions of this phase should be between 10-15 minutes in the beginning and must be gradually increased to over an hour. Your dog is ready for this step only if they clearly avoid the boundary zone regardless of any temptations.

During this time, keep your pet off the leash but don’t leave them unattended. Set your dog’s receiver collar at an appropriate static correction level, and playfully walk around the containment area with them.

Days 15 – 30

At this stage of the training process, your dog is ready to enjoy themselves. Keep a keen eye on your furry buddy when letting them out into the yard, making sure they remain within the containment zone. Remove a boundary flag every four days only if you’re completely secure about the fact that your dog has a clear understanding of its boundaries.

Important Tips to Remember

Here are some helpful tips to ensure the effective electric fence training of your dog:

  • Fence training should be firm, consistent, and fair at the same time. A dog may require at least 14 days of training to get fully accustomed to an electric fence. However, depending on quick of a learner your pet is, training could either take less or more time
  • A dog must be trained for 10 to 15 minutes at a time. Short and frequent sessions are generally preferable over longer sessions. Additionally, it’s best to slow down the training schedules if your beloved pooch displays any signs of stress or distress
  • At the end of every training session, you must ensure that your dog is comfortable near the boundary flags. Spend a few minutes of playtime at the end of every training session within 10 feet of the boundary flags to ease your pup
  • Finish every training session on a positive note with lots of praise and play. Positive reinforcement is very important

Wrapping Up

Training your dog on an electric fence may seem tedious at first, but is, in fact, a very rewarding experience. Just a few days of consistent training will give you a lifetime of relief, knowing that your dog can safely play in your yard without the fear of them getting away.