How to Build a Dog Fence with Wood?

How to Build a Dog Fence with Wood?

If you are wondering how to build a dog fence with wood, you have come to the right place. Find out the answer right now.

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Learning how to build a dog fence with wood can be quite simple and intuitive. While it is more expensive than installing invisible fences, it can still offer security for the dog. You can get a full wooden fence for the yard, but a cheaper option would be to blend in a wire fence with the wooden option.

What Equipment Is Needed?

  1. Horse wires
  2. 4 by 4 inch posts for supports and corners
  3. 2 by 4 brackets
  4. 2 by 4 inches to connect posts and the gate
  5. Wood screws
  6. Drill
  7. Measuring tape
  8. Level
  9. Saw
  10. Lock system and two hinges for the gate

How to Build a Dog Fence with Wood?

Start by measuring the area that needs fencing, which will help you decide how many wooden planks you need.  You should place the 4×4 at the corners spaced 8 feet apart. You should pick out the place where you want the gate to go. Start by placing a string to lay out where you want the fence to be.

To build the gate, you make a simple rectangular design with one cross beam standing solid and two of the smaller ones on the other side. You can use the brackets to hold these pieces in place. Start at one side of the fence where you can start adding the 4×4 at 8 feet distance. Two of the 2x4s will need to go in between the set of 4x4s. Keep on doing this until the entire perimeter is completed.

Once this structure is done, you can add the horse wires to the post to secure it. To add the gate to the perimeter, you need to attach it with the fence using the two hinges you have. Make sure to border each side of the gate with 2x4s.

Wooden Dog Fences vs. Invisible Dog Fences

There are some problems that wooden dog fences can pose. For one, dogs simply love to dig under them or jump over them to get to the other side. They pose a challenge for the dogs who simply love getting into trouble. With invisible dog fences, you can expect the overall cost is lower since wood materials are expensive. They are also way easier to install than wooden dog fences. Since you incorporate training the pup along with the parameter, it can be the best option for dogs.