How to Bring Home a Pet to a House with Kids for the First Time

How to Bring Home a Pet to a House with Kids for the First Time

In this article, we share tips to ensure your home is a stress-free household for yourself, your children, and your pets. Read on to learn more!

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Many people often buy or adopt dogs or cats and shower their new pets with love and attention. If you have children at home, it may be challenging to introduce a pet to your household, especially if they’re still little and aren’t used to being close to animals.

If you’re looking to learn how to train a puppy, you will require more patience, time, and understanding to get your pet to listen and for your child to be on their best behavior. You must pay attention to your pet and child to avoid unwanted incidents.

Since it’s easier to get a human to listen, you’re responsible for teaching your child what they must do when interacting with a puppy or kitten for the first time. Keep reading below for tips to ensure your home is a stress-free household for yourself, your children, and your pets.

Don’t Leave Your Kids and Pets Unattended

When bringing home a dog or cat for the first time, since you still don’t know how they will react to your kids, let alone a new environment, you must be hands-on during the first few weeks. You’re still trying to understand your pet’s behavior and that of your kids, so you should avoid leaving your children alone with your new pet.

The early months for a puppy or a kitten are crucial because it’s when they’re likely to bite and scratch everything they see, possibly even your children when they’re playing. Your pet might act roughly with your child, the same way your kid won’t know how to be gentle.

Give Your Kids and Pets Time to Adjust

After choosing the dog or cat you want, the transition from the adoption center or animal shop to your home will take some time because your pet needs to feel safe and at home in their new environment. If they come home to excited kids, they might feel frightened and stressed.

Similarly, if your children aren’t used to having animals around, they will need time before they become familiar with living with a pet at home. To start, you could tell your kids to leave your pet alone until they come around on their own and get used to their new place.

Allow Your Kids to Assist with Pet Care

Pets require care the same way children do, too. If your kid is interested in helping out, especially if you brought home a high-maintenance dog breed, you could accept your child’s eagerness to look after the puppy. They could be in charge of refilling the dog’s water and food bowl.

It’s a whole new experience watching your pet grow up through the years. Since they’re now a new member of the family, you want the others to be a valuable part of your dog or cat’s life too. Besides that, taking care of a pet teaches your child about responsibility at an early age.

Impose Rules for Your Children and Pets

You and your kids act as the master of your pet. Whether you take home a puppy or a kitten, you must set boundaries and let everyone in the family know where your pet can and can’t go. Whether they’re eating, playing, or sleeping, there are areas in the house that are off-limits.

After all, part of house training a dog is teaching them to listen to you so that you get to reward them with a treat or their favorite toy. Meanwhile, looking after cats can be challenging because they love to climb onto surfaces, counters, and curtains.


Before you bring home a pet to your kids, you must guarantee everyone is prepared for the new addition to the family, including the responsibilities and challenges involved. Remember not to leave your pet with your kids unattended, give everyone time to adjust, allow your children to assist with pet care, and impose rules for everyone, including your pet. Once your pet gets used to their new home, and you learn how to train your dog, it becomes easier for everyone to get along in peace without worrying about accidents.

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