How Much Exercise Do Pitbulls Need?

How Much Exercise Do Pitbulls Need?

Are you wondering how much exercise do Pitbulls need? It’s an important question, as this powerful breed has lots of energy and needs to burn it off in order to be happy and healthy. Read on to find out how much exercise do Pitbulls need and how to make sure your pit bull gets it.

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Do you have a Pitbull as a pet? These canines are strong, affectionate, and devoted friends. A Pitbull may offer a lot of pleasure to its owners, but it also requires a lot of exercise. How much exercise do Pitbulls need? The short answer is between one and two hours each day.

How much depends on a variety of variables, including his age, physical aptitude, and your training objectives. Today, we’ll look at just how much exercise your Pitbull should get and what kind of exercise will they prefer. 

Pitbulls Are Highly Active Dogs

While all dogs need exercise, pitbulls are particularly energetic and strong, requiring greater amounts of daily exercise than other breeds. For smaller pitbull puppies, 30 minutes of playtime several times a day is sufficient. Older adult pitbulls should get an hour or more of vigorous activity every day. This doesn’t mean all out sprinting, but walking, running, jumping and training count as exercise for pitbulls.

How Frequently Should Your Pitbull Be Exercised?

Pitbulls are powerful and athletic canines. You should give your dog some sort of physical activity and mental stimulation every day to keep it happy and healthy.

It is critical that you give your dog the time it needs to exercise and engage in outdoor activities. It’s not enough to just let the Pitbull go outside to the yard and hope that he will exercise on his own. These dogs are very attached to their humans and need to engage in activities with them.

How To Exercise Your Pitbull?

For your Pitbull, there are a variety of activities to select from. You don’t have to travel the same route every day to keep him in shape. Use games, riddles, trick training, and visits to various locations to spice things up. You may exercise your Pitbull both off and on the leash. 

Going for Walks

All dogs like going on walks! They not only provide you with a good workout, but they also give you cerebral stimulation and exposure. During these walks, you should let the Pitbull smell as much as he likes – sniffing is soothing for dogs. It also allows the Pitbull canine to see the environment via various senses.

Some canines of this breed are prone to pulling on the leash. If that’s the case, keep your Pitbull and others safe by using a muzzle.

Daily walks may be taken once or many times. You can’t actually walk your dog too much unless he’s ill or extremely elderly. Every time you walk outdoors, your dog will be ecstatic and will get much-needed stimulation and exercise.

Some owners like to walk their Pitbulls with a collar, while others prefer to walk them on a harness. For excursions in residential areas, a 6-foot leash is ideal. For more distant areas, a long line may be used to truly let your dog roam and explore.

Having Fun in the Yard

If you can’t take your Pitbull for a walk (because of the heat of the pavement during the summer), playing in the yard with him is a wonderful option.

You may play some recalling games with your Pitbull by giving him treats, running away, then calling him excitedly.

Scattering sweets is a wonderful pastime for a more relaxing activity. This is a great method to give your dog his full meal. Rather than using his feeding dish, conceal his kibble in the grass, under rocks, or behind bushes.  To locate his food, the dog must use both his nose and his wits!

Sniffing is a highly soothing and relaxing activity for Pitbull dogs who are prone to nervousness or over-excitement. 


Teaching the Pitbull a couple of additional dog skills indoors is just as exhausting and useful for him as running around outside.

Trick training helps your dog concentrate and bond with you. Dogs must learn how to properly learn too. It may take some time for your dog to master his first five tricks, but once he does, he will only grow quicker and faster.

Create a Workout Routine

Make sure to incorporate both mental and physical stimulation in your Pitbull’s workout. The bulk of the exercise for an elderly dog or a small puppy should be mental rather than physical.

Every day, your Pitbull should spend 1-2 hours with you doing activities. You may change up what you do on certain days: Monday could be a long walk, Tuesday might be trick training and yard smelling activities, and Wednesday might be a park visit.

If your Pitbull is dark-colored, you should take him out during the cooler hours of the day to avoid overheating him.

Remember that Pitbulls are extremely clever dogs that need stimulation and challenge. If you don’t exercise your Pitbull, he’ll be more prone to behavioral difficulties and training challenges.

Final Thoughts

Pitbulls need a lot of activity in order to thrive and stay healthy. Every day, set aside 1-2 hours. Ensure that this time is filled with things that both you and your dog enjoy. It’s not enough to just open the door to the backyard and expect that the dog will keep himself entertained.

The more diverse an exercise program you can design, the healthier your dog should be. He will become more concentrated if he alternates walks, exercise, and mental games.