The Biggest Thing You Need to Know About Exercise for Huskies

The Biggest Thing You Need to Know About Exercise for Huskies

The exercise that your Husky requires will depend on several factors, including age, breed and temperament. Older Huskies often require less exercise than puppies do, but certain breeds like the Alaskan Malamute can become restless if they don’t have enough physical activity each day. In general, though, one of the most important things you can do to maintain your Husky’s health and happiness is to give them the daily exercise they need.

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All dogs require exercise, but some need more than others. This is especially if they are large dogs. Huskies are active high-energy dogs and, therefore, the amount of exercise that they require per day is more than your average dog.

You need to make sure that you get them to exercise just as much as they need so that you can avoid problems later on. A husky that has not exercised as much as needed can cause behavioral problems later on and can be a lot for you to handle. Here is everything you need to know on how much exercise do huskies need, why they need it and what kind of exercise they need.

What Is The Ideal Amount of Exercise For Huskies?

Ideal Amount of Exercise For Huskies

The ideal amount of exercise that a husky should get per day is between one and two hours. If you’re not able to devote at least an hour every day, it may be best not to get a husky as a pet because they require high amounts of physical exertion. That said, if you love your husky and want him around, there are other things that you can do in order to compensate for his activity level. For example, consider getting him a playmate; two active dogs will be happy just playing around all day with each other without requiring any additional exercise from their owners.

What Kind of Exercise Do Huskies Need?

There are three kinds of exercise that you need to provide your husky with on a daily. These are absolutely important for your huskies physical and mental health.

1. Daily walk

The daily walk is important for your husky to release energy that may be pent-up. Keep in mind that a husky can go on walking all day so the duration of the walk is limited by your energy. It should be a minimum of 30-45 minutes daily. You can do it once a day, but twice a day would be better for an adult husky. Daily walks will not only improve your huskies physical health, but they are mentally stimulating, too. They will enable your husky to stimulate its mind with all the sights and sounds around him.

Try to schedule the walks around the same time every day as dogs like routine and this will help them get used to the walks. If you feel that the walks just aren’t doing it, then you may want to add some weight. You can add resistance to the walk by using a weighted vest or dog backpack. Start with a lighter weight and then keep going up. This will surely tire them out if walking isn’t doing it. It will also strengthen their muscles.

2. High-intensity activities

Since these dogs have a lot of stamina, walking may not be enough. You have to indulge them in some high-intensity activities that will activate their muscles and strengthen them, avoiding injuries. High-intensity activities that include strength training are excellent for these dogs. They will enjoy them and be burning energy at the same time.

The flirt pole is one such example. It’s basically a long pole with a toy attached to its end. You have to keep moving the pole around, either in circles or up and down, getting your dog to chase it. This ends up working the entire body and strengthening the muscles. There are many such activities that you can incorporate into your huskies lifestyle on a daily. A simple game of fetch should also do the trick.

3. Mental stimulation

Let’s not forget, huskies are intelligent creatures, so the only exercise that they need isn’t just physical. They will need mental stimulation, too. Providing them with these tools will avoid them from indulging in destructive behaviors and will enable them to use their minds in a positive way. Puzzles are a great example of this. They will challenge their minds in a fun way. There are so many dog puzzles, which you can choose from.

Why is Exercise so Important For huskies?

You might be wondering why exercise is so important for your huskies anyway. Since huskies are high-energy creatures, it is integral for them to channel this energy in a healthy way. If not provided with a healthy outlet, they may start to pent up this energy, which could result in anger and aggression. This could then lead to destructive behaviors, such as digging holes, trying to jump over fences, chewing things that they aren’t supposed to, knocking over furniture or looking for a way to escape. This can even get worse as this may even be directed towards humans and other pets. They could also start to go crazy if they don’t have an outlet, which may cause them to run in circles.

In addition to that, when they exercise they are much calmer and obedient, so they will listen to you a lot more. If they have all that energy inside it can just cause them to be stubborn and aggressive and develop behavioral problems. Exercise is also integral for their health and to avoid them from getting illnesses and diseases. Not getting adequate exercise can also lead to eating disorders in huskies.

How To Keep Up With Exercise Needs?

As cute as overweight dogs may be, you don’t want your dog to be fat. Not only can it cause them a bunch of health problems, but there is also a good chance that they will not live as long as they should because of their size. If you own an overweight dog, try out these tips and exercise techniques on how you can help him lose weight. If he doesn’t lose any weight after 2 weeks of trying them out, contact your vet because there could be some medical problem going on with him.

Final Thoughts

You now know how much exercise huskies need on an everyday basis. That being said, the amount of exercise that your husky needs will still vary from husky to husky. Overall, it isn’t all that much and it’ll be good for both you and your husky in the long run.  A happy and calm husky means a happy and calm you. Give it all the physical and mental stimulation that it needs and watch how it works wonders with your husky. Remember to switch up the activities from time to time so that your husky doesn’t get too bored.