How Does a Wireless Dog Fence Work?

How Does a Wireless Dog Fence Work?

A wireless dog fence is a type of electric pet containment system that will keep your dog’s movements limited within a certain boundary. Read on to find out more about how a wireless dog fence works.

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Are you considering getting a wireless dog fence? Do you already have one? Regardless, you might be wondering how a wireless dog fence works. To get started with this type of pet containment system, here’s all the information you need.

What Is a Wireless Dog Fence?

Invisible dog fences can either be wired or in-ground or wireless. A wired dog fence uses buried underground wires to make a perimeter, while a wireless dog fence uses radio signals to create an invisible barrier to keep your pup safe.

You don’t have to dig holes under your lawn with wireless dog fences or secure them with stakes like with most other pet containment systems. These systems work on radio waves rather than wires. That means that you can use them with any property, even if it already has underground wiring. It’s probably your best bet for containing your pet if you don’t want to dig holes in your yard (or have them dug for you).

How Does a Wireless Dog Fence Work?

As the name suggests, a wireless dog fence comes with a transmitter instead of a wire. This transmitter creates a containment circle: a circular field that your dog must remain within. A wireless dog fence helps you increase or decrease the size of the circular field to contain your dog but it won’t allow you to create a customized area for your pooch.

Wireless dog fences work similar to wired dog fences – a perimeter is established, and your pup is made to wear a wireless electronic collar that senses when they’re closing in on the boundary. The collar issues a warning tone if it detects your dog approaching the edge of the invisible fence. If your pup continues to approach the fence line, the collar delivers a short and safe static correction to encourage your pup to move away.

A static correction has a similar feeling to touching a doorknob or gliding across a carpet on a dry day. Contrary to popular belief, a static correction isn’t harmful at all; it is simply an attention-getting tingle that motivates a pup to remain with the boundary area.

Why Use a Wireless Dog Fence?

You may wonder why to use a wireless dog fence. There are many good reasons for using one over other types of pet containment systems. For example, it has no wires to bury in your yard, which means you won’t have to disturb your lawn while installing it. Wireless fences are also more portable than other systems, making them easier to relocate when you need to take your pet with you on vacation or temporarily board him in someone else’s home. It’s also easy to move around within your yard if needed due to changes in lighting conditions or other environmental factors.

How Much Area Can a Wireless Dog Fence Cover?

Depending on your needs, a wireless dog fence can cover a small or large area. A wireless fence typically covers up to three-quarters of an acre. Some containment systems also allow you to pair several transmitters together to create an overlapping coverage area. When these symptoms are combined, the area they covered resembles a Venn diagram.

Pros & Cons of Using a Wireless Dog Fence



A wireless dog fence is easy to set up and convenient.


Wireless dog fences have no wires to tangle or trip over, are portable, relatively inexpensive, and will keep your pet safe from danger.


Wireless dog fences can be used to train your dog, confine them in your absence, and prevent them from wandering into off-leash parks or busy streets.



Many people who use them also complain about how little warning they receive when their pet gets too close to the boundary line.


If you live in an apartment or condo with shared walls, you may find they’re not as effective as indoor containment systems.

The Bottom Line

A wireless dog fence is an excellent investment to keep your pup from running off. As you shop around, you will be able to find a wireless dog fence system that meets all your requirements.