How Do I Keep the Litter Box from Smelling in My House?

How Do I Keep the Litter Box from Smelling in My House?

Sick of the disgusting litter box odours? Don’t worry! Here are some tips and tricks to prevent the litter box odours from stinking up your entire place!

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Your pet is the most adorable and loving little being in your life. But when they leave the litter box smelling foul, you feel like disowning your pet. If you don’t clean up the litter box immediately, the stinky smell can pervade the entire house, making it endurable for you to stay calm.

But here’s some relief – you don’t need to take any drastic steps to keep the unpleasant smell from your pet’s litter box at bay. All you have to do is follow these simple tips and tricks to prevent the litter box odors from stinking up your entire place!

1.Frequent Cleaning

The number one tip for “how do I keep the litter box from smelling in my house?” is to consider constant cleaning. Whether you like it or not, scooping out the solids and liquids is the best way to keep all the unwanted odors at bay.

Using low-dust litters or clumping pet litters are created to allow urine and feces to be removed easily. However, if you don’t use any of these, invest in a large metal kitchen spoon to clean out the litter box without any hassle.

2.Wash the Litter Box

Scooping should be followed by washing the litter box. If you avoid removing the droppings, it will be difficult to scrub and clean the box. According to experts, if you scoop at least once a day, washing the box will be a carefree chore. Use soft cleaners such as light soap and water to scrub the box. Avoid using harsh chemicals as their use can leave the litter box smelling toxic.

Ideally, you must wash the box weekly, every other week, or once a month – depending on how quickly or slowly the litter box gets dirty.

3.Replace the Litter Box

This is another most important tip to remember if you want your house smelling fresh and clean. Over time, the litter box gets weary from the frequent dumping of the waste. The box also suffers from scratch marks due to the clawing of your pet while dumping their feces. These spots are thriving areas for bacteria to hide out and build-up of bad odors. Consider replacing the litter box once or twice a year – depending on its condition.

When it comes to disposing of your pet’s litter box, avoid donating it because old or used litter boxes are hard to sterilize. Always get a new litter box from a reliable pet store.

4.Use a Litter Deodorizer Spray

This is the quickest way to get rid of unpleasant odors from your pet’s litter box. You can get any high-quality litter deodorizer from a local pet store or try any DIY hack to eliminate the litter smells.

To keep things natural, you can spread some loose green tea leaves into the litter. Doing so will instantly control the stinky smell from spreading into your place. Other than that, you can also use baking soda – an amazing all-natural deodorizer. Add it to your pet’s litter box to absorb the feces and urine odors. Make sure you use qualified baking soda to prevent any harmful side-effects.

5.Keep the Litter Box Ventilated

You may keep the box outside your house, hide it under a table, or place a lid over it to contain the smell. But none of these ideas are great in keeping the odor from scattering into the house. What you should do instead is keep the litter box in areas that are perfectly ventilated.

6.Cleanse the Box with Vinegar

When cleaning the litter box, take things to a notch higher by wiping it down with vinegar.  The aqueous solution is known for having anti-bacterial properties, so it can effectively eliminate harmful pests that may be thriving in the box. Vinegar is also awesome in ensuring the box is super clean and keeping nasty smells at bay.

7.Consider Carbon Charcoal Filters

This comes in handy in removing stubborn odors from your pet’s litter box. The best thing about charcoal filters is that they are eco-friendly since the product is made from a renewable resource.

You can purify the litter box using bamboo charcoal filters. They are safe, organic, and inexpensive!

8.Invest in the Right Type of Litter Box

Pet litter boxes come in many materials, including wood, clay, wheat – to name a few. To know which type will best control the smell, invest in a variety of small litters, and add a cup of ammonia in each box. Let it sit for a while and then smell each litter box. Carrying out this small experiment will help you choose the right litter box to control unpleasant odors.  

When you finally buy a litter box for your pet, make sure it is the right size. Investing in a too-small size will make it hard for your pet to bury its feces and urine properly, resulting in a filthy odor.


If you (or anyone you know) are ever confronted with “how do I keep the litter box from smelling in my house”, try out the tips and tricks mentioned above. Following these methods will take all of the mess (and odors, of course) from the litter box in no time!