How do Electric Dog Fences Work

How do Electric Dog Fences Work

Investing in an electric fence is the best way to give your dog the freedom to play outdoors while ensuring its safety. Read on to find out how dog electric fences work.

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A normal wooden fence cannot always keep your dog inside and threats outside. This is why most dog owners invest in an electric fence; to ensure that their pooch is safe while enjoying themselves outdoors.

The two main types of electric dog fences are: wired (in-ground) fences and wireless fences. They both are pretty similar in nature and have the same objective. The only major difference between the two fences is how their boundary is set. While a wired or in-ground fence creates a perimeter through a wire, a wireless dog fence uses a radio signal to create an invisible boundary.

How Do Electric Dog Fences Work?

A wired fence has two parts: a cable or fence wire and a pet collar with a built-in receiver. A wireless fence, on the other hand, has a transmitter and an electronic pet collar. Both systems use a digital radio frequency to operate and establish a boundary.

How a Wired Electric Fence Works

In a wired fence, the fence wire or cable is buried under the ground to mark the perimeter. The control panel broadcasts a signal that travels along the wire buried underground or mounted on the ground. A signal field is created on either side of the cable to create a boundary. The idea is that when a dog goes too close to the set perimeter, the fence wire will transmit a signal that will cause the collar to deliver a warning signal. If the dog tries to cross the set perimeter, the collar will deliver safe and mild static correction.

How a Wireless Electric Fence Works

A wireless electric fence works very similar to a wired fence, but with the exception of the wire. When setting up a wireless fence, the transmitter is to be installed in a safe place at the center of the containment area to create a circular perimeter. Once the transmitter is in place, the range of the containment area can be adjusted using the electronic dog collar as a guide. A wireless fence also comes with an electric collar that transmits signals every time your dog tries to breach the containment area.

Important Note

Training is an incredibly important part of getting your dog accustomed to an electric fence. Even the best containment systems won’t be able to keep your pooch within the boundary, if your dog isn’t trained. The point of training is to condition your dog to respect the boundaries of the property. So, once your electric fence is up and running, your dog will already know where it should and shouldn’t go.

The Bottom Line

An electric pet fence keeps your dog from stepping out of the safe boundary of your home and getting lost in the outside world. Even if you don’t have the most expensive breed in the world, your pup is a part of the family, and losing it will cause serious heartbreak. An electric dog fence is the best way to provide your pup the freedom to roam and play outdoors.