A Beginner’s Guide to Keeping Your Own Pet Cricket

A Beginner’s Guide to Keeping Your Own Pet Cricket

If you’ve ever considered bringing in nocturnal insects as a pet, read everything you need to know about keeping them as pets in this article.

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In small pet news, the cricket has become the latest little critter becoming all the rage for would-be pet owners. The nocturnal insect is mostly known for that melodious sound it makes at night. We all recognize that sound, and it’s often considered one of the most relaxing sounds, even by scientific standards

If you’ve ever considered bringing in one of these gentle insects as a pet, read everything you need to know about keeping them as pets.

How to Get Your Own Cricket

If you have crickets nearby, it’s usually best to just let them live with their kind in their natural habitat. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to approach them if you really want to take a few home. Crickets are not harmful in any way, though they may tend to display aggression towards each other when being watched! So, keep that in mind when picking your cricket.

The easiest way to avoid cricket fights is simply by going to a pet shop. These crickets won’t bite and will be easy to hold once you get a hold of them. Just take care not to hurt them by getting too excited!

How to Take Care of Your Cricket

Understanding pet behavior is important to keep them happy and comfortable in your environment, even when it comes down to little critters.

First, make sure you have a decent plastic enclosure for them to stay in. Have two tiny containers for food and water, around a bottle cap’s size each. Lay toilet paper down throughout the space and be ready to change it out every three days. Crickets also shed their exoskeletons while they grow.

Only the males chirp, so don’t be worried if some of your crickets are quiet. If you have females, make sure to put them in a little container filled with some sand and damp dirt so they can lay their eggs. Remember that crickets can lay up to ten eggs a day! That may seem like a lot, but their lifespan is only around two months, so you shouldn’t be overwhelmed by their number.

How to Keep Your Cricket Happy and Healthy

Finely cut vegetables mixed with a little meat should do the trick. If you have any dog treats that have a meat mix, you can just use this. You can’t have them purely vegetarian, or they’ll start to cannibalize each other.

For their water container, put a portion of wet tissue to make sure they don’t drown. If it starts browning, just replace it.

Even though they lay eggs in damp soil, crickets actually want a generally dry environment. Keep the temperature balanced, as they’ll suffer under both extreme heat and cold. Warmer temperatures will encourage them to breed. 

Be mindful of chemicals and sprays, too. Insecticide will obviously kill your pet crickets. They also hate the scent of onion, lemon, cinnamon, and peppermint. If you have these in your kitchen, it’s fine. Just keep it away from your pets’ enclosure.

Final Thoughts

Being a pet owner can be a very rewarding experience. You get to learn more about the little critters all around you, and you get a loving companion! Make sure you take care of your pet well, and you’ll even be able to enjoy the myriad health benefits of being a pet owner.

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