Everything You Need To Know About Caring For a Poodle

Everything You Need To Know About Caring For a Poodle

A poodle might only appear to be a super-cute canine with a set of pompoms on its legs but there is so much more to this breed! However, before you head on to a pet shop or dog breeder to bring a poodle home, here are a few things that you need to consider when caring for a poodle.

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A poodle might only appear to be a super-cute canine with a set of pompoms on its legs but there is so much more to this breed!

Did you know that poodles were originally bred as a working dog? Surprising, isn’t it? They are also extremely active and intelligent. While poodle is the national dog of France, it originates from Germany. After making its way through Europe, this sophisticated pooch ended up in the US, where it became one of the most celebrated dog breeds.

As a dog parent, you would be please to know that this dog breed doesn’t shed as much you’d imagine it would, making it a great companion for those with mild allergies. Also, poodles are quite friendly with children and many other pets, including cats. So, if you’re looking for a friendly and intelligent four-legged companion, poodles are a fantastic option!

However, before you head on to a pet shop or dog breeder to bring a poodle home, here are a few things that you need to consider when caring for a poodle.

Pay Attention to Your Poodle’s Diet

The first aspect of caring for a poodle is feeding it a diet that is rich in calcium and protein. You are likely to find countless dry and wet dog food choices available in the market, which makes it difficult to choose the right food for your pooch. However, don’t get too overwhelmed by the diverse range of food options.

When picking food for your poodle, make sure that it contains one or two whole proteins, such as chicken and lamb meal. Avoid choosing foods that contain grains and other fillers. Some poodle owners also choose to cook for their pets to ensure that they get chemical and additive-free foods. In such cases, there are many homemade dog foodrecipes available online, but you need to make sure that you always add three main ingredients: meat, veggies, and any filler carbohydrate like rice, to your pet’s food.

Also, make sure to give your poodle food according to its size to avoid weight-related issues in the future. The best solution is to consult a vet regarding your poodle’s portion size.

Provide Your Poodle with a Fresh Supply of Clean Water

Keep your dog hydrated to ensure its good health. Water is essential for the effective function of your pup’s organs and body, including temperature maintenance, joint cushioning, and digestive. Even though providing your dog with food can help meet somewhat of its daily hydration needs, you should still give it with a fresh bowl of clean water at all times.

Keep Your Pooch Regularly Groomed

You might have seen poodles with a wacky and poofy grooming style. Well, this isn’t just another look for your pet. The pompadour style that most poodles have is a necessity rather than a decorative feature. Since poodles are a hunting breed that would fetch ducks from the water, hunters would give them this coat style to avoid waterlogging and to keep their joints and cardiovascular system warm in low temperatures.

While you don’t necessarily need to mimic this style, it can be a great option to do so. You will also have to follow a very strict regimen to keep your poodle’s coat from matting. So, you should not only brush your poodle’s fur on a weekly basis, but you should also get it professionally groomed every 6 to 8 weeks.

Brush Your Poodle’s Teeth

Brushing your poodle’s teeth daily is important to maintain its dental health. Always use a canine toothpaste and toothbrush to brush your poodle’s teeth and make sure to form their habit of daily brushing since a young age. In case you have an adult poodle that hasn’t receive any proper dental care before, get its professional cleaning done before starting your daily routine. A good dental regime is especially vital for miniature and toy poodles as they are more likely to have issues with receding gums.

Walk Your Dog Few Times a Day

Poodles typically don’t require as much physical activity as some other energetic dog breeds. However, this doesn’t mean that you let your poodle have a sedentary lifestyle. Make sure to walk your pooch at least twice a day for around 20 minutes per walk. This is especially crucial for standard poodles since they are the largest and most active of all the poodles. While miniature and toy poodles generally need less physical activity, you should still make them exercise for a healthy body and system.

Your backyard can be a great place to let your poodle run and play around. However, remember that poodles are extremely intelligent and crafty dogs. So, you need to ensure that your yard is well-equipped with tall fences, and that you don’t let your dog out without supervision.

Get it Spayed or Neutered

Unless you have the necessary space and supplies to breed your poodle responsibly, your canine should be spayed or neutered. Female poodles are typically spayed for population control and prevention of health problems. While it isn’t necessary to neuter male poodles, you should discuss the benefits and drawbacks of doing so with your vet.

Vaccinate Your Poodle

You want to ensure that your poodle receives all necessary vaccinations, including rabies, parvovirus, adenovirus, and distemper at the very least. You can also get other preventative shots such as flu shots to prevent your poodle from catching any infections.

Be Proactive about Your Pup’s Health

In addition to getting vaccines, you need to be proactive about your pup’s health by taking it for yearly checkups and blood tests. These tests can help tell if your poodle is developing any infections or diseases. Early detection can help you take preventions, especially when it comes to serious diseases.

Give Your Poodle Love and Attention

A major aspect of caring for a poodle is showering it with love and affection. Poodles are quite a loving and giving dog breed; they prefer spending all their time with you and can’t tolerate solitude very well. So, make sure to include your pet in any activities, take it out for a drive, or at the very least, give it a toy to keep it distracted.

All in all, adopting a poodle is like having a best friend! While this breed isn’t that high maintenance, it does have certain needs that should be met. Hopefully these tips will help you care for your poodle and make it a part of your family!