5 Basic Dog Tricks Dog Owners Should Teach Puppies Today

5 Basic Dog Tricks Dog Owners Should Teach Puppies Today

There are many great dog training tips, and it’s almost impossible to choose which tricks to teach dogs today. Keep reading to learn more!

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Dog training is an essential part of raising a puppy. Through it, dogs can learn various commands, manage their behavior, and know how to react to specific stimuli. There are many great dog training tips, and it’s almost impossible to choose which tricks to teach dogs today. However, sticking to the basic commands should establish further training. But which basic dog tricks should dog owners teach their puppies?

1. Sit

The first dog trick that you should teach your puppy is how to sit. Asking your puppy to sit is a vital dog training tip because it establishes mutual respect between you and your dog. This command shows that you’re the leader and have control over your dog.

Sit is a fundamental dog trick taught in a couple of days. It’s also one of the most useful commands that teach your dog to obey your commands. In addition, it helps with disciplining your dog and making it sit wherever it wants to.

2. Down

The down command is another vital dog training tip. As it becomes helpful to ask your dog to lie down, it’s important to teach it to your puppy as soon as possible. You should use this command only in situations when it’s safe for your dog to lie down. The down order can also equate to the stay command, where you ask your dog to stay in one place. Therefore, it should be combined with staying at home and heels when you’re going out.

3. Come

In addition to teaching your puppy how to sit, down, and stay, you should also teach it to come when you call it. A dog coming to you is an essential training tip because it shows that your dog is well-trained and familiar with your commands. The command becomes more valuable when there is a distance between you and the dog. However, remember that the come command is used to ask your dog when it’s away from you but not running away.

4. Heel

The heel is a vital dog training tip that helps maintain control over your dog. After all, you can’t ask your dog to sit down, come, or stay if it goes away from your side. So, it’s crucial to take your dog’s leash and teach it how to walk next to you. The heel command is helpful for walking, training, and tracking.

5. Place

The last fundamental dog trick that a puppy should learn is the place command. It’s another useful command to establish control over your dog. Asking your dog to the site means lying, sitting, or down on a specific spot. The order should show that you want your dog to remain in one place, and used to train dogs and ask them to stay in one place when you need to get something.


Teaching these basic dog tricks to your puppy will surely help you prepare more advanced commands. But for your puppy to learn these commands, it’s necessary to be patient. Don’t try to teach your puppy everything at once, as it could make your puppy feel guilty and confused. Continue to practice these dog training tricks, and you’ll be surprised with the results in a week or two.
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