Does Coconut Oil for Dogs Help Reduce Shedding?

Does Coconut Oil for Dogs Help Reduce Shedding?

With pets, one huge problem is shedding. There are a lot of people who suggest coconut oil for dogs to help with shedding. But does it really help? Find out now.

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We can bet you have heard some pet owners recommend using coconut oil for dogs to help with any excessive shedding. But is it really how it works, or are you slipping into another myth? Let’s take a closer look at using coconut oil for dog shedding.

Does It Help?

The simple answer is that it does!

Coconut oil is an effective method to reduce shedding in dogs as well as natural and safe to use. Shedding hair in dogs occurs when the skin is irritated or dry. This leads to all the tufts of fur you find around the house. The skin could be this way because of poor diet, over bathing, or even a symptom of allergic reactions. The excessive shedding will occur when the skin is super dry, especially since it will lead to increasing scratching. This can even result in bald patches.

But coconut oil can save you with this! The coconut oil helps dogs have moisturized, rich, healthy coats and skin. It contains a high content of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) that help with this. MCTs are healthy fats that provide a variety of benefits for dogs. Other than resulting in a great coat of fur, it can also help reduce common flea allergic symptoms. Coconut oil for dogs is a good idea because it helps with inflammation, dermatitis, skin conditions, and wound healing too. It also promotes a healthier digestive and thyroid system as well as reduced odors.

Which Coconut Oil Types Should Dog Owners Use?

The best coconut oil for dogs to use is virgin coconut oil. It has a high content of MCTs, nutrients, and minerals, which makes it better quality than most. The main factor that is different between virgin and regular coconut oil is the source and extraction process. The virgin kind is extracted through the fresh coconut milk. It doesn’t get any exposure to heat or sunlight. But this does mean that it is more expensive since it does have higher quality. However, it does provide numerous advantages in terms of the overall wellbeing and health of dogs, which can make it worth it.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Dog’s Shedding Hair?

You should use coconut oil for dogs on the coat topically or even orally. Below, we have outlined both these methods, so you can use whatever is easier for you.

1. Incorporating Coconut Oil with the Dog’s Food

Giving coconut oil to your dog orally will bring out the most benefits. It is great for the dog’s body as well as their coat and skin. The best part is that most dogs really enjoy coconut oil!

You can start with giving your dog a half teaspoon of coconut oil daily –the virgin kind. You can also add it directly to their food. We recommend using small amounts at first since you don’t want to disturb the digestive system of the dog. If you suddenly give your dog excessive amounts of coconut oil, it may cause them to get diarrhea. So, you should always start with a smaller dose and see how the dog is reacting to it before you make any changes.

If everything is going well, you can increase the dose over time. A medium-sized dog can benefit from a tablespoon of coconut oil each day. As a rule, though, it is a good idea to keep a close eye on the situation at all times. For example, you should consult with your vet and check the stool of the dog.

It is also important to remember that coconut oil has a high fat content – 90% of it is saturated fat. While it is healthy fat, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t high in calories. If you continue to feed the dog a lot of coconut oil, it will result in them gaining too much weight. You should make sure it is getting a balanced, healthy diet as well as regular exercise to ensure that the dog doesn’t gain too much weight.

2. Applying Coconut Oil to The Dog Coat

The applying method is quite effective and simple as well. All pet owners need to do is to spread the coconut oil onto the coat and massage it well into the skin. You should leave the oil in to soak for around 5 to 10 minutes before you rinse the excess oil lightly with water. Lastly, dry your beloved dog off with a towel gently.

To get the best results, you should repeat this weekly or once a fortnight. We should mention that you don’t need to bathe or wash the dog every time you apply coconut oil because over bathing also leads to dry skin. This is true, especially if you are using low-quality shampoos. The chemicals in such shampoos are known to cause dry skin and nasty irritations. You should make sure to have a proper bathing routine that will result in a healthy coat.

In Conclusion

The bottom line is that using coconut oil for dogs to reduce shedding is an effective method. It also has added benefits of a healthier coat and skin. It also helps with a lot of skin conditions and irritations. This is what you want when you are looking for a solution to excessive shedding. Since there are amazing benefits to using coconut for dogs, including better wellbeing and health, why not give it a try? Make sure to get a jar of virgin coconut oil the next time you are out shopping, and it will surely change a lot of things for your dog!