Do Electric Dog Fences Work in Snow?

Do Electric Dog Fences Work in Snow?

If you are wondering whether electric dog fences work in snow, we have the answers for you!

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You have to be mindful of how different weather conditions can impact your electric dog fence. If you are wondering whether electric dog fences work in snow, you have come to the right place. The simple answer is that yes, it does work!

The electric invisible dog fence will continue to work even with snow as long as it is connected to the unit for power. There are some things you should still know about to make sure that the fence is operating in the right way.

Firstly, you need to check what the signal field for the transmitter of the dog fence is set at. For example, if your signal field is set to 3 to 4 feet and the snow drifts are around that or more, it will mean that the range of the field is half the distance it usually reaches. If your dog is prone to testing out the fence system regularly, your dog will be able to run through it easily, especially if it jumps.

This is why it is vital that dog owners work to make sure that they train their dogs not to test the fence at all. Proper training can ensure that it stays within the necessary limits. If the dog tests out the system and it doesn’t correct it or beep, he will be able to run out of the garden.

Dogs will also try to run through the fence if it ends up snowing. Dogs learn through scenarios and environments, so any changes can make it possible for dogs to go back to their basic instincts or nature. It is entirely possible that they will attempt to run through the fence when it snows because of the change in the environment.

Dogs also learn to set their boundaries based on a sense of smell. The dog training you do initially for the electric dog fence helps them to lay out their scene tracks. This is what helps them to establish the boundary. When it snows even of a few inches, it can mean that their scent track is covered up or lost.

For most dogs, what could work is taking your time to show the dog fence boundary again with the snow a few times. This can help re-train them for the snow environment.

It is important to get an invisible dog fence installed by professionals. You should look into how to adjust the field range of your fence too when it starts to snow since it can be so important. Make sure to take the time to properly train your dog with regards to the fence so that they learn to respect the boundaries.