The 5 Best Cat Toothpastes in 2021

The 5 Best Cat Toothpastes in 2021

The best cat toothpaste can help prevent serious dental diseases among cats. Here is everything you need to know about taking care of your cat’s oral hygiene.

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By the time cats reach the age of three, most cats have gingivitis and periodontal diseases that pet owners may not even know about. You need to be using the best cat toothpaste to make sure that you can eliminate the risk of serious dental diseases. Wild cats can remove the plaque and tartar buildup by chewing on bones and grass, but domestic cats can often miss out on such foods. This is why pet owners need to compensate by making sure they brush the teeth of the cat and remove all the tartar and plaque buildup.

The best cat toothpaste will have natural ingredients and make it really convenient for the owners to use it daily. No cat will absolutely adore having to sit down every day to get their teeth brushed unless the toothpaste tastes good and the process isn’t terrible for them. Since there are hundreds of cat toothpaste products, it can be hard for pet owners to narrow down the best ones.

This is why we have compiled an easy guide for pet owners that includes our best recommendations, a buying guide, and FAQs to help you make the best decision possible for your cat.  

1. The 5 Best Cat Toothpastes in 2021

The best cat toothpaste can help you maintain a long-term prevention and maintenance regimen for your cats. Using the 5 toothpastes below will maintain better oral health for your beloved pets.

1.1 The Petrodex Dental Kit for Cats with Malt Flavor Toothpaste Review

The Petrodex Dental Kit is the best choice for cat owners who are looking for a full dental package. It is safe, efficient, and affordable, and includes a finger toothbrush, toothbrush, and cat malt toothpaste. The finger toothbrush can be used for kittens while the bigger one is for adult cats. For adult cats that get too annoyed by full-sized brushes, the finger cats can be easier to use too.

The malt flavor is quite palatable to cats, so they absolutely love the taste. One of the main ingredients is an enzyme that produces hydrogen peroxide. This can prevent or reduce tartar and plaque. The Sentry Petrodex toothpaste doesn’t have any foaming agents or harmful ingredients, so you can rest assured that it is safe for cats to swallow. This means that you don’t need to rinse after brushing your cat. While it does clean the teeth, the best part is that it keeps the cat’s gum healthy as well as freshens their breath.  

The toothpaste is known to be very easy to use as well. All you need is to give the toothpaste tube a squeeze and get a little bit onto your finger or the toothbrush. Gently rub the paste onto the teeth and brush as needed. While we recommend doing it daily, even 2-3 times a week can be a good idea. It can result in a significant change after just a couple of uses.

The three main functions of the Toothpaste:

  • Inhibits Odors: The toothpaste prevents germs that cause odors from growing in the mouth. This keeps the plaque buildup under control since the patented enzymes spread throughout the mouth.
  • Eliminates Dry Mouth: With age or with certain medications, cats can experience dry mouth. Dry mouth can cause bad bacteria, germs, and fungi to grow in the mouth at a rapid pace. The enzyme systems in the toothpaste are designed to reduce harmful germs and plaque. It replenishes the saliva in the mouth as a natural defense against bad breath.
  • Can Be Used for All Ages: The toothpaste can be used for cats of all ages and sizes. It is especially great for aging pets that don’t like toothbrushes but need proper dental care. Cats that don’t have enough water can also benefit from the toothpaste.

The toothpaste doesn’t contain any foaming agents, which is great for cats. The toothbrushes have ultra-soft and gentle bristles so that the cats don’t find the process too unpleasant. The finger toothbrush is an especially great tool since it allows you to remove the food debris and plaque simply by massaging the gums.

Pros of the Petrodex Dental Kit

  • Reduce and prevents plaque and tartar buildup
  • Improves good gum health
  • Fresh breath
  • Safe for cats to swallow
  • Palatable malt flavor  
  • Comes with a toothbrush, finger toothbrush, and toothpaste

Cons of the Petrodex Dental Kit

  • Not suitable for pet owners looking for non-enzymatic options

You can check out our full review of the Petrodex Dental Kit for more details.

1.2 Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste

The Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste can be used for both cats and dogs. It helps to keep the gums healthy and teeth clean for your pets. The toothpaste helps by reducing the risk of periodontal diseases by a significant margin.

Periodontal diseases affect around 85% of cats and lead to teeth loss, bad breath, and toothaches. If you don’t properly clean the teeth and gums of your cat, it can often lead to chronic infections that also spread harmful bacteria and germs to other body parts like the kidney, liver, heart, and lungs. The cat toothpaste can help prevent such diseases if you use it daily to maintain good oral hygiene.

The toothpaste is the perfect product for pet owners who are worried that their pets may get undetectable dental issues. Since vet visits are often so far apart, you should take a risk at all when it comes to your pets. The flavor of the toothpaste is also quite palatable to cats. This ensures that cats actually don’t mind getting their teeth cleaned as much as you would have thought.

The CET Enzymatic Toothpaste ensures that your pet can stay in the best oral health possible. For home dental care routines, the toothpaste presents a safe, appealing, and efficient formula that you can use on your cat daily without worry. It can be swallowed by the cat, so you don’t need to worry about rinsing it out. This makes the process easier and convenient for both the pet owner and the kitty.

The CET toothbrushes have soft bristles that are gentle on the sensitive gums of the cat. It also easily reaches across every surface of the teeth for maximum cleaning.

The toothpaste is made with a dual blend of enzyme systems that provide an antiseptic and mechanical action that activates the production of saliva as well. This prohibits the production of tartar-causing bacteria in the cat’s mouth. The patented enzyme system is made with lactoperoxidase, glucose oxidase, poultry taste agents, potassium thiocyanate, and mild abrasives.

The toothpaste is available in different flavors, so you can get the one your cat likes the best. They include:

  • Beef
  • Malt
  • Poultry
  • Vanilla-Mint
  • Seafood

Pros of Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste

  • The formula is specially created to be used for dogs and cats
  • Perfect for pets who have a rapid formation of plaque
  • The enzyme system is strong and more abrasive than traditional kinds of toothpaste to ensure that all plaque is removed
  • Doesn’t have any foaming agents, making it safer for pets to swallow too
  • Clinically proven formula that loosens tartar and reduces plaque for a cleaner mouth
  • No foaming agents in the formula make it safe to swallow
  • Freshens breath, reduces plaque, and offers high dental hygiene
  • Comes in many flavors

Cons of Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste

  • Some reviewers complained that toothpaste arrived with mold buildup

You can check out our full review on the Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste for more details.

1.3 The Pet King Brands Oratene Brushless Toothpaste Gel for Cats and Dogs

Cats don’t really love sitting around and having their owners take the bristles to their teeth. This is why the Oratene Brushless Toothpaste Gel is one of the best cat toothpaste because you simply don’t need to rinse or brush it.

The toothpaste is designed to eliminate any risk of bad breath, plaque, and gum diseases for the cat. Since it is so easy to administer also, you will end up thanking us. It works well for kittens, cats, dogs, and puppies.

The easy-to-use toothpaste gel contains no harmful ingredients like alcohol, detergent, or xylitol. The ingredient list only has non-irritating and non-drying ingredients that are gentle for cats. The formula has two enzyme systems that are optimized for breaking down any build-up of plaque and remove germs that cause odors.

It is simple to use: just apply a little bit of gel directly to the gums with a finger or toothbrush. That’s pretty much it. Here are some benefits to using the toothpaste:

  • No rinsing
  • No brushing
  • Use of ingredients that are 100% safe
  • No alcohol or xylitol
  • Non-drying
  • Doesn’t result in excess salivation

The two main enzyme systems used in the toothpaste are LP3 and MD2. These systems were based on the advanced technology being used for enzyme production for the past 40 years in order to make sure that the oral health of your cats is optimum. The MD2 enzyme system is made up of Mutanase and Dextranase. The enzyme proteins are designed to keep the pH level in the mouth at suitable levels. Germs, plaque, and other harmful substances that change the pH level according to their needs are unable to survive at a stable pH level.

The LP3 enzyme system contains the lysozyme, lactoferrin, and lactoperoxidase. It brings anti-inflammatory results since it offers a natural way for pets to stay orally healthy. You don’t have to worry about your pet facing any side effects since healthy ingredients are used. Prolonged and regular use of toothpaste ensures that you can avoid oral diseases for your cats.

Vegetarians also recommend using Oratene toothpastes since there aren’t any harsh chemicals or antibiotics in the formula. Oratene is known to successfully help with pet medical conditions for oral, skin, and ear conditions for 20 years. Hence, they are a trusted manufacturer.

 Pros of Oratene Brushless Toothpaste Gel

  • Doesn’t contain harmful substances like alcohol, xylitol, or detergent
  • Formula is completely natural, made with effective enzyme systems that can improve oral health
  • Is quite easy to use without the need for brushes or rinsing
  • Perfect for cats of all ages
  • Can be used for dogs too

Cons of Oratene Brushless Toothpaste Gel

  • It contains sorbitol that may not be suitable for every cat

You can check out our full review on the Oratene Brushless Toothpaste Gel for more details.

1.4 Arm and Hammer Fresh Breath Dental Kit

The Arm and Hammer Dental Kit is a great oral solution for kittens and adult cats. The toothpaste is made with baking soda as the primary ingredient. It eliminates any harmful bacteria that are causing the odors and stink coming from your cat’s breath.

The toothpaste is made with natural ingredients that are suitable for younger and adult cats. There is nothing in the formula that can harm the sensitive areas of the gums or the teeth. Don’t worry; the natural ingredients are also known to have high effectiveness that stays gentle for the cat too. The natural herbs in the formula are designed to soothe inflammation and gum sensitivity.

The toothpaste has enzymes in the formula, known to taste like tuna. Since the taste is simply irresistible to cats, they don’t have much trouble getting their teeth brushed. It also leaves behind a minty scent on their breath that freshens up their mouth.

The two most common dental conditions that cats face include gingivitis and periodontal diseases. If you regularly use the Arm and Harmer dental kit, it will make sure that your cat doesn’t face any of these dental issues in the future.

Some ingredients in the formula include polysorbate 20, zinc gluconate, cellulose gum, and sodium carbonate. It also has titanium dioxide, sorbitol, hydrated saliva, and lysozyme. All of these make up a highly effective formula that can protect gum health and keep your cat’s teeth clean.

It is one of the best cat toothpastes because the dental kit is also quite easy to use. All you need to do is to apply a little bit of the toothpaste onto your finger before applying it to the gums and teeth of your cat. Then you brush its teeth with the toothbrush that comes in the kit. You will start to notice a significant difference after just one use. Regular use can help you maintain good oral hygiene for your cat. The plaque and tartar accumulate again after a few hours, so daily brushing is important to combat oral problems.

Arm and Hammer is a trusted manufacturer as veterinarians have been recommending their products for almost two centuries. The all-natural formula also ensures its safety since there are no side effects. It doesn’t have any chemicals or antibiotics and is often used by vets to treat dental issues.

 Pros of Arm and Hammer Fresh Breath Dental Kit

  • Includes bacteria-killing substances
  • Packed with enzymes that taste like tuna, which is great for cats
  • Reduces gingivitis and periodontal diseases
  • Made with natural ingredients that are suitable for cats of all ages
  • Comes with a toothbrush

Cons of Arm and Hammer Fresh Breath Dental Kit

  • Sorbitol may not be suitable for all cats
  • Some cats don’t like the smell of the minty toothpaste

You can check out our full review on the Arm and Hammer Fresh Breath Dental Kit for more details.

1.5 Vet’s Best Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste

The Vet’s Best Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste can also be used for cats since they are basically interchangeable. It will keep the oral and dental health of your cat at optimum levels. It can keep any diseases and problems away from your pet in the long term. The toothpaste is definitely something that you should keep around.

The toothpaste was designed with the consultancy of expert veterinarians. It has a cooling and extremely soothing effect on the mouths and teeth of pets. It can help get rid of the plaque and tartar in the mouth as well as eliminate any signs of bad breath. It is a helpful product for halitosis, so you can expect better, fresher breath.

One of the main ingredients that are used in the making of the Vet’s Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste is Aloe Vera. This is a highly effective ingredient in reducing or controlling bacteria that often create cavities’ in the teeth. Gels that that Aloe Vera in them can help by getting rid of the dangerous microorganisms that persist due to anthraquinones. These are known for containing vital anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the risk of gingivitis and periodontal diseases.

The toothpaste also has baking soda that is known for its whitening properly. There isn’t a lot of baking soda in the product, so you don’t need to worry. It acts like a gentle abrasive ingredient that can scrub away any stains on the surface of the teeth. Using it regularly also stabilizes the pH level of the mouth by making it more alkaline. This kills the bad bacteria that need more acidic environments to survive.

An extract taken from papaya called papain also has healing properties. It can target the bacteria and stains that tend to accumulate onto the teeth’s film. Papain is a non-acidic ingredient that eliminates the bad bacteria while staying gentle on the enamel of the teeth. The formula also has a grapefruit seed extract that can strengthen the dentin of the cats. This is the tissue that lies under the enamel of the pet’s tooth.

It also has glycerin in the formula that has a pet-friendly flavor. It can also maintain the creamy texture and moisture of the toothpaste. Glycerin is non-toxic and has FDA approval for use in oral and dental products.

The toothpaste is fully manufactured in America, which means it also adheres to the highest quality standards, making it one of the best cat toothpastes around. The formula is developed by qualified veterinarians which makes it safe to use for pets. It also has a high efficacy rate for this very reason, leading to great results for oral and dental health.

Pros of the Vet’s Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste

  • Has a soothing effect
  • Breaks down plaque and tartar in the mouth
  • Can improve bad breath
  • Has natural flavors
  • Quite easy to use
  • Maintain healthy pH levels in the mouth

Cons of the Vet’s Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste

  • Neem oil might not be suitable for some pets

You can check out our full review on the Vet’s Best Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste for more details.

2.The Pitfalls of Untreated Cat Tooth Problems

Cats have a really high risk for gums and teeth that pet owners often don’t realize. A lot of studies show that 50% to 90% of cats that are over the age of four years of age usually have dental diseases. Even though these diseases are so prevalent, it gets worse when you realize that most of the medical conditions are preventable. There are plenty of oral conditions that can be regulated with proper dental monitoring and care using the best cat toothpastes.

The most common oral diseases include periodontitis, tooth resorption, and periodontitis. The severity of all the medical conditions can vary but all of them can result in a lot of discomfort and serious pain. It can really impact the quality of life of cats since they may stop drinking and eating properly.

Gingivitis is a common condition that can cause the gums to become red, painful, and swollen when they become inflamed. The inflammation can start when the plaque builds up around the teeth since they can harbor bad bacteria. Cats that have good oral health will only have good bacteria that will stop any plaque from damaging the teeth too much.

If you don’t remove the plaque regularly, it can begin to harden and go deeper into the gums. When the plaque touches the base of the teeth where the gum meets the tooth, it can lead to inflammation. The inflamed gums are called gingivitis, which causes healthy, normal bacteria to turn into bacteria species that cause diseases.

The plaque can harden since it continues to absorb the minerals from the food, saliva, and gingiva. When it hardens, it can turn into tartar or calculus. This hardened surface is the perfect area for bad bacteria to attach to. The layer of bad bacteria adhered to the plaque can produce substances that damage the teeth and gum cells. They attack the connective tissue which activates the immune system, causing the gums to become painful and inflamed.

Gingivitis can also result in other infectious diseases that you want to avoid. Some diseases that have been linked to Gingivitis include feline calicivirus, autoimmune disease, feline immunodeficiency virus, severe kidney disease, diabetes mellitus, and feline leukemia virus. It can bring sores and inflammation that cause a lot of pain and discomfort for cats.

When gingivitis progresses into periodontitis, it is extremely hard to reverse it. The tissues attached to the tooth can become weakened as the bad bacteria release damaging substances. The inflammation triggered by the immune system doesn’t help either. The tissues and the structures attaching the teeth to the gums can become destroyed, resulting in tooth loss and loosened teeth.

3. How to Buy the Best Cat Toothpaste?

We have developed a quick and easy guide for buying the best cat toothpaste.

3.1 Tips to Cat Dental Products

There are some factors that dictate which cat toothpaste you should be buying. This can include how cats enjoy the product, its ease of use, the ingredients, and its efficacy. We also look into whether the products have accreditation that can confirm the efficacy of how well they can control tartar and plaque. We also tested the products listed above according to the factors below.

3.1.1 Do Cats Approve It?

The toothpaste should have a palatable taste so that cats don’t end up hating it entirely. You should look for flavors that you think cats would like such as malt or tuna. The scent can also play a huge role in cats liking certain products or not. There are some toothpastes that may smell great to you but may not really be good enough for our spoilt kitties.

3.1.2 Is It Easy to Use?

The product, especially when it comes to cats, should definitely be easy to use. When you are looking at toothbrushes, you have to make sure that it is easy to maneuver around the teeth of the cat. The bristles also have to be soft enough so that they don’t damage the inflamed gums or sensitive tissue. The gels and toothpaste need to have some water content and sticks better to the tissue. You should be checking if you need to rinse after using the toothpaste too since that can be difficult to do for kitties that hate water. If you are going for dental treats, make sure that you take into account their texture, shape, and size.

3.1.3 What Is the Efficacy of All Products Used?

You should definitely be looking into all the ingredients of every cat dental product you used. The ingredients should be natural so that they don’t have any side effects on the cat. They should be beneficial for the oral region of the kitty. None of the ingredients can be harmful to the cats, so no harmful chemicals, alcohol, detergent, xylitol, or substances can be used. Make sure no ingredients are used that your cat is allergic to.

3.1.4 Does It Have an Accreditation?  

It is important to make sure that the products you are using have accreditation from a reliable organization to reassure you that it is indeed the best cat toothpaste. For example, the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) offers a seal of acceptance for pet products that can ensure the high efficacy of the products. They have a high standard that every product needs to meet. However, if the dental product doesn’t necessarily have the acceptance seal, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a fully efficacious product. The VOHC seal of acceptance is a voluntary process, so it doesn’t mean that every product will have. There are other organizations that you can look into as well.

3.2. Is Toothpaste Necessary for My Cat?

It is definitely necessary to make sure that you have a proper dental routine in place for your cats. As we have discussed before, most of the common diseases that affect cats are indeed preventable. If the plaque builds on their teeth and gums, it can affect how they eat and drink too. It can really impact their quality of life, which is why you need to make sure to use toothpaste every day for your cats.

3.3 Different Kinds of Dental Products

There are several types of dental products that can be used for your cats. Here are some types of common oral hygiene products and how you can use them:

3.3.1 Gel or Toothpaste

Gel and toothpaste are really important dental products that you could have in your oral health products. You should be using it daily to spread it onto the gums and teeth of your cats. There are different varieties where you can apply it directly with your finger or with a brush. You should be using them every day to prevent any biofilm buildup of plaque. It can prevent periodontal diseases.

3.3.2 Water Additives

There are solutions that are highly concentrated called water additives that contain ingredients that can fight plaque for cats. When you dilute the water additives in water, the end formula can help minimize bad bacteria whenever your cat takes a sip from their water bowl. You can use it to top your food too. These products are perfect for cats who drink water regularly and hate getting their toothbrush.

3.3.3 Dental Rinses and Sprays

There are many different types of dental sprays that are available, which you can use. They may not have a huge level of efficacy though. They may also not be that easy to use on some cats who don’t like sprays or rinses. You should make sure to try them out before buying some in bulk.

3.3.4 Dental Wipes

There are plenty of high-quality dental wipes that are quite effective at ensuring the oral health of cats. There are cat-safe wipes that are perfect for people who don’t want enzymatic toothpastes or gels.

3.3.5 Dental Toys

While there are some dental toys available for cats, we don’t really recommend using them. Cats don’t really chew on toys a lot since their canine or back row teeth are often just for playing or hunting. Cats may only use their toys with their front teeth while most common dental problems persist at the back of the mouth.

3.3.6 Dental Treats

Dental treats can be quite great for cats since they love chewing on them. They can maintain oral health for the cats by dislodging the plaque and tartar. They are even sometimes more effective than using a water additive daily too. Some of them can be quite yummy too, which helps when trying to get cats to try them out.

3.3.7 Dental Diets

There is also some great cat kibble formulated by vets that can target the bad bacteria in the oral region. The diet can help clean the surface of your own teeth as they dig into the food.

3.4 How to Brush Your Cat’s Teeth?

It is important to regularly brush the teeth of your cat. The first thing you need to make sure you do is to make them comfortable and relaxed. We recommend sitting down next to your pet and stroking their face, cheeks, and all the areas around the mouth. Cats do enjoy being rubbed on their faces, so you shouldn’t have any issues.

The second thing to do is to get some tuna water or chicken broth that doesn’t have a lot of sodium; the broth shouldn’t have any garlic or onions either. Dip your index finger into the liquid and let them have a bit of a lick directly from the finger. Then gently rub the finger onto the gums of your cat. This will help them become more used to the process of having you rub your finger on the gums, making them more open to toothpaste.

Now, you should take a bit of the cat toothpaste on your finger that they can lick it off from the finger. Most toothpastes come in palatable flavors that most cats would like, so you shouldn’t have any issues. Rub the paste gently onto the gums of the cat. If it is the brush kind of toothpaste, put some on the brush and gently start to brush the teeth of the cat. You may have to lift their front lips too since they have tiny front teeth there too. If the cat is looking extremely uncomfortable, you should continue brushing the teeth of the cat. If they seem uncomfortable to you, just brush a few teeth at one time. You can take breaks for fluffy cuddles until they start to feel comfortable as well.

3.5 Cat Toothpaste: Does It Work Without Brushing It?

Yes, it does! There are plenty of toothpaste gels that are designed to work without brushing. The enzymes in the paste can loosen the plaque and tartar without any need for direct brushing. The enzymes and other ingredients break down the plaque so that it doesn’t damage the teeth as much. When the plaque is removed, it prevents bad bacteria from collecting along the gums and the teeth.

Cat toothpaste manufacturers realize that no cat really wants to sit down and get its teeth brushed. This is why getting the brushless toothpaste gel can be a great idea to execute an easy oral regimen.

3.6 Can Brushing Teeth Harm Your Kitten?

It depends on the age of your kitten. When they are 3 weeks old, the kitten has milk teeth or baby teeth that will become more functional when kittens begin to eat solid foods, fight/play with their siblings, and learn about hunting and catching prey. As the kitten is growing, their jaw also starts growing in size, requiring larger and stronger teeth. Hence, the baby teeth will be replaced by permanent ones that result in teeth loss. While they still have their baby teeth, it is important for cat owners to avoid brushing their teeth at all.

However, once their adult teeth kick in, you should make sure to bring them on the oral health regimen. You should start brushing their teeth from a young age since it can prevent oral diseases in adulthood.

4. FAQs About Best Cat Toothpaste

Q1 How Often Should You Brush a Cat’s Teeth?

Plaque can form back in a few hours even after removal. If left alone, it hardens into tartar and begins to damage the teeth. this is why it is vital for cat owners to remove the plaque at least once a day by using the toothpaste. Regularly brushing the cat’s teeth will prevent oral diseases for them in the long run.

If possible, you should introduce the brushing practice to kittens when they are still open to new things. Kittens tend to be more accepting and will be open to toothbrushes or gels more than adult cats.

Q2 How to Use the Best Cat Toothpaste?

You should follow the instructions that most packages come with. If it’s a gel toothpaste, you don’t need any rinsing or brushing, so you can just put a little bit onto your finger and gently rub it on the teeth and gums of the cat. For brushing, you have to be very gentle when using it on your cat.

Q3 What Are the Ingredients in Best Cat Toothpaste to Avoid?

Cats barely weigh anything, especially when compared to humans. Even a very, very small amount of fluoride can be a lot on your cat, and fluoride doses can affect the health of the cat. Xylitol and baking soda is also known to be harmful to cats. You should definitely not use ingredients that go into human toothpastes on cats.

Pet toothpaste doesn’t have any harmful substances in it like sodium lauryl sulfate, which is a foaming agent that is often used in human toothpaste. This is because pets can’t really spit the foam out after having their teeth brushed. If they happen to swallow the foam, it might upset the stomach of your cat. It isn’t poisonous but definitely shouldn’t be swallowed.

Q4 How is Cat Toothpaste Different from Dog Toothpaste?

They are both pretty much interchangeable since you can use them for either.

Q5 How Regularly Should You Be Brushing a Cat’s Teeth?

Experts of vet care recommend brushing the teeth of the cat every day. You should also get their teeth cleaned professionally annually so that any tartar that you may have missed out on can be addressed. If their gums or teeth aren’t in the best shape according to you, make sure to get them to the vet at once.

Q6 Does Human Toothpaste Harm Cats?

You should never, ever, under any circumstance, use human toothpaste for cats. The high level of fluoride that is found in toothpastes can result in the cat feeling quite ill if they ingest it. The foaming agents in the toothpaste can also be uncomfortable for the cat and damage their digestive system if swallowed. You don’t be able to make them spit out or rinse their teeth properly, so never use human toothpaste for cats.

Q7 How Does Enzymatic Cat Toothpaste Work? 

The main ingredient for enzymatic toothpastes is natural enzymes proteins to break down any harmful bacteria, plaque, and tartar on the teeth and gums of the cat. These enzymes can be ingested safely by the cat instead of going for fluoride. The enzyme molecules can speed up chemical reactions like the breakdown of plaque.

Since bodies naturally produce enzymes that are vital for digestion, these toothpastes can be a great idea. there are already enzymes in the saliva that are dedicated to breaking down the food and keeping the mouth area cleaner. For cats, these toothpastes can be the perfect way to break down the plaque gathering in their mouths.

Q8 How Do I Open My Cat’s Mouth Enough to Brush Her Teeth?

You can start by moving your finger on the cat’s lips to pry them apart and then running the finger along the gums and teeth. When the cat is slightly more comfortable with the presence of your fingers in the mouth, you can start to put the toothpaste onto the gums and teeth. It might still take a few sessions to start brushing the cat’s teeth too.

Q9 What Should I Do If My Cat Ingests Cat Toothpaste?

Cats can ingest their toothpaste since more toothpastes are designed to do that. There aren’t many that require rinsing or spitting of the toothpaste. Make sure to read the packaging properly before using the toothpaste and you should be fine.

5. Conclusion

When we talk about the best cat toothpaste, it needs to be the most convenient way to clean your cat’s teeth. It can be hard to take out time to brush the teeth of your cat daily, let alone make it sit down to have its teeth cleaned with a brush. This is why we think that the best cat toothpaste is Oratene Brushless Toothpaste Gel because it doesn’t need any brushing or rinsing.

We hope now you know the importance of ensuring that your cat has good oral hygiene. Incorporating a brushing regimen every day can help keep a lot of dental issues at bay in the future for your kitty, so why not try them out? Have fun!