Are Pomeranians Hypoallergenic Dogs?

Are Pomeranians Hypoallergenic Dogs?

A major concern among dog parents looking to adopt a Pomeranian is whether or not they are hypoallergenic. Keep reading to find out!

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Pomeranian is a much loved breed that garners lots of attention from dog lovers due to their fluffy coats and cute little eyes. Originally from the Pomeranian Region near the Baltic Sea, Pomeranians have gained much popularity globally and have become the 23rd most popular dog breed in the United States.

These small dogs come in various colors and shades and make for fantastic, friendly pets. However, a major concern among dog parents looking to adopt a Pomeranian is whether or not they are hypoallergenic. As with all other dogs, Pomeranians shed, but can the bigger concern remains whether their shedding can trigger the allergies of their owner.

In this article, we’re going to dig deep into whether Pomeranians are hypoallergenic or not and whether it would be a good idea for someone with allergies to adopt them.

What Does Hypoallergenic Mean?

Hypoallergenic is a term coined by the cosmetic industry to describe a product that does not cause allergic reactions compared to other products. This doesn’t go to say that hypoallergenic products will not cause any reaction at all; it simply means that it has lesser chances of causing allergic reactions than other products. The term ‘hypoallergenic’ was later associated with dogs, cats, and other pets.

There is no 100% hypoallergenic dog breed. Like cosmetic products, some dogs are more hypoallergenic than others, which means they have a less chance of triggering allergies. Since Pomeranians are considered a hypoallergenic breed, they may not cause allergic reactions in the majority, but there is a chance they’ll affect many people.

What Causes the Allergic Reaction?

Contrary to popular opinion, dog fur isn’t what causes allergic reactions. Dogs produce a certain type of protein that is concentrated in their urine, saliva, and dander. This protein is what most people have an allergic reaction to. Dander present in dog fur is what triggers people to display allergy symptoms.

Are Pomeranians Hypoallergenic Dogs?

If you’re someone with allergies planning to adopt a Pomeranian, you should think twice before adopting a Pomeranian. Although many breeders claim that Pomeranians are completely hypoallergenic, the truth is that they aren’t.

Typically, dogs that shed less or are hairless, such as a poodle or Chinese crested, are considered hypoallergenic. But a Pomeranian is none of those things.

Many people claim that Pomeranians shed less, which means they have a lesser chance of triggering allergies. However, the fact is that they are very small, 6-7 inches tall, which means they most certainly shed less and produce lesser dander than a dog twice or thrice its size. But that fact still remains that Poms shed and produce allergens that can trigger people’s allergies.

So, you may want to be a little careful and see whether or not you’re comfortable around these toy-sized pets.

Are Pomeranians Allergy-Friendly?

There’s much debate regarding whether Pomeranians cause allergies or not. While some people suggest that Pomeranian fur trigger allergies in some individuals, others argue that it’s the owner who needs to be more mindful of grooming their Pom to reduce shedding.

The fact is that Pomeranians aren’t especially allergy-friendly dogs. So, if you do have allergies, you will probably have to try out different Pomeranians before actually adopting one. Moreover, taking steps to reduce the amount of dander it produces will decrease the chances of it triggering allergic reactions.

Do Pomeranians Make Good Pets for Allergy Sufferers?

Pomeranians aren’t exactly the best dog breed for those who suffer from allergies, but they are a better choice than many other breeds out there.

Due to their diminutive size, Pomeranians shed less and produce low levels of dander as compared to a large dog breed. So, the chances of a Pomeranian triggering allergic reactions, such as coughing, rashes, and sneezing, are much lesser than in other breeds.  

Although shedding is a common problem for dog owners, double-coated dogs tend to shed less. On the other hand, smooth-coated dogs shed daily and are not recommended if you suffer from allergies and respiratory issues. Luckily, Pomeranians have double fur coats that only shed seasonally.

How to Reduce Pomeranian Allergens

Now you know Pomeranians aren’t exactly hypoallergenic dogs. However, if you’re still looking to adopt one of these cute fluff balls, there are some precautions you can take to reduce the amount of allergens they release.

Groom Regularly

If you’ve already brought a Pom home, you could benefit a lot from grooming them regularly. Brush your Pomeranian’s coat as often as you can to gather as much dander and fur as you can before your pup sheds it around the house. Also, bathing your Pom weekly will help get rid of dander as well. However, make sure to not over-bathe them since dry skin can cause even more dander.

Assign Designated Areas

You don’t want your Pomeranian roaming and shedding its fur around your home. So, the best way to prevent that is to buy them a bed of their own and train them to use it. This will help keep the dander off your furniture, reducing the chances of triggered allergies.

Another precaution you should take is banning your pup from the bedroom. You may not feel like doing that, but keeping your bedroom off-limits for your Pom will help ensure that your space remains free of allergens.

Invest in an Air Filter

Dust isn’t the only thing an air filter can help keep out. Those with allergies should definitely invest in an air filter to keep the air in their home free of dander, dust, and debris.

Keep Your Home Clean

Having a pet comes with its downsides, the biggest one being regular cleaning. Once you bring a Pomeranian into your home, you will have to vacuum regularly to get rid of dog hair.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

This goes with saying that you don’t want to touch your nose or face after playing with your Pom. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after petting your Pomeranian to get rid of germs and allergens.

Give Your Dog a Healthy Diet

Give your dog healthy food, including supplements such as Omega-3 fish oil in their diet will help keep its coat healthy and decrease dander.

Consider Medication

If you want to keep your Pom around but can do that without triggering your allergies, ask your doctor to recommend you the best allergy medications for pets.

Final Thoughts

So, to answer your question: are Pomeranians hypoallergenic dogs? No dog breed is 100% hypoallergenic. However, due to less shedding and low dander production, Pomeranians are considered more allergy-friendly than other breeds. So, although it’s not possible for a Pom to be completely hypoallergenic, there are a few ways through which you can combat allergens in your home – to live a happy life with your beautiful and fluffy Pom!