Are Pomeranians Good with Kids?

Are Pomeranians Good with Kids?

A Pomeranian has plenty of traits that make him an excellent pet choice. However, should you get this breed if you have kids in the household? Read on to find out.

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Pomeranians are energetic, intelligent, lovely, and small, making them a highly suitable choice of pet for most families. However, if you are planning on adopting this breed but also have kids in the house, you might be wondering, ‘are Pomeranians good with kids’. In this blog, you will get your answers.

Factors to Consider When Getting a Pomeranian

If you have kids in your family, the key factors below will help you determine if a Pomeranian is the right choice for you or not:

The Pomeranian Size

If you want a pet that is not intimidating, the Pomeranian is probably an excellent pick. You and your children can easily pick the dog up, and even take him for long walks. Since Pomeranians are generally small, you will not have to worry about him proving too strong or fast for your kids.


While the timid nature and physical makeup of Pomeranians are all major pluses, the one drawback is that this breed also tends to be fragile. This means that, if you have children in the house, they will need to be taught the correct way of picking, walking, and playing with the dog. Unlike a lot of bigger dogs, Pomeranians are not suited for rough handling.

Hence, if your family is made up of children, we would suggest that you do not get a young Pomeranian puppy as a pet. Rather, you should go for a Pomeranian that is at least six months old. Some show breeders are open to selling older Pomeranian breeds, as long as you can show that the dog will be treated right.

What about Pomeranians and Babies?

An infant – or even a toddler – might not be old enough to understand and respect a pet Pomeranian’s needs. For instance, if your child snatches the pup’s toy away from him, the dog might be tempted to bite or snap in defense. Similarly, if the child yanks at the Pomeranian’s tail or fur – or performs any other rough or painful action – the dog might have no choice but to retaliate.

Pomeranians and Children – Safety Precautions

It is important that an elder supervises the interactions between children and a Pomeranian – especially during the first few times. Kids should frequently be reminded and taught that a Pomeranian is not as tough as some of the other breeds, and therefore, requires gentler treatment. Since Pomeranians are not used to kids, children who jump or shout a lot might cause your dog to become stressed or fearful. A scared Pomeranian might hide somewhere and refuse to re-emerge from his hideout.

Ideally, a young child should never be allowed to approach a Pomeranian, without supervision. Adults need to make sure that the dog is not becoming angry, annoyed, or scared as a result of the children’s actions.

If your Pomeranian had an owner who did not treat him right, the dog might be extra sensitive and more prone to biting and snarling. In such situations, unsupervised children might just exacerbate this problem.

Teach your children to remain careful while handling the Pomeranian. If your children do not pick the dog up the right way, they could end up dropping him or cause any other serious injuries. Hence, you should regularly remind and demonstrate the right way to pick the Pomeranian up, and make sure that your kids are following your lead.

What is the Age at Which Children Can Play with a Pomeranian Puppy?

As a rule of thumb, any child less than 10 years old must always sit on the floor while playing with or holding a Pomeranian puppy.

Unsurprisingly, a Pomeranian puppy does not have a long attention span. Hence, he might realize that he is bored, and suddenly decide to leap out of a kid’s arms – especially if he notices something that incites interest or curiosity.

However, children of pretty much all ages can have an enjoyable time with Pomeranians – as long as all the precautions are exercised. Children will particularly enjoy the Pomeranian breed, because it is kind, happy, tender, and smart. In fact, owing to the Pomeranian’s tremendous smartness, the breed can often distinguish when it is dealing with a capable adult and when the supervisor in question is a child with lower capabilities.

The problem is that Pomeranians, in so many ways, are just like living and breathing stuffed toys. Since they are extremely fun and adorable, people cannot resist being around them. However, being cute and playful does not shield them from the callousness of young children (quite the opposite, unfortunately). Therefore, it is best to have an adult keep an eye on your children while they spend time with the Pomeranian.

Can a Pomeranian Hurt a Child?

As we mentioned, small children usually form excellent bonds with Pomeranians. Blend the Pomeranian’s charisma and playfulness with the natural curiosity and happiness of young children, and the combination is a remarkable one. However, much like every relationship, this one will not be without its boundaries. For all the cuteness of Pomeranians, they will act defensively should they feel threatened.

Teaching your kids how to act and behave around any kind of dog is ideal. Once your children adopt the right mannerisms, they are unlikely to threaten a dog to the point that it might have to launch a spontaneous attack. Of course, the claws and teeth of a dog can be quite hurtful to anyone, let alone a young child –especially if the dog does not give any warning before striking.

However, a Pomeranian reacting aggressively to a young child is the exception rather than the rule. For instance, if your kid accidentally hits the dog once or twice, the Pomeranian is unlikely to strike back (especially if the kid and the dog have known each other for some time).

However, if your dog keeps hitting the Pomeranian, do not expect the dog to stay docile. The Pomeranian might initially react with a warning growl or bark and, if your child persists with the behavior, a bite or a full-fledged attack might well be on the cards.

Wrapping Up

To wrap up, let us reiterate that few dogs make as good pets as Pomeranians do. However, if your household has any children less than 10 years of age, you would do well to get a Pomeranian who is at least six months old. If you have older, more mature kids, you can go for a Pomeranian of any age.