9 Hypoallergenic Cats for People Who Are Allergic But Love Felines

9 Hypoallergenic Cats for People Who Are Allergic But Love Felines

If you are a cat lover but allergic to them, you need to read this blog post to know which cats are hypoallergenic and suitable for you to keep as pets

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Cats make the finest pets. They’re adorable and can brighten up your mood in no time. Having cats running around your home leave you with not even a single dull moment. If you own a cat, consider yourself lucky because there are many people out there who’ve given up the idea of ever owning a cat as a pet because they’re allergic.

Now, that’s unfortunate, right? Wrong. 

If you can’t stop sneezing and coughing around cats, that most probably implies that you’re allergic to cats. The sebaceous glands present under the skin of cats produce a glycoprotein Fel D1 which is the chemical that’s causing the allergy. Fel D1 is also present in the cat’s saliva but in minimal amounts. Cats shed dander coated with Fel D1 from the glands and saliva all the time, which you may not be able to see because of their minute size. When this dander is spread in the environment and around your home, you suffer from allergy symptoms.

We understand how hard it must be for you to keep your love for felines at bay, but the good news is that you don’t have to. Hold your breath before you read the next sentence – there are many hypoallergenic cat breeds that don’t cause allergies, and if you’re allergic to cats, these cat breeds are absolutely safe for allergic people.

That means – you can keep a cat as a pet and not worry about triggering an allergy!

This blog post lists down some hypoallergenic cat breeds that you can keep as a pet and not worry about setting your cat allergy aflame. Let’s see what options you’ve got!

1. Javanese

The first hypoallergenic cat breed on our list is the Javanese. These cats are extremely athletic, playful, and intelligent. You’ll always have them running around your home. Not only are the Javanese highly active, but they’re also absolutely gorgeous. They’re a long-haired variation of the Siamese. This variety was developed from the foundation of Colourpoint, Siamese, and Balinese. The characteristic that makes the Javanese a great cat variety to keep as a pet is that they’re fond of people. You’ll have them follow you around wherever you go and would sneak into your bed every time they get an opportunity – how cute! One of the most amusing characters of the Javanese is that they’ll communicate what they want in their own way!

So, if you want your pet cat to be playful and jolly, the Javanese is a great hypoallergenic cat variety for you.

2. Devon Rex

Devon Rex are known for their large mischievous eyes and oversized ears. They’re often referred to as the pixie of the cat fancy. They’re highly social, fun-loving, and calm creatures that have quite a devilish streak in their personality. One thing that we can vouch for when it comes to Devon Rex is their loyalty – almost like a dog. A Devon Rex would want to be with their master as much as they can and won’t miss a chance to play with you. Keeping a Devon Rex as a pet means you’ll always have a furry baby to come home to who’s all ready to play with you and suck all the stress of the day out of you.

They’re a suitable breed to keep as a pet for people with cat allergies because the Devon Rex has lesser and shorter fur, which means they’ll shed less fur, and hence, don’t pose much of a risk for instigating allergies.

3. Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex is characterized by the wavy, rippled fur coat that’s extremely soft and lacks guard hair, which is why they don’t shed fur as much as other non-hypoallergenic cat varieties. These cats are quite low-maintenance and don’t require much grooming. They’re athletic and slender and have curved contoured bodies. Their arched back makes them look stunning. The chances of not falling in love at first sight are rare with a Cornish Rex.

4. Balinese

The next hypoallergenic cat variety on our list is the Balinese. Balinese literally means ‘Oriental Ballerina.’ These cats are more commonly known as the long-haired Siamese. The Balinese are a result of a spontaneous natural mutation of the Siamese gene. They have all the beauty and charm of a Siamese but have the added benefit of having an angora-like, extremely silky coat. Once you touch it, you’ll want to keep stroking it.

5. Siberian

Siberian cats are quite muscular in appearance. Despite having a long fur coat, they aren’t allergenic. It’s primarily because their saliva has a very low quantity of allergy-causing enzyme, and thus, their fur isn’t as highly contaminated with it as in other cats. They’re powerful and agile and are capable of jumping across great heights and distances. Siberian cats are intelligent species and can solve a problem at hand to get whatever it wants. The best thing about this cat variety is that they’re friendly by nature and will get along with the children, cats, and dogs that are known to be cat-friendly. These cats are perfect for people who’re allergic to cats and have children at home.

6. Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is one of the prettiest hypoallergenic cat breeds. They have a silvery, sparkling fur coat and gorgeous green eyes. These cats are quite playful and extremely intelligent, making them such a great option to keep as a pet. The most amusing character of the Russian Blue is they can sense their owner’s mood and behave accordingly. They’ll wait to greet you back home, will fetch toys to play and would sit in close proximity to you if they sense that you need comfort. As you can tell by the name, they’re originally from Russia. Coming from a place where the weather can be harsh, these cats can withstand harsh weather conditions. They’ve got a dense and thick double fur coat. Since their fur coat is so thick and dense, the allergens produced by the glands under the skin are contained within the fur, and hence, you’re protected. It’s how these cats are a great option for people who’re allergic to cats. Not only this, the amounts of Fel D1 that the Russian Blue produces is also low – so you’re safe.

7. Sphynx

The Sphynx is one of the most commonly kept pet cats by people who’re allergic to cats. Sphynx is a hairless cat that has no fur to shed; hence, it is hypoallergenic. The Sphynx is nicknamed the suede hot water bottle because these cats are very warm to touch. Since they’ve got no fur, they don’t need to worry about their grooming. All you’ve got to do is sponge their skin to remove the secretions from the sebaceous glands that make their skin oily to touch. You can even give them a bath every now and then!

8. Oriental Short Hair

Next in line is the Oriental Short Hair. This cat variety is slender, elegant-looking, and has tapering lines. These cats are muscular and have excellent physical strength. Oriental Short Hair is graceful yet strong, neither flabby nor bony, and absolutely beautiful in appearance. If you want a cat variety that is a total catch and hypoallergenic, the Oriental Short Hair is definitely an option worth your consideration.

9. Bengal

The Bengal is an exotic cat breed that has looks more suitable for a jungle – rough and hard. It looks like a typical cat that’s ready to lunge at its prey. However, in recent years, it got quite popular as a hypoallergenic pet cat. One of the reasons for this popularity, as you can guess by now, is that it produces relatively low quantities of Fel D1 and sheds less hair, making them a great option for people who love felines but are allergic to them. These hypoallergenic cats are absolute beauties to look at. They love to be around people, and playing with water is one of their favorite activities. You may be amused to know that they even hop into the shower with their owners – as reported by many Bengal owners. How fascinatingly cute is that?

Keeping cats as a pet is known to help lower blood pressure, reduce stress levels and make you feel happier and elated. Your feline allergy shouldn’t be a reason for you not reaping all these benefits and more. So, pick any of the hypoallergenic cats that you like and satisfy your longing to keep a cat as a pet!