8 Most Expensive Cat Breeds Across the World

8 Most Expensive Cat Breeds Across the World

There are plenty of cat breeds that can fetch thousands of dollars. Here are the 8 most expensive cat breeds.

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When you think about expensive pets, people’s minds may go towards more exotic creatures. You may not be aware that there are some cat breeds that can be worth thousands of dollars. Some unusual cat breeds can be surprisingly costly.

Here are the 8 most expensive cat breeds in the world.

1. Ashera

Estimated Cost: $125,000

Ashera cats are the most expensive cat breed of all time. It is a hybrid of serval and domestic cats but with a mixture of African leopards. It is quite a rare breed, which is why it is worth so much money. They have pointed ears, stripes, spots, and quite elegant features. The Ashera cats are specifically bred so that they can live and thrive in domestic environments.

It’s not just the cost of buying the Ashera cat that you should consider but also the cost that comes with taking care of them.

2. The Savannah

Estimated Cost: $25,000

Savannah cats are a hybrid between serval and domestic cats as well. It started becoming popular during the 1990s and was approved in 2001 by The International Cat Association. It was recognized as a championship breed in 2012.

The size of Savannah cats depends on their generation and gender. The males in the first generation are the largest sizes among Savannah cats. They weigh between 7 to 20 pounds. There can be some variations between the fur color and patterns include brown spots, silver spots, black spots, and black smoke.

3. Bengal Cats

Estimated Cost: $5,000

Bengal cats are pretty interesting since they look like wilder jungle cats but thrive in domestic environments. The origins of the Bengal cat are unknown, but one of the first mentions of Asian leopards with domestic cats were recorded in 1889.

Bengal cats have large markings, white bellies, and a lithe body shape resembling Asian Leopards. The fourth-generation Bengal cats, since they have the same temperament as domestic cats. First-gen Bengal cats have wilder personalities, so they are mostly used for breeding.

4. Persian Cats

Estimated Costs: $3,000

Persian cats’ origin comes from Iran, which was known as Persia back in the day. They are also known as Shirazi and Iranian cats in the Middle East. They have long hair with a round face and a short muzzle. They started becoming popular in France and Italy during the 1600s when they were imported from Persia. Persian cats first appeared in competitions during 1871 in London. They started becoming popular in the United States during the 1900s.

Persian cats used to have much longer noses, but they have gotten smaller over time. It is the sixth most popular in the United Kingdom and the second-most in the US. There are some variants of Persian cat breeds, including the Sterling, Exotic Shorthair, Himalayan, Toy Persian, Chinchilla Longhair, and Teacup Persians.

5. Peterbald

Estimated Costs: $2,500

Peterbald cats originate from Russia, especially St. Petersburg. They were created by Olga Mironova in 1994 in an experimental program for breeding. They became part of championships in 2009. They look pretty unusual since they have a long, narrow head, but their large pointed ears make them look kind of like bats. The strangest part is that they webbed feet!

They can be born bald sometimes because some of them have genes for hair loss. But when they have hair, the coats are short. They have different markings and colors, which gives them a cool appearance. They have an energetic, peaceful, curious, sweet, and affectionate nature. They are perfect for families with children since they like to play and they do well with other pets too.

6. Russian Blue Cats

Estimated Costs: $1,700

Russian Blue cats come from the Arkhangelsk port in Russia. It has a pretty unique blue-grey color as well as shimmery slate gray to silver colors, which makes them one of the most expensive cat breeds. They are known to have great personalities, making them fun and loving pets. They bond with their owners since they have quite affectionate and loyal personalities.

Russian Blue cat owners are known to draw patterns on their coats, which can stay until you smooth it out because their coats are so dense. They weigh between 5 to 15 pounds and are around medium-sized. They have long lifespans of around 20 years but can even go up to 25 years.

7. Scottish Fold Cat

Estimated Costs: $1,500

Scottish Fold cats have lopped ears and hail from Scotland. They are also known as Scottish Fold Longhair, Highland Fold, and Longhair Fold. Their folded ears come from a genetic mutation that impacts the cartilage in the ears. This can often make them look like owls. The males weigh around 9-13 pounds, while females are around 6-9 pounds. Their round eyes and heads make them look quite adorable. They have short and long-haired varieties as well as a huge range of color combinations, colors, and patterns. They have a good nature, which makes them great pets.

8. Sphynx

Estimated Costs: $1,200

Sphynx are one of the two hairless cat breeds and were first recorded in the 1960s. They have no coats, but their skin is super soft because of the fine hair layer. They have prominent cheekbones, wedge heads, round abdomens, large ears, thin tails, and large paws. They are known to be energetic, curious, loving, and intelligent.


It is important to remember to purchase cats from ethical breeders if you are going for the most expensive cat breeds. Purebred breeders can often be cruel to the animals, which is why doing proper research before purchase is vital.