7 Reasons You Should Adopt a Kitty

7 Reasons You Should Adopt a Kitty

Adoption is a great opportunity to give cats shelter and a nice home, and more than that, it’s good for your health! There are many reasons to adopt a cat and here’s why you should do it too.

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Cats are beautiful, adorable little creatures that can bring a smile to anyone’s face and turn that frown upside down on a bad day.

From those big, round eyes to the fluffy fur to that soft purr sound, literally everything about these feline creatures is lovable.

If you’ve been looking to bring one of these fur-balls home, why not adopt a kitten from an animal shelter?

You will probably be surprised to learn that animal shelters are brimming with pets that are waiting to be adopted by loving parents. But, the problem is that there are far too many pets and very few people who opt for adoption when looking for a pet.

However, adoption is a great opportunity to give them shelter and a nice home, and more than that, it’s good for your health!

There are many reasons to adopt a cat, and here’s why you should do it too.

1.      You’ll Be Saving A Life

This is perhaps one of the most important reasons to adopt a cat because when animal shelters become over-crowded, thousands and millions of cats and dogs end up being euthanized as no one wants to adopt them.

Imagine the number of animal lives that would be saved if people start adopting pets rather than buying them.

When you choose to adopt a kitty from a shelter, you are not only saving its life, but you are also providing it with a loving home and making it a part of your family.

But most importantly, you are saving space in the shelter for another animal that desperately needs it, and possibly saving its life as well!

2.      It’s Good For Your Health

It’s a known fact that pets help boost your mental health because they can be a wonderful source of companionship and comfort.

So, if you adopt a kitty and bring it home, it will greatly help improve your well-being as well as your sense of happiness. Cats have this incredible ability to offer camaraderie, reduce your stress and uplift your spirits in no time.

If you do bring one home and it happens to rub its body against yours, know that it’s trying to make you feel better and is showing its love and support.

3.      It Makes Better Financial Sense

One of the many benefits that come with adopting a pet is that it will cost you less since most cats in animal shelters are likely to be already neutered and sprayed, they have an updated vaccination status, and are sometimes even microchipped.

There are so many animal rescues and shelters that often throw in a few extras as well when you adopt a pet, such as a bag of food, a toy, cat collar or even pet insurance.

So, adopting a cat makes better financial sense than buying one.

4.      It Provides A Sense of Fulfillment

Adopting a cat from a shelter knowing that it has been looking for a home for a long time and that you possibly saved its life is a whole other feeling altogether. It can provide you with a great sense of fulfillment as well as purpose and can truly help make you feel good about yourself.

5.      You’ll Make A New Friend

You might have hundreds and thousands of friends in life, but there’s no one that can offer a friendship as amazing as the one offered by a feline creature.

One of the most beautiful reasons to adopt a cat is that you’ll get to make a new friend and also increase your family by adding a new member in the form of a cute furry creature.

Imagine coming home from work each day to a fur-ball waiting for you at the door, wagging its tail and possibly even purring till you pick it up in your hands. Doesn’t that sound absolutely heartwarming and adorable?

6.      You Get Emotional Support

Cats shower their owners with love, care and support without them even realizing it. On days that you are down or aren’t feeling too good, your kitty will be the first one to notice it and will immediately provide you with some peace and quiet.

The kind of emotional support that cats have to offer is simply unbelievable, and as a human being, it can come across as almost unreal how an animal can be so sensitive to your emotions and feelings.

It might sound a little too good to be true, but having a cat in the house can help curb anxiety, stress, panic attacks and depression. So, all the more reasons to adopt a cat and bring a furry friend home!

7.      You Are Saving More Than One Life

You will find thousands or more lost, abused, and stray animals in animal shelters and rescue homes, which often leads to overcrowding and overburdening.

By adopting a cat, you help make room for other animals, giving them a second chance at life. So, in a way, you aren’t only saving the life of your new pet, but also of other animals, thereby saving more than one life!

A Companion for Life

Perhaps, one of the biggest benefits or reasons to adopt a cat is that you get a companion for life. You aren’t just bringing a new pet home, but you are also making a new friend.

Training a kitty, playing with it, taking it out on walks, cuddling with it and watching it do its thing are a few of the many things that you get to do when you adopt a cat.

Cats make excellent companions, they are low maintenance, well-behaved and obedient, and the best part is that they are good for your heart.

If you have small children in the house, they will also get to make a new furry friend, and truth be told, there’s no greater joy than watching your child play with it and laugh away in absolute joy and fun.

There aren’t enough reasons to adopt a cat, so if you are looking to bring one home, now is the time to do it!