7 Best Dog Beds for Chewers

7 Best Dog Beds for Chewers

Have a dog that loves to chew up its bed? Here are the best dog beds for chewers that will solve that problem for you.

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If this sounds familiar, please stop us: after much deliberation and budgeting, you purchase a comfortable sleeping area for your dog. You’re the one who takes it home. It’s a hit with your dog. But soon after, they’ve torn the cover, strewn the filling, and perhaps twisted a zipper before you realize it.

Some dogs can’t stop themselves from chewing on their bedding. If this is the situation for you and the dog, it’s time to invest in a durable dog bed. After all, your pets deserve to rest on a sturdy, long-lasting, and oh-so-comfy bed (they actually exist, believe it or not!)

For the shredders, chewers, and diggers in your life, we’ve picked together some super-tough (but comfy) alternatives, including a fail-safe option recommended by shelters and veterinarians nationwide.

So, here are the best dog beds for chewers.

Important note: No dog bed is completely indestructible, even for the most determined dog.

1. Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed by K9 Ballistics

Turn to this raised alternative from K9 Ballistics for a bed for dogs that is really unbreakable. The main sleeping area is composed of rip-stop ballistic fabric, and the frame is built of robust, chew-resistant metal. We like that the bed is thin enough and intended to fit conveniently in a crate and that the material includes a 180-day chew-proof guarantee. The bed frame also comes with a 120-day chew-proof protected guarantee, so if your dog chews on it, the business will replace it for free.

2. Ultimate Pet Bed by PetFusion

This comfortable dog bed ticks a lot of boxes: it has a 4-inch memory foam foundation, a tear- and water-resistant cover, machine-washable, and a robust, nearly totally encased boosting support if your dog prefers a pillow.

While it isn’t certified unbreakable, the dog bed should be able to withstand canines that like to burrow in the beds and munch on them. If you own an elderly dog that is a medium chewer and requires a comfortable place to relax, this is a great mix.

3. Carhartt Dog Bed With Durable Canvas

Carhartt is recognized for its hardness and durability, and they’re bringing those qualities to the canvas dog bed as well. This bed is comprised of a non-toxic water-repellent covering on a 12-ounce firm cotton duck canvas.

This strong cloth will be difficult to break apart, even for the toughest chewers. With a polyester content, it’s a great, soft bed for dogs. The canvas cover is machine washable, making cleanup a breeze. This bed comes in a variety of colors and designs, and there are a number of choices with a sherpa cover for additional comfort.

4. Memory Foam Dog Bed from Dogbed4less

This robust memory foam dog bed has two layers of protection: an interior breathable lining for shredded foam and a machine-washable, waterproof, tough denim cover on top. Whereas this dog bed isn’t labeled indestructible, several reviewers claim that it has held up to some severe big breed damage, earning it a position on our list of indestructible dog beds.

While denim isn’t completely indestructible in the hands of a determined dog, it is more durable than many other dog-bed fabrics. That’s why we appreciate DogBed4less’ denim-covered memory foam bed. Denim not only looks well in a variety of home décor settings, but its hefty weight makes it difficult for a dog to rip at it.

With a 4-inch gel-infused therapeutic memory foam mattress, this is a comfy chew-resistant dog bed. It comes in 7 various sizes, from tiny to gigantic, and the waterproof inside cover is one of our favorites. The denim exterior can be removed and washed, and the interior cover may be wiped clean.

5. Chew-Proof Kuranda Dog Bed

This is one of our favorite raised dog beds, and it’s making an appearance here as well since it can withstand strong chewing. The PVC structure is tough and durable, and the Cordura nylon bed is almost unbreakable.

This bed can accommodate dogs of up to 100 lbs. and is popular among rescues and shelters, so you know it’s tough! You may also choose from a few other color schemes. It’s a chew-proof, low-maintenance dog bed, something that we can get behind.

6. 4′′ Orthopedic Sleek Dog Crate Pad by Big Barker

While this particular crate pad is meant to bring comfort to standard-size cages, it’s equally as pleasant and sturdy outside the crate, too, if you just want a chew-resistant dog bed.

We decided to include this since many dogs snooze in the cages, even while their owners are around. This one appeals to us since it is not at all flimsy. It’s 4 inches thick and constructed of high-density memory foam that molds to your dog’s body and supports the joints.

The fabric is made of military-grade Cordura nylon, which means it can withstand a lot of biting, clawing, or gnawing. This is a huge plus for a crate cushion, as many of those are flimsy and easy to damage by bored dogs! The cover is also removable and machine washable, as well as entirely waterproof to withstand spills. What’s not to like about that?

7. Tough Chew Platform Dog Bed by Orvis

The Orvis Tough Chew is the bed for you if you want a dog bed that really blends comfort with toughness. This one is one of our favorites since it combines a robust and chew-resistant rip-stop nylon foundation with a silky micro-velvet top layer.

The material resists rips and punctures, and the brass zipper is strong and reliable. For cushioning and comfort, it’s packed with a bouncy, eco-friendly cushion. The brand’s Tough Chew warranty covers the whole bed. They’ll refund your money if the dog chews it up—no questions asked.

These best dog beds for chewers can really solve the problem of getting new beds regularly for you if you have a cute pupper who just loves to have a go at the dog bed!