5 Common Dog Breeds First-Time Dog Owners Should Care For

5 Common Dog Breeds First-Time Dog Owners Should Care For

There are plenty of dog breeds out there, and the last thing you want to do when you first bring home your puppy is learning that you’ve taken on more than you bargained for! But if you’re looking to get home one of the breeds below, your new pet will be easy to take care of for first-time owners, so here are five dog breeds first-time dog owners should care for.

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Taking care of dogs requires many factors into consideration—including the dog breed itself. Choosing dog breeds that do not require too much care for new dog owners is a better option. Meanwhile, owners who have experienced taking care of other dogs in the past may benefit from taking the challenge of owning high-maintenance dogs.

Most dog articles list long-haired dog breeds as complex pets. As they require constant grooming and combing, a busy owner might struggle to take care of them due to their maintenance. However, active dog owners can take care of working breeds which they can take for long walks in the morning. But before learning how to train your dog, here are some dog breeds ideal for first-time pet owners.

1. Basset Hound

The basset hound is a type of hound, the breed used for hunting or tracking prey by scent, originated in France. Known for their short legs and ears, they come ideal and handy for new dog owners as they are friendly and curious. Like most hound breeds, they are also very determined.

Bassets are dogs that are quick to train. They are so friendly, and they also enjoy the company of other pets. The Basset Hound is a very adaptable pet, making them a perfect pet for non-pet parents who would much rather enjoy the company of cats than dogs.

2. Dachshund

Daschunds may look small, but they have a big personality. Both brave and playful, these dogs are excellent with children. Not only that, but they are also loyal to their master, which means they follow their owners wherever they go. First-time dog owners can certainly benefit from this breed due to these characteristics.

3. Poodle

Poodles are the perfect dog for active people. The first thing that pops into mind with Poodles is high-energy dog breeds. Poodles are cheerful and charming, making them an excellent choice for busy people. People into watersports will also find this dog breed easy to train.

4. Labrador Retriever

Labs have been often regarded as the best family dogs mainly because of their great nature and excellent behavior. They are loyal, intelligent, and great with children, dogs, and even cats.

Labs love lazing around in the backyard with their family. Of course, dog houses are a great idea, especially if you live in areas where the temperature drops in the evening. But Labs can also be observed comfortably taking a nap under the shade of a tree or your car.

5. Border Collie

One of the easiest dogs to take care of is the Border Collie. This intelligent, energetic dog breed is the perfect pet for active owners who like outdoor activities. Moreover, owners should not worry about being destructive, as the species is generally obedient and calm. They are also highly trainable, making them perfect for teaching their dogs tricks, such as fetch and racing.


A dog can be a fantastic companion for anybody. But for first-time owners, taking care of these high-maintenance dog breeds can be an issue. It is easy to say that all dogs are easy to take care of. However, without proper training, even the most well-behaved dog could be a nightmare to own. Whatever dog you choose, just remember that any dog should be trained to behave in the way you want.
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