5 Best Small Pets For Kids

5 Best Small Pets For Kids

Small pets are a fantastic choice for children who are learning responsibility and are looking for companionship as they grow up. You can take a look at these options that are suitable for any household.

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Every parent wants their children to be happy. And as much as you would love to have a family pet, it can sometimes be challenging to take care of a big dog, or cat. Food and veterinary expenses fly off the charts. Grooming can also be very costly. And when the kids are busy with school and you’re busy with work, it can be challenging to take proper care of these pets. The best compromise is to get your kids small and lovable pets fit for children to take care of. 

1. 5 Family-friendly small pets for children

1.1 Rabbits

Rabbits are a popular choice for kids who want pets that can roam around their room. They are very social animals and are much more low maintenance than cats or dogs. In addition, their fecal matter is non-toxic, easy to clean up, and doesn’t leave a bad smell. They can also be trained to use a litter box.

These hoppers live on a diet of leafy vegetables and hay. Minus the hay, they may teach your kids to love veggies as well!

1.2 Hamsters

Hamsters are a wonderful pet if your child doesn’t have much time. They are well-behaved little critters that can live perfectly fine without much attention. 

Your child’s responsibilities include refilling food and water, cleaning the cage once every month, and making sure they get enough exercise. No, they don’t have to walk their hamster. The cage wheels, cage extensions, and hamster balls can give them the stimulation they need.

1.3 Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs come from the same family as hamsters, except they’re two to four times bigger. It is also believed that guinea pigs are much friendlier and easier to handle. However, they will require more food and more room to roam around in. 

1.4 Fish

Fish come in varying sizes and colors that your little one would love to have around without having to do much. They’re not creatures to play around with, but they do make good company. Staring at fish for a couple of minutes can help kids (and you) calm down and relax. 

Feeding is not a problem with fish. Their food doesn’t cost much, and they only eat once a day or every two days. The only tricky part is cleaning the tank. However, if you get a filter, this won’t be much of a problem. 

1.5 Birds

Canaries, parakeets, and small parrots are excellent tiny flying friends for much older kids. They do require the most care on this list. Their food and water are easily replaced as with hamsters, and cleaning their cages can take less than 30 minutes every week. 

But as they are creatures that need to spread their wings and fly, you need to make sure that there aren’t any escape holes. Of course, they can also be trained to stay out of the cage, but that will take some time. 

2. Conclusion

There are things in life you can’t teach your children. However, the immense responsibility to take care of another life is something worth learning. Pets can teach children to be kinder, caring, and selfless. They can also find a sense of joy and fulfillment in having a tiny best friend that’s always there for them. 

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