20 Must-Have Supplies for First-Time Dog Parents

20 Must-Have Supplies for First-Time Dog Parents

There’s probably nothing as exciting, fun, and overwhelming as bringing home a new furry puppy or dog. Make sure that you get the following essential items for dogs during your shopping spree and prepare yourself to be wonderful, loving dog parents!

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There’s probably nothing as exciting, fun, and overwhelming as bringing home a new furry puppy or dog. As first-time dog parents, you are going to experience a whole wave of different emotions and feelings. On the one hand, you will find yourself squealing with joy and happiness at the prospect of adding a furry member to your family, but at the same time, you are likely to be a little nervous and worried as well in terms of how to take care of your new pet, whether it will fit into your family and so many other things.

While it’s quite natural to feel anxious and tensed about this, you really have nothing to worry about. With a little research and preparation done in advance, you will be more than ready to welcome your four-legged friend with open arms!

Also, not to mention, it’s quite normal to get caught up in the whole rush and excitement, and the chances are that you end up forgetting important things at the very last minute.

For this very reason, we have prepared a detailed list of essential supplies for dogs that will help all first-time dog parents reading this.

With these items on hand, you will be fully ready to bring home your new pet, cater to their needs and requirements, and of course, enjoy every moment with your adorable pooch without having to worry about anything!

Make sure that you get the following essential items for dogs during your shopping spree and prepare yourself to be wonderful, loving dog parents!

1. Dog Collar

This is quite an obvious item but still needs to be mentioned because you need to get the right-sized dog collar for your new pet.

If you are planning to adopt one from an animal shelter or a breeder, the chances are that they might give you a collar along, but if not, you will want to get one that is appropriately-sized for your dog and is according to your preferences.

When shopping for a dog collar, you should consider several factors such as style, material, personalization options, size, comfort level, and color, to name a few.

Furthermore, you want to ensure that the collar features a sturdy D-ring to attach a leash, as well as a quick-release clasp for added safety.

2. A Comfortable Bed

Your little pet will need a nice, comfortable, and cool bed to relax, sleep, and just feel secure.

Again, there are so many different types of beds that you can get, but it all comes down to what your new pup prefers. There are plush, cushy types of beds, and there are also elevated beds with steel frames that are covered in thick fabric.

There are numerous options out there, so make sure to get one that provides your pet with maximum comfort, helps them curl up with ease, and rest through the day without any problem.

3. A Crate

This is quite optional since not every dog parent wish to crate train their dog, but it’s still a good idea to have one in the house in case you happen to need it in the future.

The idea of putting your dog in a crate tends to scare a lot of people, but the point is that a crate eventually becomes a dog’s personal space where they can relax, be at peace, and feel comfortable. More than that, crates are also used to housetrain dogs as well as a safe place for them to stay during times when you aren’t home or around.

4. Harness

A harness is like an alternative to collars and is essentially used for walking your dog.

Most pet owners prefer to use a harness over a collar because the former is more comfortable as the latter can add quite a strain and pressure on your pet’s neck muscles. However, it all comes down to personal preferences since there are in favor of both.

There are different types of harnesses available out there, including face harness, chest harness, and body harness. Face harnesses are ideal for large-sized dogs, whereas the other two are best for small to medium-sized dogs.

Another benefit of using a harness is that it gives you a greater degree of control over-energetic and excited dogs that like to pull on the leash.

5. Leash

Every collar or harness needs a sturdy, durable, and quality leash to help keep your dog out of harm’s way during walks, housetraining, and when going to see a vet, for instance.

Think of a leash as a useful tool that will benefit you, your dog, and the people around you.

Leash training is an integral part of training a new pet dog for it helps improve companionship between you and your pet, protects your furry friend from harm, and keep it right next to you at all times.

6. Washable Dog and Water Bowls

Pet meal times are very important, and your pet will need to eat and drink many times during the day, for which you will need washable dog bowls. The best part about washable dog bowls is that you can just toss them in the washer for a good, easy wash.

Stainless steel is one of the most highly recommended options when it comes to choosing the right material for dog bowls, but ceramic is also another great option.

Make sure to get bowls with rubber bottoms or bases to prevent skidding as well as to protect your floor from possible food and water spills.

Another thing you need to consider is the size of the bowls according to the size of your pet.

7. Food Mat

This isn’t really one of the must-have essential supplies for dogs, but it’s a good idea to get one as food mats help minimize dinner and lunchtime messes.

A nice food mat will prevent the dog water and food bowls from damaging the floor or carpet, especially for those dogs that love making a mess while eating.

Invest in a nice silicone food mat with stain-resistant qualities, given how cleaning them is such a breeze!

8. Dog Food

You will find different types of dog foods during your shopping free, but you need to get the right and the highest quality food for your adorable friend.

It’s essential that you slowly and gradually ease your dog into different types, so include some variety. In case you are unable to figure out what’s best for them, you can always consult a vet or ask other first-time dog owners in your circle for suggestions and recommendations.

9. Treats

While buying dog food, you might also want to get some treats for your new dog.

Treats go a long way in terms of training a new pet. You can reward your pet with a treat every time they perform a desirable behavior, or learn a new trick that you teach it.

Dog treats come in such an amazing variety ranging from crunch treats like dog biscuits, soft, chewy treats, jerky and freeze-dried treats, dental chews, bone-like treats, and pig ears, to name a few.

It is a good idea to have a few treats in store, and then you can stock up on those that your dog likes in particular.

10. Toys

All dogs and pups absolutely love playing with toys, and the chances are that you will have an absolute blast when shopping for toys for your pup!

Just like dog treats, there is a whole incredible variety of toys that you will find, including balls, Frisbees, chew toys, stuffed toys, rope toys, puzzles, treat-dispensing toys, and many others!

Most dogs have a preference when it comes to toys, and just like children, they have their favorite toys too.

However, it’s best if you keep a few basic toys ready before bringing your furry friend home, and once you are able to identify which toys your pet likes the most, you can get just those in the future.

11. Dog Grooming Kit

All pets have basic grooming needs, and dogs aren’t any different in this matter.

You need to establish a proper grooming routine for your new pet that generally includes regular brushing, trimming, and haircuts.

First-time dog owners should ideally invest in a grooming kit that comprises of essential grooming supplies such as dog combs and brushes, nail trimmers, dog shampoos, dog ear-care tools, and hair clippers.

As with many other dog supplies, these grooming tools also come in many varieties, and you must get the right ones according to the size and type of your dog.

12. Identification Tags

Many pet owners often have horror stories to share in which their pets have gone missing.

Identification tags are essential to prevent any such incident from occurring as they can help bring your dog back even if they were to lose their way or go missing.

A personalized pet identification tag is one of the most essential supplies for dogs, and it’s best if you also add your name and address on it other than your dog’s name and your contact number.

This is only for emergency situations so that people know where and who to contact in case if your dog was to ever go missing.

13. Dog Training Books

As first-time dog parents, you will naturally be super confused and apprehensive about taking care of your new furry member. There may even be times and instances when you don’t know particularly know how to respond or handle the situation.

Or, when it comes to dog training and socialization, there might be a few essential things that you aren’t aware of. So, for these very reasons, dog training books make one of the most essential supplies for dogs, especially for first-time dog parents.

14. A Trusted Vet

Once you have a pet in the house, you will need to take it for checkups, vaccinations, and whatnot. It is important to have a trusted vet for your dog who you can easily contact in times of need and emergencies.

Pet-related accidents can also occur, so it is absolutely important that you choose the right veterinarian for your little pup to get the best help for it whenever needed.

15. First Aid Kit

Every house usually has a first aid kit, but when bringing a canine into your home, you might have to add new tools and contents in the existing kit. Or, you can also create a completely separate first aid kit for your dog.

Some essential supplies that you should include in the first aid kit for your dog are: absorbent gauze pads, disposable gloves, cotton swabs or balls, adhesive tape, towels, alcohol wipes, styptic powder, and scissors, to name a few.

Also, make sure to write the details of your veterinarian like their phone number, clinic name, address for emergencies, as well as details of local veterinary emergency clinics in case your vet isn’t available.

16. Poop Bags

While this isn’t exactly a glamorous purchase that you will be making for your furry friend, but poop bags surely is one of the most essential supplies for dogs. They make the cleaning process super easy, hygienic, and quick after your pet has done its business in the yard, for instance.

The best part? Poop bags help keep your waste bin clean, and every dog-owner wants that, among many other things!

17. Baby Gate

Some pets have a tendency to poke their nose everywhere, and it’s possible that you find your pet wandering inside your bathroom when you are away.

Baby gates are a wonderful option to keep your dog out of spaces where you don’t want them, such as the kitchen, bathroom, going upstairs, etc.

Most baby gates feature a convenient walk-through design that’s easily lockable.

18. Puppy Pads

Accidents happen, and if you come across any pet-parent telling you that they’ve never had to deal with an ‘accident,’ they are probably lying.

Housebreaking is quite a process, and while you can’t prevent accidents from occurring, you can find a way to deal with them.

Puppy pads are great tools to invest in that you can place around the house in different areas. You will find a variety of puppy pads, some that come with highly absorbent qualities and unique scents that help attracts dogs to do their business on the pad rather than going for your carpet.

19. Car Seat Belt

When you bring home a new pet, the chances are that you might want to take it out on trips, occasional rides to the vet, or to your relatives’ house, for instance.

For such times, investing in a car seat belt restraint is a good idea. This tool prevents pups and dogs from sliding around in the car, and they also ensure their proper safety.

Oftentimes, dogs have trouble staying in one place, such as when the vehicle takes a turn or is crossing a bumpy road. So, a seat belt restraint will provide your pet with increased stability and keep it in one position.

20. All-In-One Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

Your dog is likely to get dirty and even stink after playing in your yard or the dog park, after which they need a proper bath.

Give your pet a good bath with the help of an all-in-one shampoo and conditioner that will help leave your dog smelling super fresh and nice, and will also make its fur really soft and clean.

However, make sure to read the ingredients on the label and that it’s a mild product that you can use on your pet without any worries.

Have A Great Time With Your Furry Friend!

No matter how worried or nervous you might be about bringing home a new pet, once they are here, all your stress will go away! Your heart will melt at their cuteness, and before you even know it, your pet will have adapted to your lifestyle. More than that, you will also evolve as first-time dog parents.

Use this list of essential supplies for dogs to help you get started and welcome your new family member into your home.

Make sure to do proper research before you go on your pet shopping spree so that you know exactly what to get. While all of this might sound stressful to new dog-parents, be assured that there’s nothing to worry about.

Simply follow this guide, get on your hands on the essential supplies for dogs, and make your

home super welcoming and fully prepared for your new pet dog!