19 Cutest Cat Breeds

19 Cutest Cat Breeds

While you can safely say that every cat is cute, there are a few that really stand out from the crowd. Read on to know more about some of the cutest cat breeds.

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Cuteness is a trait that is common to pretty much every cat breed. However, some breeds reflect this trait a bit more than others – especially when you consider that there are 70 different breeds of cats. In this blog, we have shortlisted some of the cutest cat breeds for you to feast your eyes on.

Cutest Cat Breeds

1) Abyssinian:

 One of the oldest breeds around, the Abyssinian portrays an almost regal look. The cat is known for its large ears, arched neck, and muscular body. With almond-shaped eyes, the Abyssinian is no different than the cats that you see in ancient Egyptian paintings. The breed first made its way into the US through England, during the early 1900s. Abyssinians make excellent pets, and you will be hard-pressed to find a cat breed that is more loyal.

2) Ragdoll:

The Ragdoll has been named as such, due to the relaxed floppiness that it exhibits when it is cuddled. The breed’s semi-long, color-point coat is simply irresistible – which is why it is a good thing that Ragdolls love to be cuddled and held. If the coat is not alluring enough for you, the breed’s entrancing blue eyes are bound to get you under an unbreakable spell.

3) American Bobtail:

Even though this breed is renowned for its wild looks and appearance, the American Bobtail is also extremely smart, loving, and playful. They have broad heads and rectangular bodies, and, thanks to their muscularity, they often look larger than they really are. This cute breed is very pet-able, and loves to play games with humans and even other animals such as dogs.

4) Munchkin Cat:

The name ‘Munchkin’ should be enough to confirm the cuteness of this breed. This tiny feline is the very definition of ‘extroversion’, and loves to interact and play with humans, cats, and dogs. The breed’s whimsical personality and diminutive stature means that you will be wrapped around its finger before you even realize it.

5) Balinese:

This breed looks almost identical to the Siamese cat, but is not as popular. While the two breeds share a lot of physical traits, including blue eyes, coloring, and body type, there is one key difference. The Balinese possesses a flowing and silky coat, while its tail produces a beautiful plumed shape. Since the coat will not mat, grooming the Balinese is not at all complicated. Even though the Balinese, with their sapphire eyes, portrays a regal look, they are really quite playful and possess a large and generous heart.

6) Cymric:

Let us be honest, you never thought that there could be a tail-less cat breed, did you? Well, the Cymric says otherwise. The Cymric, with their rounded eyes, head, and even rear ends, are simply adorable – not to mention that the breed is extremely affectionate and gentle. You can find the Cymric in many different colors, and, let us warn you – this breed loves to jump.

7) Bengal:

The Bengal rich color, lined with marbles and spots, makes it another extremely cute breed of cats. Besides bragging an attractive appearance, this breed is also rich in terms of intelligence and playfulness, making it an excellent choice for a family cat. Even though the Bengal might require a bit of extra attention, it normally does not have any issues with other pets. Since Bengals love water, you might find them leaping into the shower with you, or even observe you brush your teeth each morning.

8) Birman:

Birman is the very definition of elegance, and was one known as the ‘Sacred Burmese Cat’. This ball of prettiness, with its silky coat and beguiling eyes, is bound to win you over. Since this breed is very people-oriented, it likes to make friends and gets along well even with strangers. It loves to hang around with its family, and does not mind any extra attention. Did you know that the Birman was very nearly eliminated from the European continent during the Second World War? Had the last two Birmans not been kept safe, we might not have been able to enjoy this tremendously cute cat breed in the 21st century.

9) Ragamuffin:

The Ragdoll’s cousin, this breed is a fluffy and large ball of fur that loves to follow its humans. The Ragamuffins are extremely playful, patient, and calm, which means that they make excellent pets for families that consist of young children. From its appearance and nature, right down to its very name, everything about the Ragamuffin screams cuteness.

10) Bombay:

This tiny panther, with its short and black hair, and copper-colored eyes, are bound to blow you away. The CFA aims to produce cat breeds that have a panther-like appearance, since such breeds are unlikely to contain any wild blood. Even though you can leash-train the Bombay, but the breed is known for its mischievousness. If you are looking for a cat that is independent, you will not go wrong with the Bombay.

11) Egyptian Mau:

The Egyptian Mau is one of the few domestic breeds that contain natural spots on their coats. The breed has a sweetly-shy demeanor, and breathtakingly-good looks to go with it. Even though the Mau is reserved and sensitive, if you can show that you can be trusted, it will stay right by your side for its entire life.

12) British Shorthair:

This clumsy breed is bound to offer a few laughs. However, the British Shorthair is also quiet, calm, and easygoing. British Shorthairs can be large or medium in size, with the male having weights as high as 17 pounds. Their sweet demeanor means that they will be good with your entire family, including any other pets such as dogs, rabbits, or even birds. One thing that these cats do not like is being picked up, so be mindful of that.

13) Chartreux:

This smiling, blue French cat is one of the most beloved (and the rarest) cats throughout the United States. The blue-gray fur, bright eyes, and rotund body make the Chartreux simply irresistible. And, if that is not enough, the breed has a loving, personable nature, which means that it loves to be held and cuddled.

14) Devon Rex:

There is plenty that sets this breed apart, including the prominent cheekbones, short muzzle, and large eyes. The large, low-set ears mean that the Devon Rex can be compared to space aliens, pixie fairies, and elves. However, once you actually get a Devon Rex, you will be pleasantly surprised by its affectionate, intelligent, and playful nature.

15) LaPerm:

The kinky curls associated with this breed are bound to take you back to the perm hairstyle that was all the rage during the 80s. Even though the hairstyle might have died out since, you will find it impossible to deny that LaPerm is still rocking this look, even half a century later. This breed can get a bit mischievous, but, with the cuteness that it exhibits, you might be compelled to bring out your forgiving nature every single time.

16) European Burmese:

If you want someone to make the guests feel welcomed, let us present to you the European Burmese. Highly extroverted, this breed loves interacting with everyone, including friends or relatives who might stop by every now and then. This short-haired, medium-sized kitty can be found in many different shades, ranging from dark to light. These cats are highly intelligent, loyal, and love to snuggle.

17) Turkish Angora:

With the strength and grace of a ballerina, the Angora is nothing less than a national treasure throughout Turkey. The fluffy tail, and the long and silky coat, all scream elegance, but do not judge a book by its cover. These cats might appear civil and reserved, but, in reality, are extremely humorous, active, playful, and smart.

18) Exotic:

If you want a cat but are not ready to deal with the hair drama, go for the Exotic. Even though this breed has short hair, it does not look dissimilar to a Persian. The good thing is that the Exotic’s beautiful coat can be kept intact, even without everyday grooming. Although this breed is peaceful and calm, it loves to get personal and close with their humans. Hence, do not be surprised if it decides to place its nose on your face, or gives you a big hug out of nowhere. As per the CFA, a male Exotic is usually more affectionate compared to its female counterpart.

19) Korat:

This medium-sized cat brags an intriguing, silver-blue coat. With amber or green eyes that seem too big for their face, the Korats come off as expressive and alert –which they are. However, in addition to that, they are also highly intelligent, playful, and affectionate. They also love food and, if you are too slow in re-filling the snack bowl, it might just force you to ramp up the effort by climbing onto your shoulders.

Final Word

So, there you have it, the very cream of cute cat breeds. If you want to learn more about cats, please feel free to check out some of the other blogs on our site.