12 Male Italian Dog Names

12 Male Italian Dog Names

Take a look at some of the most beautiful male Italian dog names that you can choose from to name your pet.

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If your dog is an Italian breed or you yourself are Italian, it makes complete sense to give your pupper an Italian name as a way to pay homage to yours and your furry friend’s homeland.

Even if that isn’t the case, you can still choose an Italian game, given how unique they are.

When it comes to dog names, many pet owners often take a lot of inspiration from Italian, one of the most beautiful languages out there. The options are endless, and you will definitely find an amazing name for your canine buddy.

Take a look at some of the most beautiful male Italian dog names that you can choose from to name your pet.

  • Aldo – rich

This is a short, catchy name that makes a great option for your pet dog. It originally means rich, which can be seen from multiple perspectives.

  • Angelo – angel

Derived from the word angel, Angelo is an excellent choice for your furry friend because our pets are like angels to us, aren’t they?

  • Bruno – brown haired

If your pet dog has brown hair, the name Bruno is quite befitting for it since it literally means brown haired!

  • Elmo – to love

This might immediately remind you of Sesame Street, but Elmo is definitely one of the best male Italian dog names! It means to love or worthy of being loved, which makes sense when it comes to our furry canine friends.

  • Fabio – bean grower

The meaning of this name might not catch your attention, but Fabio is a really unique and popular name for male dogs.

  • Piccolo – little one

If your dog is small in size and super adorable, Piccolo is the perfect name for it as it means the little one.

  • Gino – famous

Our pet dogs are naturally the most popular members of the family, which makes the name Gino just the right option for them!

  • Luciano – light

The meaning of this name could suggest multiple things, one of which is that your pet dog is the light of your life.

  • Ugo – intelligent

Dogs are such intelligent little creatures, so it only makes sense to name them something like Ugo since it means intelligent.

  • Santo – sacred/ holy

This is also one of the most popular male Italian dog names mainly because of its profound meaning.

  • Salvatore – savior

It may feel heavy on the tongue, but Salvatore is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Italian names, not just for dogs but also human beings! It means savior, which goes to suggest that your dog is like your true savior.

  • Romeo – pilgrim from Rome

This will probably remind you of the ever renowned tragedy Romeo and Juliet, and that’s primarily how the name Romeo became so popular. It means pilgrim from Rome but is such an apt name for a pet dog.

Your Dog Will Love These Names!

It is important to put a lot of thought and care into your dog’s name because you not only want it to roll right off your tongue, but you also want your dog to love it and respond to it.

The above names are truly some of the best male Italian dog names, and there’s no denying the fact that your furry friend will just love them!