12 Best Interactive Toys for Your Furry Friend

12 Best Interactive Toys for Your Furry Friend

Dogs require constant stimulation to live fulfilling and happy lives. It is quite important for their cognitive and physical development to play, run, explore, and have fun. Here is everything you need to know about them as well as the best ones that you can get!

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Dogs require constant stimulation to live fulfilling and happy lives. It is quite important for their cognitive and physical development to play, run, explore, and have fun. If you spend all day long at work, it can even be more important to them to have a little one-on-one playtime at night.

Interactive toys for pets can be a great idea for your dogs. Here is everything you need to know about them as well as the best ones that you can get!

Why Should You Get Interactive Toys for Pets?

It may not seem like a really important task to get interactive toys for pets, but trust us, it is quite essential. Here are 5 reasons why a furry friend can benefit from the toy, so consider them carefully:

  • Interactive Toys Promote Exercise

A lot of dogs don’t have the chance to move around as they used to. It can be hard for them to go exploring in urban situations where they can get lost off their leash. Most dogs only get around an hour of exercise a day. If you work all day long, you may be able to take them out too often for exercise. The interactive toy allows them an opportunity to exercise.

  • Interactive Toys Stimulate Dogs Mentally

The thing that you need to remember about dogs is that they need both physical and mental stimulation so that they are healthy and happy too. Interactive toys for pets can help them apply problem-solving skills and use their noggins. This can develop their inner cognitive workings.

  • Toys Can Keep Dogs Entertained When You Aren’t There

All dog owners may feel some guilt for leaving the pup alone at home for long periods while you work. Leaving them with interactive toys can solve this problem for you! Some toys are designed to keep them entertained for hours on end so that they don’t feel too bored the whole day without you.

  • Promotes Fitness and Health

Dogs can become overweight if they don’t get enough exercise. If they laze around all the long while waiting for you to come home, it can be dangerous for them in the long run. By getting an interactive toy that requires them to exercise, such as fetch balls, you will make sure that your dog stays fit.

  • Reduces Unwanted Behavior

Dogs can engage in unwanted or negative behavior if they are generally left alone too long all day without any entertainment. If you are coming home to find your furniture destroyed or footwear chewed up, it can be because your dog was simply bored. Turning their attention to a fascinating and interactive toy can reduce negative behavior.

What Types of Interactive Toys Are Available?

Most interactive toys for pets are based on getting the desired response from them, but before that, your dog needs to interact with the toy. This is why toys are often structured to get the dogs interested. Here are the most common types of interactive toys that you can purchase.

  • Treat-Dispensing Kind offer the dog a treat after they are done interacting with it. This allows them to get interested in initiating the interaction.
  • Electronic Toys stimulate the attention of your dog and entertain them by using lighting effects and sound effects.
  • Ball Launchers will allow your friend to play fetch for as long as they want to without the owner being present.
  • Hide and Seek Interactive toys offer mental stimulation for the dog which allows them to use their problem-solving and intellectual abilities.
  • Tension Toys give the dog plenty of fun since they can result in frequent and long tug of war sessions that the dog will absolutely enjoy.
  • Mobile Toys help the dog give in to their natural instinct to hunt and prey. These toys offer them a way to satisfy their needs.

What Features Should You Consider?

When you are shopping for the right interactive toys for pets, you need to consider them as a responsible task. You want to make sure that the new toy fits the personality of the dog and brings them joy and fun. There are some features that you should keep in mind when you are making a purchase.

Firstly, making sure that you are choosing the right size of the toy is important. When you are buying the toy, check the recommended size of the toy for your dogs. Small toys can be a danger to large dogs since they may swallow and choke on them. On the other hand, small dogs may not be able to enjoy toys that are designed for larger dogs.

Secondly, they must be made of durable material so that they don’t fall apart in just a week. You need to keep the chewing habits of your dog in mind.

The toys also have to be safe for your dog. Any allergies should be kept in mind, so you should inspect the materials that were used to make the toy. Any toys where the dogs could possibly bite off a part of can mean that they swallow and choke on it.

And lastly, and perhaps the most important, is to choose an interactive toy that is just plain fun! The dog’s tastes and personality should be at the forefront of your mind when you are picking the toy. For example, dogs that don’t like fetching, in general, will not enjoy a fetch toy at all.

Best Interactive Toys for Pets

Most dogs love ropes and bones, but they aren’t enough to keep them entertained for too long. However, novelty toys can be quite heavy on the budget too. We browsed through the internet and all pet products to find affordable interactive toys for pets that you can use.

1.     Pet Fitness Robot by Varram

Dogs that are left alone in the house while you are at work may not be getting enough exercise or entertainment. There are toys that can solve this issue for you. The Pet Fitness Robot by Varram has a futuristic design that offers many features you will like.

It helps by introducing more exercise into your pet’s life. You can control the amount of physical activity that they receive, depending on their needs and health. The best part is that you can track the fitness statistics of your furry friend too.

The robot zooms around the room to keep the dog entertained. It even dispenses some treats periodically and engages with the dog in a fun activity. You can control the robot through your mobile app as well as manual controls. The robot is made from extremely durable material, so even if your dog is a chewer, it is suitable for them. You shouldn’t be worried about it getting a little wet either.

2.     Smart Bone by Wickedbone

One of the best interactive toys for pets is the Smart Bone by Wickedbone. It has state-of-the-art features that make it the most popular for pet owners.

It has different modes that ensure that the dog will not get bored too easily. There are modes available where the pup can play alone as well as one that increases bonding time between the dog and the owner. Both the tires and the toys are made with polycarbonate (food-grade). This is a highly durable material and is quite safe for the pup. It can take on high amounts of pressure without any issues.

The best part is that it only takes an hour to charge the battery, which can last for up to a month, depending on how you use it.

3.     Trixie Mad Scientist

A popular type of interactive toy for pets is combing entertainment with treats. The Trixie Mad Scientist is a classic toy that is quite fun for dogs and comes with a nice treat inside. This is the perfect toy for smart dogs.

The toy has a colorful design that can capture the dog’s attention; don’t worry, we realize that the color range of dogs is limited –the toy is designed with that in mind. It comes with a non-slip mat made of rubber so that your dog doesn’t knock it over.

There are tons of ways for dogs to interact with the toy. All the information you need is written in the booklet, so you can explore the toy with your dog. The toy is an excellent way to stimulate the dog’s mind and curiosity. Plus, the dog will receive a delicious treat as a reward for their problem-solving skills.

4.     Dog Ball Launcher

Any toy that takes into account both the cognitive and physical abilities of the dog is the best one of all. A dog ball launcher is one of the best toys for that reason. It helps the dog exercise as well as stimulates their minds.

Along with the toy, you can also purchase a pack of 3 or 5 sturdy tennis balls that are perfect for medium to small dog breeds. It is a fun, interactive toy to use to increase bonding time between the owner and the dog. The range of the toy makes it perfect for outdoor and indoor use; a game of fetch that your dog will never forget no matter where you are!

5.     Furry Fido Interactive Ball for Dogs

Not every interactive toy needs to be a high-tech device. While the Furry Fido Interactive Ball looks quite ordinary, it has plenty of useful features that make it the best product for your pet. The ball can be used for independent play by filling it with treats or you can play fetch with the ball.

The ball is a challenging toy that stimulates the dog mentally and physically. The dog has to align the two holes in the ball to get the treats out, which can be fun for them to figure out. The ball is made with a durable and soft natural rubber. It also helps to maintain the dental hygiene of the dog. The best part is that it has a lifetime money-back guarantee, so you will never be disappointed by it.

6.     Wooly Snuffle Mat by Paw5

Any pet loves getting food in their bowls, but dogs also like searching and hunting for their food! Creating an opportunity for your puppy to forage in an urban environment can be a challenge. This is where the Wooly Snuffle Mat by Paw5 comes in.

The mat allows your dog to experience how it would be to hunt for food in the wild. It can be used to dispense some treats for your dog or feeding. By foraging for food within the mat, the dog can hone their natural instincts and smelling abilities. The structure and dimension of the mat are designed to cater to all dog sizes and breeds. The mat is made with durable and soft materials. You can safely wash it in the washing machine to clean it out.

7.     West Paw Zogoflex Quizl Dog Toy

Every dog loves treats, but you should make them work for it so that they can develop some mental and physical skills too. The West Paw Zogoflex Quizl toy can offer a chance for your dogs to earn their treats. It allows you to limit your use of treats every day but in a fun way.

It is made with safe and durable materials, which makes it perfect for dogs that love chewing aggressively. Even if the treats finish, you can use them for other physical activities and fetching. It is easy to clean since you can wash it in the dishwasher.

8.     Our Pet IQ Treats Ball

Our Pet IQ Treats ball offers a variety of activities that can be quite fun for the dog. They give the pup a chance to work for their treats as well as bond with its beloved owner. There are many benefits that the ball comes with.

The ball comes in two sizes as well as lots of fun colors. You can find the perfect one for your dog. It is made with non-toxic plastic, so they can chew and lick it all they like. You can break it apart easily to clean it. Once the dog learns how to work the ball, you can adjust the difficulty levels that can challenge them even more.

9.     Wobbler Interactive Toy by Kong

Kong is known for making amazing smart toys that are some of the best interactive toys for pets. The Wobbler toy is quite popular among pet owners because while it looks simple, it is highly functional and fun.

It can be used as a basic treat dispenser, but you can also use it as a primary feeding medium if you want to extend the time of feeding for the pup. The Wobbler comes with an unexpected bounce that keeps dogs entertained for hours on end. The durable and food-grade polymer makes the toy long-lasting and ensures that it doesn’t succumb to your pup’s tough chewing. To fill the treats, you only need to unscrew the top of the toy.

10. Hide-A-Squirrel Toy by Outward Hound

This is one of the most unique interactive toys for pets that you may have ever seen. It has no moving or rubber parts and gives both the owner and dog quite a bit of joy. You can use the toy to have a fun game of fetch with the toy or let the dog go at it alone.

The toy comes in four sizes, and the squirrels can range from 3 to 6. The dog will be entertained for hours as they go looking for the squirrels inside the toy. The squeaky sounds produced by the squirrel will get the pups excited for the hunt. The best part is that you can add in more characters to make it more fun for the dogs and you.

11. Glow Pro Launcher by Chuckit Max

If you have ever looked for a dog toy, you will have crossed the Chuckit Max Pro Launcher. It is a popular item that many pet owners have invested in. It has a lot of functions that will entertain your dog, but it also glows in the dark.

The glow in the dark element of the toy adds a fun twist for the dog. It can be used for late night or early morning walks too since it offers light too. The best part is that it is solar-powered, so you only need to place it in the sun.

When you throw the ball in the air, it produces a whistling sound. This makes it easy for your dog to follow the direction the ball went into, but it isn’t loud enough to become annoying for the owners. It is made with safe and durable materials to ensure that it is long-lasting.

12. IQ Treat Ball by EE Toys

For a truly nice interactive toy for pets, they need to have more than one function. The IQ Treat Ball by EE Toys is fun, and cute as well as adds value to your dog’s life.

The ball has an unusual texture; this helps to maintain dental hygiene by keeping the dog’s gums and teeth clean. The ball can be used for fetching or a treat dispenser. The owner and dog can come together for hours of fun. It is great for dogs who spend a lot of time alone and need to be entertained for a couple of hours.

In Conclusion

Interactive toys for pets can be quite a lot of fun for dogs as well as help them develop some crucial skills. Even getting one great toy can result in hours of fun for your puppy. And what’s better than seeing your pet happy and healthy?