10 Most Popular Dog Breeds Around the World

10 Most Popular Dog Breeds Around the World

Do you ever wonder if the breed of your favourite canine friend is popular? Here are the 10 most popular breeds around the world to understand how admired your beloved pooch really is by other dog enthusiasts!

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Whether you’ve owned cute pups as a child or spent your adult years around hunting dogs, every dog owner’s preference is usually influenced by the experiences they have had with certain breeds. As a dog parent, you might have a favorite, too! However, is the breed of your favorite canine friend popular? Here are the 10 most popular breeds around the world to understand how admired your beloved pooch really is by other dog enthusiasts!

Labrador Retriever

When it comes to the most popular dog breed around the world, the Labrador retriever takes the lead! These dogs have a versatile nature that other pups can only imagine having! Labrador retrievers are not only true companions, but they are also great as show dogs, canine athletes, rescue and search dogs, therapy dogs, sniffer dogs, service dogs, guide dogs, and finally, hunting dogs!

They enjoy various healthy activities, including hiking, swimming, boating, and more. If you own a Labrador retriever, you may be already aware of the fact that these doggies are willing to participate in any fun, outdoor activities! The characteristics mentioned above make this dog breed a great animal to be kept as a pet. Whether your house is filled with older children or toddlers, a young Labrador retriever can prove to be the perfect partner.

Since the popularity of this family-friendly dog breed is exceptional, it can cost between 700 and 1500 dollars. People who love the Great Outdoors are recommended to adopt this lively dog breed. Active seniors can also benefit greatly from this energetic dog breed if they love to take strolls in the garden. When provided with sufficient exercise time, Labrador retriever dogs can handle anything from a vast ranch to a small apartment. While Labrador retrievers look intimidating, these dogs are nothing but loving, loyal and amazing friends!

Golden Retriever

The reason that Golden retrievers are immensely popular is that they are easy to train, eager to please, and extremely cheerful! When you look for an ideal family dog, then Golden Retriever is your answer. This breed doesn’t only get along well with adults and children, but they are also happy with other fellow dogs. These dogs love pats and are great with strangers. Fetch is one of the favorite games of these darling creatures. They can retrieve balls until you completely give up!

Golden retrievers are intelligent and loyal, and they have a stable temperament. They are always smiling, and therefore, they are a popular choice for television. While these dogs were originally bred for working purposes, they make the best pets now! The best family for these dogs is one whose family members are extremely active themselves. These pups need their daily dose of energy and love. They need outlets to channel their energy; activities such as playing fetch, swimming, hiking, jogging, and walking are excellent for their entertainment.

Before you adopt a Golden retriever just for its popularity, make sure to understand that dog parents have the responsibility to keep their pets happy. It is important to keep a Golden retriever occupied at all times. You can take your doggy on hikes, extended walks, or even for dog sports. This breed excels at all sports, including obedience, tracking, dock diving, freestyle, rally, flyball, and agility. You can even teach your Golden retriever some tricks and provide it with interactive toys that can stimulate its mental capacity and challenge its brain! Remember, boredom and loneliness can lead to extensive barking and general destructiveness.

French Bulldog

French bulldogs are tough on the outside but loving and sweet on the inside! They have distinctive bat-shaped earns and bow-legged gait. French bulldogs have gained immense popularity over the years since they are quite small and have an easy-care, short coat. The coat of this dog breed comes in a variety of colors that you can choose from when adopting one! French bulldogs don’t bark a lot, they can comfortably fit in a vehicle, and don’t require regular exercise, making them ideal for families living in the city and looking for small dogs.

While French Bulldogs are quite charming, they are also clever and have a great sense of humor! These dogs are also known to be quite stubborn. They prove to be loyal companions since they are quite fond of their humans. Remember that when you adopt a French bulldog, they become a lifetime responsibility since it easily becomes attached to its owners. A French bulldog can absolutely not live in the garage, backyard, or simply in isolation. Dog owners need to provide this breed with a loving, indoor environment.

While French Bulldogs are sweet and loyal, they do have some minor issues that some families might find problematic. This breed is quite difficult to housetrain and also snores. The dramatic sounds that this dog breed makes while it is asleep contradict its small size and soft demeanor. Remember that these little pups are sensitive to heat. Therefore, extensive exposure to sunlight can cause them to experience heatstroke!


Bulldogs are a complete package of love, laughter, and loyalty! These are some characteristics of this adorable dog breed that make it popular. While bulldogs are gentle family companions today, they were bred originally to fight in sports. Bulldogs are well known for their determination and loyalty. With their distinctive underbite and wrinkled mug, you can easily recognize a Bulldog when it passes by. When it comes to the temperament and personality of bulldogs, it should be noted that they prove to be ideal companions! Bulldogs love children, and they can be easily trained to be family pets.

When you adopt a Bulldog, you simply sign up for unlimited fun and amusement. These dogs are attention seekers and very affectionate. While this dog breed is loving and energetic, it cannot tolerate warm weather. Too much stress or exercise can make this dog breed exhausted. It is important to keep Bulldogs indoors and provide them with air conditioning at all times. Since breeding Bulldogs is quite difficult and costly, they are sold at a high price too.

This easy-care breed has manageable exercise needs and isn’t a picky eater, making it an ideal pet for individuals who cannot invest a lot of money in the relationship. If you would like to prevent your precious bulldog from suffering from heatstroke, it is important that you keep it indoors at all times and provide high-quality, air-conditioned comfort to it!

German Shepherd

German shepherd dogs are easily recognizable due to their immense popularity. These ideal canines have erect ears, intelligent, dark eyes, and an imposing size! German shepherds are also popular as fearless, athletic, and versatile working dogs. They can take on the challenge of performing just about any task assigned to them, from detecting drugs to leading the blind! If you are looking for a loyal, devoted, and energetic companion, then a German shepherd dog is the way to go.

German shepherds are not only famous for their origin as herding dogs, but because of their ability to excel in every dog sport, including obedience, tracking, herding, rally, and agility; they have also made a name for themselves as military and police dogs, search and rescue dogs, detector dogs, and assistance dogs. Before you adopt a German shepherd, remember you need to be completely dedicated to the entire process. German shepherds require a lot of exercise, as it helps stimulate their mental capacities. Along with a half-hour stroll at least twice a day, you also need to indulge in a vigorous training or play session with your doggy to keep it healthy and happy!

Since German shepherds are loving and overprotective, they are an ideal choice for all sorts of families. These loyal companions can handle versatile surroundings as long as they get their daily dose of exercise and sufficient outlets to channel their energy. Remember, this popular dog breed is not suitable for life in a doghouse or the backyard.

 Make sure you provide it with a loving family indoors in order to keep it happy and thriving!

Australian Shepherd

This breed is not only focused and intelligent, but it can also prove to be a loyal best friend! However, like every other dog breed on our list, the Australian shepherd also comes with its share of preferences and needs that you, as a responsible dog parent, are required to fulfill. Australian shepherd dogs need to remain busy at all times with exciting dog sports, including herding, tracking, obedience, flyball, agility, tracking, flying disc games, and more. You can also teach this dog breed to do some chores around the yard or your house.

Never underestimate the intelligence of an Australian shepherd. They are one of the most intelligent dog breeds out there. If you are an individual that expects their dog to accompany you while you watch your favorite movies, then the Australian shepherd isn’t the right choice for you – since a lack of activity can cause it to become bored and self-destructive.

One more reason for the Australian shepherd’s popularity is its merle coat with a light background that is accentuated with dark blotches of the same color. This marbled appearance makes this breed one of the most popular choices among dog enthusiasts!


The poodle is one of those dog breeds that can be seen abundantly in movies and TV shows – and for good reason too, as the poodle is a dog that is not only good looking but also is smart and funny. Those who have had the good fortune of being able to welcome a poodle into their family will attest to the intelligence of the dog. Along with this, people also love keeping poodles as pets because they are very easy to train.

It does appear that the coat of a poodle that catches everyone’s attention would be super hard to maintain. However, while maintaining a coat perfectly is difficult in just about any breed, it is slightly less complicated for a poodle, as the poodle sheds less fur as compared to other dog breeds. This particular characteristic also makes poodles more suitable for those who have allergies and also harbor a desire to keep dogs as pets. The coiffured dogs seen in TV shows belong exactly there.

In practical life, poodles don’t need to be as carefully pruned and styled. Rather, it needs grooming after a period of about 4 to 6 weeks. However, this is particularly important as without due maintenance, the coat of a poodle can become quite a disastrous mess! Poodles are indeed beautiful creatures that come in quite a variety of colors. More popular colors in poodles include black, brown, blue, apricot, grey, and white. There are also part-poodles that have coats in two tones.


There is so much to love about Beagles! They have the perfect size and wonderful disposition. Along with this, their coats are also pretty easy to take care of, and they are therefore very popular amongst families. However, their utility should certainly not be underestimated! Since they are small and friendly, they tend to make people comfortable. Hence, they are often used for the purpose of scent detection at airports.

While larger dogs may make passengers being subject to the practice pretty nervous, these little creatures do the exact opposite! For families who wish to keep the Beagle as a pet, it is important to ensure that they have a fenced and secure area. Beagles are known to go where their little wet noses take them, and so to keep them safe, a fenced area is necessary. Beagles can also be very creative when it comes to both finding and accessing food. This can also be used as a wonderful and positive motivation when trying to train Beagles.

These beautiful, tiny dogs come in two size variations. The relatively smaller ones are about 13 inches tall, while the bigger ones, so to say, can stand up to 15 inches tall. Usually in a combination of three colors; white, black, and tan, a Beagles’ coat is short and clean. Their size, coat, and disposition all are elements that are very appealing to families, even those with smaller children. In fact, they are happier when they are part of a family and thrive indoors.


Rottweilers are relatively large dogs, with huge heads and a body that is rippling with muscles. Along with having a stunning appearance, they are also fiercely loyal and intelligent dogs. Perhaps owing to its muscled appearance along with bold black and tan markings, Rottweilers are often feared by people and considered to be wild and dangerous dogs. So much propaganda has built up around this image that there are even instances of insurance companies refusing to provide cover to houses and families with Rottweilers as pets.

However, the truth is that Rottweilers are anything but aggressive. If you can get past the intimidating exterior, on the inside, they are loving and protective. Since Rottweilers have been bred for years for the purpose of protection, these instincts are well-honed. This, coupled with the proportion of muscles in its body, makes this breed a favorite in police work. In order to ensure the right and desirable qualities come to the surface, Rottweilers need training that is structured and consistent.

In order to ensure they are well-adjusted to their surroundings, they should also be subjected to focused socialization from a young age. However, there is a need to exercise caution where the interaction of Rottweilers and the elderly or children is involved. While they might just be playing, a little nudge could deliver quite an impact resulting in children or the elderly getting hurt. They also need adequate exercise as they have a tendency to put on weight relatively quickly.

German Shorthair Pointer

Another popular favorite breed is the German Shorthair Pointer. The German Shorthair Pointer didn’t come about as a natural breed; rather, it was created through the cross-breeding of three breeds; the Pointer, Foxhound, and Poodle. As a result of these crossings, the German Shorthair Pointer has a coat much like wires. This coat protects the dog through rough terrains, enabling it to be quite a versatile hunter.

The German Shorthair Pointer also has a unique characteristic of being able to both pointing and retrieving not just on land but also very well in water. However attractive might the appearance and distinct capabilities of this breed may be, it ought to be remembered that this dog requires a significant amount of upkeep and maintenance as this breed is complex and has special needs. Not only does the dog need significant physical exercise, but it also demands quite a bit of mental stimulation in order to stay happy and content. They are prone to wreaking havoc if they get bored, and so are ideal for families who either have other dogs to keep this one company or considerable amounts of free time on their hands to entertain it.

For these dogs to thrive, families that own them need to have large yards and opportunities for activities outdoors. This way, they will be able to receive the training, attention, and exercise that they seek. Other than the physical and mental stimulation aspect, they are easy to maintain with coats that do not shed a lot around the year.

While there are plenty of dog breeds out there, some of the aforementioned pooches are simply more popular than others!