10 Amazing Dog Food Storage Ideas

10 Amazing Dog Food Storage Ideas

If you own a dog (or any other pet, for that matter) you know how important it is to store their food in the right manner. Read on to know more about some highly effective dog food storage ideas.

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If pet dogs are an important part of your life, then you probably understand how important it is to be able to store their treats and foods in the right manner. Sometimes, achieving that can prove to be tricky, especially for dog owners who do not have large kitchens. In such cases, pet food is often stored in huge bags or lidded bins that are stashed away in some corner of the house.

While we are certainly not suggesting you to purchase a full cabinet for your canine friend’s nourishment needs, but there are certainly some better and (cost) effective ways that you can explore.

In this article, we will be discussing some of those dog food storage ideas.  

Dog Food Storage Ideas

1) Plastic drawers

Let us begin with one of the simplest storage ideas. You probably use – or at least know – about those storage drawers that are often used for kids’ toys. These draws sometimes contain castors, and can work beautifully for pet food. In addition, if you want to throw in a bit of ‘WOW’ factor, you can even add a few stencils to the drawers.

2) Personalized metal wastebaskets

For dog owners who are looking for an industrialized-looking feeding area, a metallic trash can do the trick. You can find these cans at any regular hardware store, and can boost their look by throwing in some edgy stencils.

3) Can covers

If your pet prefers eating canned item, but not the whole can all at once, you can use some can covers to store the remaining food and keep it fresh for the next time that your pup’s tummy decides to growl. These cans are made using silicon, and a single lid can often fit three to four different sizes of cans.

4) Clothes hamper

Many dog owners use plastic trash cans to keep their pet’s bowls and foods – which is certainly not a problem. However, a simple clothes hamper can appear much better and offer a more sophisticated look.

5) Food dispensers

If you keep your pet outdoors, you should certainly consider using a food dispenser to store your dog’s food. Not only does the dispenser keep the food fresh, but it also protects the food from any other critters that might be lurking around for a nibble or two. Most food dispensers are made up of acrylic and pine wood, which means that you will be able to see the remaining amount of food.

6) Popcorn tins

The popcorn tin idea is particularly suitable for households who own larger pets or more than one pet. You can grab a popcorn tin (the kind that you get at Christmas), and improve the aesthetics with the use of printable stencils and craft paper. The result shall be a storage solution that is both elegant and functional, and, in the case of multiple pets, will allow you to keep things orderly (for instance, you can keep one tin for dog food, while another for cat food).

Tips for Dog Food Storage

Once a dog food bag has been opened, the freshness of the food is exposed to various elements. Out of those elements, the three that have the greatest impact on the quality and nutritional value of the food are: high temperatures, moisture, and air. In the second half of this blog, we will discuss a few tips that will help you combat these elements and keep your dog food fresh and nutritious for the longest possible time.

1) Keep the container sealed

According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) – as well as a number of companies that make dog food – you should keep your dog’s food sealed. Keeping the food sealed minimizes air exposure, and, by extension, the probability of contamination.

2) Use airtight containers

Dry dog foods are extruded before being sprayed with various oils that turn rancid and start breaking down as soon as the contents are exposed to air. For this reason, the kibble must stay in airtight containers.

As for the type of containers to use, you can go with any airtight stainless steel or plastic containers.

3) Regularly clean the food container

A lot of owners see that the container is running low on food, and simply decide to top it up.

However, this is not a good idea.

You would not like to keep any leftover pizza in a container and then use the same, unwashed container for your salad the next day. Similarly, you also need to wash your dog’s food container before refilling it. Like we mentioned, the kibble contains multiple oils, and these oils tend to make the food container greasy – not to mention that these rancid oils can end up contaminating the new, fresh food.

Hence, you should use white vinegar or hot and soapy water to thoroughly wash the plastic or stainless steel containers. Once you are done with the washing, make sure that the containers are completely dry before adding fresh food. If you put food in a damp container, the extra moisture provides a favorable environment for mildew and moss to start growing on the food.

4) Keep the food in a cold and dry place

In order to optimize the food’s shelf life and nutritional value, you should place the containers in a dry and cool place.

Like we mentioned, moisture promotes the growth of moss and mildew, which puts your dog’s health at risk. In addition, high temperatures lead to quicker degradation, thereby causing the food’s nutrients to break down. For this reason, make sure that the containers are not exposed to temperatures in excess of 100-degrees Fahrenheit.

At the same time, you also need to ensure that the storage location is secure and safe; else, your dog might be able to sneak a snack every now and then without your knowledge.

Final Word

To conclude, food, of course, plays the most crucial role in your dog’s health and vitality, and, as such, should be stored in the right manner. We hope that the suggestions and tips discussed in this brief guide will prove useful to you. If you want to learn more about the dog foods, please feel free to check out the blogs on our website.